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  • Selamat Hari Raya Haji

    Wishing you and your family a Selamat Hari Raya Haji!




  • We are extremely happy and privileged to receive another compliment from one of our happy customer- Mr Li

    Hi Everyone,

    Is your car experiencing high consumption of engine oil?

    It is daunting having to top up the engine oil regularly. Besides, it is also damaging for the engine to be always running short of oil.  Low oil level means the engine is subjected to more rapid wear and tear.

    Today, an Audi A4 with such problem drove up to our garage.  The owner consulted us to solving his car’s problem of heavy consumption of engine oil.  He had to top up every 800 km.

    On inspection, when there isn’t any external oil leakage, the problem generally lies inside the engine.

    Although, in the previous email broadcast, we mentioned that we resolved engine oil consumption issue by replacing the valve seals on a BMW, the issue on the Audi’s problem is more complex.

    The solution for the Audi was to overhaul the engine including replacement of the worn out pistons, valve seals and other related parts too.

    This not only solved the high consumption of engine oil but also enable the car to run faster and smoother like new

    Mr Li Testimional-

    Here’s an exhilarating shout out for Gavin and his fabulous team! You guys are simply competent. 

     Special thanks for resolving my nightmare of insane high engine oil consumption on my Audi A4.

     I have been topping up my engine oil for every 800km.  It was really very annoying. 

     I had been inquiring around for a solution and all had was advice to overhaul the engine.  

     I finally narrowed  down to two workshops. Then decided to proceed with the repair by Gavin and team based on their consistent working standards and reliability.  

     I was pleased that they even arranged a rental car for my convenience during the repair. 

    It has been a peaceful ten months since my engine was overhauled.  I didn’t have to top up a single drop of engine oil.  Yes, not a drop!  Amazing isn’t it?

     It was a huge relief for me so I am inclined write this testimonial as an appreciation token. 

     Huge thanks and thumbs up to Gavin and his team for his excellent and extraordinary  service. 

     You guys are Aces of the trade and I’ll surely be back for regular car maintenance services too. 

     Keep up the great works!

     Your satisfied customer,

    Mr Li



    Audi A4 arrives at Revol Carz Garage.


    Car hoisted up for check and no visible oil leakage found.


    In order to perform an engine rebuild, the engine must be removed.


    Front panel, reinforcement car and other car parts like the headlamp and reinforcement bar have to be removed too from the car.


    Engine is carefully removed from the engine bay.


    Engine overhaul in progress and that’s the engine timing chain if you have not seen it before.


    Next we are going to expose one of the main culprit- the worn out piston.


    A closer look on the piston revealed a serious burn piston.


    Valves seals replacement to achieve the best engine rebuild outcome.


    Able to notice the huge difference between the new and used piston.


    New piston carefully fitted back.


    With the engine part carefully placed back to the original position.


    Car wash done and we are delighted in assisting the owner to resolve his high engine oil consumption issue.

    Thank you for reading!



  • Happy 51st National Day Singapore!

    The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on 9th August, in commemoration of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965.

    Cheers to the 51st Years of Independence!

    Wishing All a Happy National Day!

    Happy Birthday Singapore!


    Nday2016 Greetings



  • We are extremely happy once again to be able to help another customer Mr Kenny to resolve his car issue.

    Hi Everyone,

    In this case,  we advise and perform a valve seal replacement which solves his engine oil consummation problem at a small fraction rate as compare to an engine top overhaul!

    ” I had been stressed by the high engine oil consumption for a long time.

    My previous workshop advised that engine top overhaul was the only solution to the issue.

    I called Gavin of Revol Carz Garage to seek his advice and quotation. He advised me to send in my car to confirm the issue first.

    I met up with Gavin and he promptly directed his team to check the engine. I was delighted and relieved that his team could resolve the issue easily at a fraction of the cost quoted by other workshop without having to top overhaul the engine.

