*Intermittent vibrations could also be due to other causes. However, for this Volkswagen Jetta, we replaced the broken pistons and the nerve-wrecking vibration issue was resolved.

Mr. Liang's V.W Jetta arrives at our workshop to resolve a vibration issue. 

Work commenced swiftly to reduce down time so we could return the car sooner to the owner. The engine is safely removed and placed on a designated engine rack.

The engine timing chain if you have not seen before.

During the engine overhaul, our professional team will also clean up all related parts to achieve the optimum desired results!

The main culprit is the cracked piston.

Imagine the amount of work incurred in the process from the above photo to the photo shown?

Assembling car parts with a torque wrench ensures 100% correct torque of all screws and bolts.

The engine is professionally restored.

We're glad the vibration issue for Mr. Liang's car has been resolved!