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Mercedes Benz S300 Transmission Gear: Issue Resolved

Mercedes Benz S300 Transmission Gear: Issue Resolved. Every time a warning icon lights up on your dial when the engine is on, it tells you that something isn’t right in your automobile and needs immediate attention. Some of the warnings are minor issues and could be resolved quickly (for example, door(s) not shut properly). However, […]

Audi A7 arrived at Revol Carz Garage for the Gear control unit issues

Audi A7 arrived at Revol Carz Garage for the Gear control unit issues. Hi Everyone, Before we share another blog about a gearbox that was recently overhauled by our specialists at Revol Carz Garage, we would like to share with you some useful tips on maintaining your gearbox to its pristine condition. • Always perform […]

BMW 7 Series: Self-Levelling Air Suspension Replacement

Hi Everyone, Today we have the pleasure of sharing some photos of BMW 7 Series replacement of the Self-Levelling Air Suspension which requires professional expertise and competence. The BMW 7 Series is known for its Standard Dynamic Damper Control. Unlike other models that commonly use conventional spring suspensions. A Self-leveling Air Suspension at the rear. […]

Another Customer’s Volkswagen engine problem has been resolved

Hi Everyone, Has your Volkswagen engine experienced intermittent vibrations, loss of power, fault codes lighted up, or even stalled engine during driving? Despite that your previous workshop had your ignition coils and spark plugs replaced, the problem remained? Through a recommendation, the customer sent his Volkswagen to our workshop with these problems. Our professional technicians […]

A Compliment From a Satisfied Customer, Mr.Li

An overwhelming compliment from a satisfied, Mr.Li. Is your car experiencing high consumption of engine oil? It is daunting having to top up the engine oil regularly. Besides, it is also damaging for the engine to be always running short of oil.   Low oil level means the engine is subjected to more rapid wear […]

Customer is Happy: Revol Carz resolved another issue again.

Customer is Happy: Revol Carz resolved another issue again. With this issue,  we advise the client and perform a valve seal replacement. Because of this, we solved his engine oil consummation problem at a small fraction rate as compared to an engine top overhaul! Satisfied costumer’s Testimony ” I had been stressed by the high […]

The car issue fixed by Revol. Another car owner satisfied.

Another car owner satisfied. I had just taken a 2nd hand car delivery from a car owner which the engine faces a lot of problems including engine stall. After I visited my previous workshop for advice, they advised me to look for other workshops as they could not confidently detect the actual problem of my […]

Repairing BMW 5Series’ engine oil disappearing issue

Hi Everyone, Are you facing topping up regularly of engine oil? Even if changing all the worn out gasket? You may be interested to know how we help this owner to solve his mysterious engine oil disappearing problem.. The owner of the BMW E60 sensed his car was seriously having trouble when he needed to […]