BMW 523i Full Car Spray Painting with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Finding a professional auto paint shop with reputable track record is not difficult.  By the word-of-mouth, the driver was referred to Revol Carz Makeover when he was looking for a reliable workshop to get a new coat of paint for his BMW523i.

Auto spray-painting workshops that specialize in overall quality and customer satisfaction are vastly different from high-volume cheap outfits.

At Revol Carz Makeover, your car is meticulously prepared and then painted with the highest quality and long lasting paint product with an addition of a long-lasting ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating.

This week, the sleek and aggressive BMW 523i falls under our limelight.  There is no mistaking that the low slung sedan with the distinct large kidney grille is from the BMW Marque’s line-up.

At the heart of the impressive German package is a silky smooth 2.5-litre, 24-valves, inline-6 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic (with manual select) transmission, developing 204bhp and 250Nm of torque that thrusts the 0-100km/h acceleration in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 234km/h.

Step inside the luxurious cabin overflows with cozy soft white leather seats with matching center console.  The elegant dash holds a premium audio system that give in-car entertainment like you’re in the concert arena.

Join us on a virtual tour to our Revol Carz Makeover Studio and experience the astounding transition of the BMW to the show quality finish that draws the viewer’s eye to the flawless perfection.

We hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!

Tired of fading color and scratches all over the car? It is time to have a Revol makeover.
The paintwork has peeled off from the wheel arch.
The rear view of the BMW523i shows more scuffs and fading paintwork.
An elegant car like this BMW certainly deserves a top-notch paint job and a makeover by Revol.
The rejuvenated BMW523i boasts a breathtaking show-quality finish and accolades for the Revol Makeover
The sleek LED head-lights look even more aggressive after passionate detailing.
The ultra-clean engine bay of the BMW523i highlights our professional detailing standards.
You wouldn’t want to leave the invigorating leather seats after our detailers have spruced up the interior with finesse.
The matching leather upholstery on the center-console brings the cockpit to life. Detailing the premium soft upholstery demand passions, dedications and skills.
The exterior wing-mirror covers have lost its lustre before the makeover.
With ZeTough Paint Protection Coating, the paintwork attains a previously unachievable level durability and luster.
Repulsive finger nails scratches around the door handles are inevitable without paint protection
The 9H pencil hardness of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection protects against any finger-nail scratch.
The post Revol makeover entices your gaze on the breathtaking silhouette of the BMW523i.
The 523i soot laden twin tailpipes are screaming for attention.
See to believe that the twin tail-pipes have been fully refurbished like new again.
All the wheels need to be dismantled for refurbishing.
We gave the wheels the wow factor and boasting they are absolutely show-ready.

Our egos soar with customers’ accolades and positive reviews of Revol Carz Makeover’s expertise.

We bring to you the finest perfection in car repainting and paint surface protection with our proven, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating that gives you the best value for money. 

Revol Carz Makeover has restored the BMW523i to beyond showroom condition again.  The 523i turns out even more spectacular than its previous showroom condition and will glisten with greater permanence.  

Impressed by the stunning outcome of the makeover? Your car too can enjoy the reliable, long lasting surface protection. You can count on our award-winning and proven, ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. Yes, imagine what we can do for your car!

With the treatment of the renowned ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection, we guarantee your car’s paintwork gets maximum protection with the showroom shine throughout your ownership. Maintenance after the treatment is minimal.

Thank you for reading!