Mercedes Benz CLS 350 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Hi Readers,

Some would agree that the type of car you drive reflects your true personality. May not always be true but driving the Mercedes CLS350 do reflects discerning taste of elegance, status and prestige.

The heart of the Mercedes CLS350 sits a 3.5 litre V6 engine delivering 370Nm of torque that sprint from 0-s100kmh in 6.1 seconds and can reach the restricted top speed of 250km/h.

After ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating, the new CLS350’s sleek design is now more muscular, sporty and yet very elegant sedan that looks more like a coupe.

This stunning beauty certainly attracts many admiring glances on the road while passing by.

Enjoy Viewing!

Merc CLS350 (1)

The new CLS350 looks more refreshing and aggressive with it notably oversize three-pointed star and grille.

Merc CLS350 (2)

The wheel arches are heavily flared and the front splitter incorporates extra large air Intake.

Merc CLS350 (3)

New high-tech multi-beam LED headlamps made of 24 LED units that are dimmable and controlled by the stereo camera mounted on the windscreen.

Merc CLS350 (4)

Powering the Mercedes CLS350 is a 3.5 Litre ultra-efficient V6 engine delivering 370Nm of torque, sprinting 0-100kmh in 6.1 second and a controlled top speed of 250kmh.

Merc CLS350 (5)

The elegantly designed automatic wing mirrors.

Merc CLS350 (6)

CLS350 Sportier cabin reinforced by Designo Leather Upholstery, multifunctional three-spokes steering wheel with gear-shift paddles, three circular gauges and generous walnut trims.

Merc CLS350 (7)

The CLS 350 cockpit controls and display instruments are ergonomically arranged around the elegant walnut trims.

Merc CLS350 (8)

3-D display circular display gauges.

Merc CLS350 (9)

CLS350 9G-Tronic seven-speed transmission.

Merc CLS350 (10)

The wide hatch door operates automatically with the touch of push button. Also there is key fob to open and tailgate button to close. Shaped LED tail lights that link to the sides.

Merc CLS350 (11)

Standard CLS Sports twin exhausts at both sides.

Merc CLS350 (12)

The extravagant design light wheels are 18-inch alloys with split size tyres 255/40 series front and massive 285/35s at the rear..