Toyota Alphard with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Hi Readers,

Today we have the Vellfire Sibling- the latest facelift Toyota Alphard arriving for the ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating.

The Toyota Alphard shares the same platform and chassis as a Toyota Vellfire expect small difference such as the headlight, tail light styling and bumper styling.

The Alphard offers dignified style charged with personality, and a spacious interior infused with quality and glamour. Every aspect of the Alphard has been crafted to provide pride and delight.

Private spaces that will make you forget the passage of time.

Having white colour paintwork impose certain challenge in maintenance and having a huge size car will definitely add on more challenge in maintaining the cleanliness.

With ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection coating, it is guarantee not only to protect and prolong the new paintwork condition, it also guarantee minimum maintenance onwards.

After ZeTough Ceramic paint Protection coating, the Toyota Alphard transformed to more than a functional vehicle to an extremely glossier beauty which would definitely capture your attention when passing by.

Enjoy Viewing!

Toyota Alphard (1)

Magnificent Toyota Alphard Front View

Toyota Alphard (2)

Extremely Glossy Close up bonnet view

Toyota Alphard (3)

Toyota Alphard Head Lamp

Toyota Alphard (4)

Toyota Alphard V6 Engine compartment

Toyota Alphard (5)

Toyota Alphard Side Mirror with signal light indicator

Toyota Alphard (6)

Elegant and Roomy Interior

Toyota Alphard (7)

Customise Leather spacious interior surrounds you in imperial palace luxury and comfort

Toyota Alphard (8)

Toyota Alphard Speedometer

Toyota Alphard (9)

Toyota Alphard Gear box shift compartment

Toyota Alphard (10)

Magnificent Toyota Alphard Rear View


Toyota Alphard (11)

Toyota Alphard Rear lamp

Toyota Alphard (12)

Well polished multi spokes rims.