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Home Blog A BMW 740Li shows up for faulty air-conditioner diagnosis.

A BMW 740Li shows up for faulty air-conditioner diagnosis.

The owner of the BMW 740Li perspired profusely when he drove up to Revol Carz Garage complaining that his car air-conditioning was blowing torturing hot air.  Our air-conditioner specialists promptly diagnosed that the Cooling Coil was faulty.

The Cooling Coil is also referred to as evaporator coil or heat exchanger in a car air conditioning system.  It is usually located deep inside and under the dashboard or under the instrument panel hence extensive and time consuming works is involved to dismantle it.

The aluminum Cooling Coils are similar to radiators which consist of a series of internal tubes with fins attached to them.  Like the radiator, air can pass through the fins.  The internal tunes carry moving refrigerant or Freon.

Cooling Coil failures commonly point to leakage.  This commonly occurs because of caustic corrosion, decomposition or welding joints deterioration.  The evaporator fins are also subjected to clogging from debris and leaves over time.

Inevitably a leaking Cooling Coil should be replaced promptly.

A BMW 740Li shows up at Revol Carz Garage for faulty air-conditioner diagnosis.
Our Air-conditioner Specialists diagnosed that the Cooling Coil (evaporator) had leaked. To reach the cooling coil which is located under the dashboard, extensive and careful dismantling work is involved.
The dismantling of the dashboard to access to the cooling coil is in progress.
A worn compressor valve is at the right and the new original replacement part is on the left.
Original Cooling Coil at the left is ready for replacement. At the right is the leaked unit.
Every single part is perfectly reassembled to its original position with clockwork precision. The air-conditioning system is now fully restored like new again.

Preventive maintenance is always better than repair. It is important to understand about wear and tear before the components break down totally.

If you have any issue in any part of your car, do feel free to contact us.  We will always serve you with the best of your interest!

Thanks for reading!

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