AUDI A5 Engine Overhaul


Your car is probably ageing and the old engine needs an overhaul when it excessively consumes lubrication oil and white smoke bellowing in the exhausts. 

Misfiring and compression loss are also a common signs of worn-out piston rings.

Other extreme signs could be experiencing oil sludge and coolant in your oil pan.  Knocking sounds when the engine is running also indicates metal frictions and worn-out bearings.

If these signs occur in your engine, don’t delay in having your car evaluated for a major overhaul and get it running like-new again.

A troubled Audi A5 Sport-back Quattro rolled-in to Revol Carz Garage for a major engine overhaul, having clocked reasonable mileage already.

At our updated and fully equipped motor workshop, the engine gets overhauled professionally with clockwork precision.

Rebuilding your car engine can benefit you in the long run if the work is by reputable mechanics.

The Audi A5 Sport-back Quattro arrives at Revol Carz Garage for evaluation for an engine overhaul.
Before the engine overhaul commences, the car is lifted for a 360 degree undercarriage safety inspection and maintenance by our team of mechanics and technicians.
For a professional engine overhauling task, we consistently dismantle the frontal panel and components such as the headlamps, grille, bumper and wheels.
The whole engine is being dismantled and carefully lifted out of the engine bay.
Our mechanics follow strict protocol in systematically dismantling the engine in stages.
The dismantling of the engine components is in progress.
We got to a closer view of the internal components before the overhauling works begins.
These are the pathetic worn out valves dismantled from the engine.
These are brand new, shiny and original Audi Valves ready on standby for replacement.
All the pistons removed from the engine were already badly worn-out.

On the left is a worn-out piston. On the right is an original Audi piston with clear imprinted part numbers.
The cylinder head after restoration.
New and original Audi pistons are installed with clockwork precision.
The new valves and seals are now in position, carefully calibrated and awaiting our Quality Controllers’ endorsement.
The engine overhaul process is near the final stage and it is exhilarating to see the engine taking shape.
The engine overhaul is finally completed and fully assembled for lifting back into the engine bay.
The rebuilt engine now sits majestically in its rightful place and awaiting a nod from our strict QC members.
All thumbs up! The engine is ready to roar and drive up the adrenaline of the elated owner.
The Audi A5 gets a complimentary shower and interior cleaning after the engine overhaul before a sentimental reunion with her owner.

At Revol Carz Garage, our extensively trained mechanics and technicians can rebuild your car engine with precision and professionally.  For every engine overhauling task we take on, we replace only premium-quality parts from our reputable suppliers. This means the heart of your car gets reliable premium parts for a longer life-span.

Our commitment is to provide you with top quality, value and unparalleled service to restore your engine to a tip-top shape with the performance, reliability and economy of a new car.  You get the best value for money, backed by six months warranty. 

Preventive maintenance is always better than repair. It is important to understand about wear and tear before the components break down totally.

If you have any issue in any part of your car, do feel free to contact us.  We will always serve you with the best of your interest!

Thanks for reading!