    Without hesitation, I asked Gavin to proceed with the proposed repair.

    I was happy that he also kept me updated during the period of repair.

    I was amazed that the repair was spot-on! To my relief, my problem was resolved. No more frustrations. I don’t have to top up the engine oil after the repair. My ride is now smoother and I didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.

    Being Revol’s customer for already a decade, I have witnessed their steady growth through the years.

    Their good business principles and integrity have been constant since the day I first met them. They always put customers’ interest first.

    I have no hesitation to recommend more customers to Revol Carz Garage for their professional expertise and honest pricing.

    Keep up the excellence. I shall certainly be back for my car servicing.”

    Kenny Lee


    1 copy

    Mr Kenny BMW E90 arrived at Revol Carz Garage.


    The starting process of the valve seal replacement

    3 copy

    Valve seals replacement in progress

    4 copy

    Revol Carz Garage has special tools and we use them for special project


    Let’s take a look at the new and used valve seal

    6 copy

    Engine Parts professionally fixed back and we are glad to be able to resolve the car owner issue at a small fraction rate as compare to an engine top overhaul!

    Thank you for reading!



  • Selamat Hari Raya

    Wishing All a Joyous Selamat Hari Raya!

    hari raya



  • Happy Vesak Day

    Vesak Day



  • Happy Lunar New Year 2016!


    Dear Valued Customer,

    Kindly be informed that Revol Carz Makeover will be closed from 7th February’16 to 14th February’16 in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

    Business for Car Grooming and Car Servicing and Car Spray Painting will resume on the 15th February 2016 for Ang Mo Kio and 18th February 2016 at Toh Guan.

    We thank you for your continuous support!

    We wish you and your family a Prosperous Happy Lunar New Year filled with Good Health and Success..


    Best Regards
    Revol Carz Makeover Management and Staff



  • We are extremely happy once again to be able to help another customer Mr Jason to resolve his car issue.


    I had just taken a 2nd hand car delivery from a car owner which the engine faces a lot of problems including engine stall. After I visited my previous workshop for advice, they actually advised me to look for other workshops as they could not confidently detect the actual problem of my engine stalling.

    I came upon Revol Carz Garage and visiting them was indeed a correct decision made.

    After their inspection, they immediately identify the cause of the problem and resolved the issue. Now my car engine is performing smoothly without me fearing of anymore engine stalling half way on the road.

    What impressed me is not only their expertise in BMW but also their wonderful services that is being provided throughout the repair course.

    As a car owner, we are always constant worried and at a loss when the car needed a repair but I was at ease throughout the repair with constant updates from Gavin.

    Revol Carz Garage – a car garage which I would recommend for their friendly attitude, strong car repair expertise and most importantly reasonable rates!

    See you guys soon when I am back for my next car servicing!

    Jason Chung


    Mr Jason’s car arrived at our car workshop.

    For his car, an immediate attention is needed as his car is stalled while driving and that can be very dangerous!


    For his car issue we have to resolve both exterior and interior engine oil leak.


    There is a lot of carbon build up inside his engine and it is important to get rid before we can replace his valve seal too


    Special tool to replace the valve seals


    The extremely worn out valve seals and the new valve seals


    Valve seals replacement completed.


    We are happy that Mr Jason car issue have been resolved.

    Thank you for reading!



  • We are extremely happy to be able to resolve another customers’ BMW 5 series engine oil dissappearing issue

    Hi Everyone,

    Are you facing topping up regularly of engine oil? Even if changing all the worn out gasket?

    You may be interested to know how we help this owner to solve his mysterious engine oil disappearing problem..

    The owner of the BMW E60 sensed his car was seriously having trouble when he needed to top up the engine lubrication oil every 1000 km.

    He sent his car to our Revol Carz Garage for repair replacement of valve seals needed to be replaced.

    The job entails special equipment tools and expertise to do the job right and the process do not require to perform a top engine overhaul!

