Toyota Vellfire with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Hi Readers,

Today we have the arrival of one of the ultimate size elegance MPV with an aggressive body style with more roomy and classy interior for the ZeTough Ceramic Paint  Protection Coating.

Toyota’ s New Vellfire provides a haven of luxury, comfort and protection for all passenger and the driver.

The new Vellfire accentuates power and innovation with the name derived from the combination of the word Velvet and Fire representing a vehicle that is “smooth yet passionate”.

With ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating, beside having a more glossier and protected paintwork, the car owner is now much happier knowing easier maintenance is achievable despite the huge size of this ultimate MPV.

Enjoy viewing one of the ultimate luxury machine for either special business colleagues and family.

Toyota Vellfire (1)

Magnificent Toyota VellFire Front View

Toyota Vellfire (2)

Close Up Toyota VellFire Bonnet View

Toyota Vellfire (3)

Toyota VellFire Head Lamp

Toyota Vellfire (4)

Toyota VellFire V6 engine compartment

Toyota Vellfire (5)

VellFire Side Mirror with signal light indicator

Toyota Vellfire (6)

Nice and extreme spacious interior

Toyota Vellfire (7)

A virtual 7 speed CVT Gearbox

Toyota Vellfire (8)

VellFire Push Start/Stop Button

Toyota Vellfire (9)

VellFire Rear View

Toyota Vellfire (10)

Well polished exhaust Pipe

Toyota Vellfire (11)

Clean and shiny multi spokes rims

Stay tuned as we will be posting his close sibling photos soon…