BMW 325I Full Car Spray Painting with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating


Hi Everyone,

The sporty midsize luxury sedan was the next in-line for a total body makeover at our Revol workshop today.

The judicious owner had demanded that only premium European paint is used for the new coats of paint and matching flawlessly with his original BMW livery silver.

With our years of experience with Spies Hecker’s high quality paint system, we assured the owner that we could confidently meet all his expectations.

Spies Hecker, based in Cologne, Germany, develops optimum paint systems, is one of the global refinish coating leading brands with 130 years of success behind it.  Most European car makers specify premium Spies Hecker products.

We have pleasure to present the following “before and after” photos for your browsing pleasure.

Hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos.



The silver BMW 325i rolls into our workshop for the same-color paint re-spray and makeover.


The bonnet, kidney grille, bumpers, wheels and lights would be carefully dismantled.


Swirl marks, stains and scratches are common sights on weathered paintwork


Wing mirrors and doors seals are removed before re-spray work.


Rear view exterior before makeover.

After pictures of this beautiful BMW 325I.


Our finishers accurately reproduced a perfect match with the original BMW color.


We gave huge amount of attention to achieve this gloss level finishing.


Headlamps are polished to restore to like-new condition.


The engine compartment is steam cleaned and polished.


Be awed by the rich, deep gloss.


We pay close attention that the interior is odor-free, sanitized, vacuumed and the upholstery leathers and plastics are treated with protector and enhancer.


It is important to get the gloss level of clear coat right.  We further treated the surface with multiple coats of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating.


The restored stainless steel exhaust tail-pipes are clean and polished.


Brake dust laden wheels and dirt before cleaning.


Well cleaned and polished dirt-free wheel well, brake-systems and alloy wheels.

Are you thinking of giving your car the same lovely finish too?

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