Our Comprehensive Suite Of Services:

ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection

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ZeTough Titanium Coating is laboratory-tested and certified by an international testing and certification authority, SGS. It is proven to provide an incredible long-lasting shine and surface protection on your car’s paintwork and interior.

The remarkable coating features extremely hydrophobic and superb self-cleaning properties that keep your car cleaner and glossier longer.

Cleaning your car onwards becomes almost effortless.

ZeTough Titanium Coating offers the toughest protection on your paintwork and with our unmatched 5-year warranty with a conditional extension to 7 years. you’ll enjoy a peace of mind.

ZeTough Titanium Coating, don’t drive without it.


ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

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ZeTough Ceramic paint protection is a permanent coating once cured fully and bonds onto surface by creating a inserparate sio2 molecular level which cannot be remove easily.Once coated, ZeTough ceramic paint protection will transform to an additional highly resistance protective shield against watermarks ; bird-dropping stains ; acidic elements ; oxidation from UV rays over your existing clear coat.

When fully cured and bond fully onto surface, car paintwork will transform into an extremely glossy with deep enriched paintwork with increased paint hardness up to 9H.

Together with its extremely tough scratch resistance shield and extreme high hydrophobic self- cleaning surface with extremely tough paint protection and long lasting shine, a 3 years warranty with a conditional extension to 5 years warranty is guaranteed.

With ZeTough ceramic hydrophobic coating, you can rest assured to achieve the toughest longest lasting shine and protection with guarantee effortless maintenance for your beloved prized car!


ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

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The latest revolutionary glass coating paint protection that will simply amaze you. Besides its superior water beading effect and extreme high gloss, the finishing hardens to glass-like protective shield.

ZeTough comes with three years warranty and a conditional extension warranty up to five years. The new technology is able to harden special liquefied formula to tough glass-like protective film coating making it the longest lasting paint protection in the industry. After the Zetough paint protection is treated on your car, you are assured that the high gloss stays gleaming for a long time, Thus, subsequent cleaning is effortless.


Revol Exquisite Grooming

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Perhaps this is the most value-for-money comprehensive grooming session in town. Your car goes through our full intensive grooming; window-shield glass polishing to remove watermarks and additional coating of crystal-clear view ; polishing of front and rear lamp covers.…a total makeover session that covers more than its value…


Revol Interior

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To complement the groomed outstanding exterior, we also restore your interior upholstery to its immaculate condition. The engine compartment is cleaned like new with our jet pressure followed by dry cleaning system. (Exclusive for Revol Members Only)

Headlamp Coating

Try our headlamp restoration services to revive that lost new headlamp look!

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Window Glass Polish and Coating

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Removing stubborn watermarks together with our window glass coat gives you crystal clear view and safe drive during heavy rain.

Wheel Polish and Coating

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Have you ever felt frustrated that stubborn brake dust on your rims cannot be entirely removed even after cleaning? Try this service to restore your rims like new. Guaranteed!!!


Exhaust Pipe Polish

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How long have you not seen your exhaust shine? Visit us to revive that lost look you always wanted!


Revol Car Wash

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To ensure your car keeps its immaculately just polished look. (Exclusive for Revol Members Only)

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

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At REVOL, we have complete range of special tools to restore any dent big or small without damaging the paintwork!
Besides helping you to save costs, it also saves your time and hassle of having to re-spray your car.

Spray Painting, Panel Beating & Accident Repair Services

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Our In house specialists are skilled to restore all kinds of dents, scratches and accident repair. We guarantee to restore your car to the showroom condition with warranty assured.