I have been to lots of car repair workshops. Before Revol, I often met workshop owners or mechanics who had an attitude. At times, I was not even given advice on what needed to be done immediately, or told which items could be replaced at the next car servicing. I have often been surprised by the high repair bill.

This professional bunch from Revol Carz Garage changed my view of car workshops with their friendly and willing to listen attitude! I was constantly updated about my car repair status and given options, based on the cost of each item, before the repair was done. I would say that the repair bill from Revol Carz Garage is one of the most transparent. The price quoted is what was stated on the final bill. Their impressive service includes arranging a rental car for me at extremely reasonable rates, which I believe is way below market rates!

Most importantly, the car repair was extremely well done and my high engine oil consumption problem is finally solved. Now, I really enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving my BMW. Thanks Gavin and the Revol Carz Garage Team!

BMW Owner
Mr Zuraimi