    We included step-by-step pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    P.s- Mysterious engine oil disappearing could be due to other reason too, speak to our experience technician so we could advise you the best possible way to solve your problem.


    BMW E60 Arrives at our Revol Carz Garage.


    Replacement procedures of value seals in progress


    Exposing the internal part of the E60 engine


    Replacement of value seal was tedious and have to be with the correct tools and expertise.


    Like in a surgery theatre, precision, skills and focus are required to extract the valve seals carefully.


    Special tools are required to set the correct timing at the final steps.


    The value seals are extracted


    At Revol Carz Garage, we ensure that reassembling the cover and every corresponding fastener is of paramount importance.


    The replacement of valve seals job done.

    It is our standard that the BMW E60 is washed, refreshed before collection!

    Thank you for reading!



    The End results? – Another happy Customer problem resolved!



    Revol Carz Garage is by far the best car garage that I have encounter for car repair. They have solved my engine oil disappearing issue with most reasonable rates.

    Having the frustration of topping up frequently engine and not wanting to do an engine overhaul, I visited Revol for a car servicing session and decided to go with a valve seal replacement as advised.

    My engine oil disappearing issue was solved immediately and I could feel a very big difference of a smoother ride after the repair.

    Revol Carz Garage really impress me with their experience team of mechanic together with the team of mechanic and manger who is will to listen my concern to work things out with me.

    The normal engine oil change servicing rates are very reasonable as well.

    Coupled with the grooming services at the first level saves me lots of time and worries as a one stop solution for all my needs.

    I strongly recommend all car owner to try out their services as they are indeed different from others with their dedicated services and technical expertise.

    Two thumps Up!

    Mr Chong



  • Happy New Year 2016!

    new year 2016



  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Our warmest greetings to all of you!

    christmas 2015 copy



  • We are extremely happy to be able to resolve another customer high engine consumption issue and gear oil leakage with satisfaction!


    I have been a car owner for many years and have been to lots of car repair workshop. After visiting Revol Carz Garage for my car repair needs. They simply changed my typical view of a car workshop.

    Normally I will be faced by workshop owners or manager or even mechanic with an Attitude and highly charged rates.
    At times I was not even given the option of what needs to be done immediately or items that can actually hold till the next car servicing for replacement.

    As a car owner, I was often caught surprise by the high repair bill when I collected back my car after the car servicing.

    At Revol Carz Garage, this professional bunch of team simply changed my mind with their friendly and willing to listen attitude! I was constantly update of my car repair status and also was given the options on the items rate and cost before the repair is being proceeded.

    I would say Revol Carz Garage repair bill is one of the most transplant from my many years of visiting car workshop experience. Price quoted is what the final bill stated.

    Their impressive services includes knowing that I would need a car to travel daily, they actually arranged a rental car for me at an extremely reasonable rates which I believe it is way below the market rates!

    Of course most importantly – the car repair carried out is extremely well done and my high engine oil consumption problem is finally solved. Now I really enjoy the REAL sheer pleasure driving experience for my BMW.

    Thanks Gavin and all of Revol Carz Garage Team!

    Mr. Zuraimi


    Mr. Zuraimi BMW E60 arrived our workshop, he was also facing high engine oil top up issue


    Replacement of the valve seal begin swiftly


    Valve cover has to be removed before we could perform the valve seal replacement


    Replacing of the value seals require special tools and the correct expertise


    One of the many valve seals that is badly needed worn out

    The next issue that Mr. Zuraimi have is his gear oil leakage too. This is a bit tricky as the leakage after inspection tells a more complex issue more than just a worn out seal.


    With our experience team technician, we make sure we get to the root of the problem and solve the problem once and for all.


    Problem detected, a leaking transmission Oil pump


    Replacement of transmission oil pump O ring.


    Using a professional calliper torque wrench will ensure better tightening results.


    Our professional and friendly car washers ensuring all cars after repair are being washed clean before your collection!

    Thank you for reading!