Volkswagen GTI Makeover Spray Painting With ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

Hi Readers,

As car ages through ownership, some irremovable paint chips and stone chip on paint surface are inevitable.

For car owner who have higher perfect expectation on their car, having a fresh coat of new paint after years of ownership will most likely be their choice to revive that once again perfect showroom condition.

We extend our appreciation to this special volkswagen car owner who have been supporting us for almost 8 years since our car park days operation.

We hope you will enjoy viewing the total transformation from the before and after pictures of on this beautiful Volkswagen Golf GTI.


When the Sexy Volkswagen Golf GTI arrives Revol Carz Makeover spray painting workshop, we took some before photos of her

Golf GTI  (3)

Condition wise is not too bad except for some irremovable paint chips and stone chip

Golf GTI  (4)

Next, we are going to gently dismantle the body parts in order to ensure a well done job.

Highly skilled dismantling process is utmost important to enable our professional spray painter to reach the deeper into internal areas so that the finishing quality can be more nicer.

Golf GTI  (5)

Firstly Rear bumper is gently dismantled…

Golf GTI  (6)

And front bumper and other parts are gently removed…

Golf GTI  (7)

Upon the completion of spray painting and Proper Oven baking and curing, we polish the body parts thoroughly to bring out the ultimate shine before reassembling them.

At this stage, our QC must give the gleaming polished finish the thumb-up approval before allowing the work to move on to the next stage.

Golf GTI  (1)

In normal cases after spray painting, the car can be shiny but at Revol Carz Makeover, we can make it even better with our professional finishing.

At the finishing section, the work includes minute detailing, interior grooming and multiple rounds of polishing and buffing.

To enhance the shine to a complete showroom condition feeling, additional detailing, fine-polishing (to ensure no swirl marks) and interior detailing and restoration are carried out.

After pictures of on this beautiful Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Golf GTI  (8)

Now here comes the highlight and one of the most important part of the make-over.
The coating of ZeTough Glass Coat Painting Protection!

Did you notice the shine difference after the ZeTough Paint Protection coating?

The newly sprayed paintwork is more enriched, glossier and protected.

Golf GTI  (9)

Close up Volkswagen GTI Bonnet View

Golf GTI  (2)

Volkswagen GTI Engine Compartment

Golf GTI  (10)

Close Up view Volkswagen GTI Engine View

Golf GTI  (11)

Volkswagen GTI Side mirror

Golf GTI  (12)

Volkswagen GTI Interior

Golf GTI  (14)

Volkswagen GTI Rear view

Golf GTI  (15)

Volkswagen GTI Rear lamp

Golf GTI  (16)

Volkswagen GTI Well polished Exhaust pipe

Golf GTI  (17)

Shiny and clean Mulit spokes rims