A Volkswagen Tiguan for replacement of gear selector cable

“A Volkswagen Tiguan for Replacement of Gear Selector Cable”

Mr. Wan contacted us lamenting the difficulty in engaging the gearbox and requested for tow assistance.

In generic circumstances, the cause narrows down to the fault in the mechatronics.  Our Volkswagen specialists needed to check thoroughly before the repair process.

In this scenario, the gear selector cable had snapped causing the gear failing to be engaged.

Gear selector cables are crucial components in a transmission system.  Connected to the gearbox via the gear-shift, the gear cables allow the driver to control the transmission system during drive.

Typically composts of wire and rubber casing, the gear cables can wear down and become brittle over time causing the transmission system to become impaired. 

A Volkswagen Tiguan - front
A Volkswagen Tiguan arrive at Revol Carz Garage with gear failure.
A Volkswagen Tiguan - broken gear shift cable
We found that the gear shift cable had broke.
Replacing the gear shift cable is a complex task and should be handled by professionals.
The broken gear selector cable (bottom) is dismantled whilst a new assembly (top) is ready to replace.
The gearbox bushing replacement is in progress.
A Volkswagen Tiguan
After each repair, each car goes to the washing bay for a refreshing complimentary car wash before our stringent Quality Control check every box. Our motto, “Do it right the first time”.