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Our workshop is a place where you can come for accurate diagnosis and quick repair of any problem you have with your Audi at the right prices.

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The mechanics in Revol Carz Garage are experienced professionals with over 25 years of experience. They will always start by scanning your car for problems using the advanced computerised technology. This means that you’ll get a more accurate diagnosis than in other repair shops. It allows us to reduce the repair time without charging you more than you’re comfortable with.


We’re not fans of our customers worrying about the final amount on their bill, which is why we provide transparent prices. You’ll never guess how much you’ll have to pay in the end. We will only do the work after you’ve agreed with the price. Also, everything we do in our workshop comes with a warranty.

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We understand how much you love our car. It’s in our interest to make sure we solve your problem, so we won’t charge you if the replacement part doesn’t do it. We strongly believe in the importance of integrity and are proud to be the place where people come to solve their car-related problems.


We’ll work on your car carefully and provide strict quality checks every single time. On top of it, each repair comes with our warranty for your peace of mind. This has been our way to grow in the past.

Original BMW Diagnostic Tools

What We Do

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We replace the broken car parts with new ones at great prices. We offer fixed and transparent prices so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises in the end.

Come to our workshop for a free Audi diagnostic check and then decide if you want our repair services. Our prices start from $128 for car servicing.

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We will never rush through or offer you a universal solution that doesn’t apply to your specific problem. The vehicles often break due to multiple accumulated mechanical problems, and we can help you detect them early on so you can avoid additional stress and cost. Our competent team will provide rigorous checks before doing anything to your car.


How do you know if your air-conditioning problems come from a faulty air compressor or a simple issue with wiring? We will do the diagnostics and see what exactly is the problem. We’re also here for you if the flickering lights appear on your dashboard.


You can absolutely prevent total engine breakdown if you react on time. We can detect the transmission problems as they develop and fix them before they escalate. This will save you a lot of money and sanity in the long run. Feel free to talk to our qualified technicians if you suspect you have gearbox problems.

Engine Overhaul
Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists


Accidents happen, and our team of experienced technicians, mechanics and body restoration experts knows how to get your car back to its original condition. Allow us to make your Audi look like it just got out of the showroom and avoid the stress that typically comes with accident repairs and insurance claims.

Come get your free diagnostic check and receive your quote today!

We do all the checks using a computerized scan so we make sure nothing is missed.

We will check your car for a 36-point safety check that detects oil leakage and various types of wear and tear. It’s important that you know if your car is in its best condition.

We provide a complimentary car wash with every repair.

Contact us if you need help with motor car insurance claims.

Ticking, knocking sounds or dashboard warning light on your Audi?
We know (and can fix) the most common problems owners face on a daily basis.

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Audi Engine Servicing, Overhaul and Repair Case Studies

Bring your Audi in for partial or full servicing –  we can replace common wear and tear items such as Engine oil, Cabin Air Filter, Aircon Filters, Sensors, Oil Sump replacement, Seal replacement, engine Overhaul for all Models and variants.

Case Study 1 – Mr Chua’s gorgeous R8 with air con valve issue

This is Mr. Chua’s super-car, Audi R8 arrives at Revol Carz Garage with two issues to address. The air conditioner blows hot air and the side skirts needs some respray touch ups.

The Audi is raised for under-carriage inspection and checking whether the air-conditioner pipe is leaking.

With our updated diagnostic handset, we read various Fault Codes pertaining to the air-condition system.

Our sharp-eyed Audi Specialist narrowed down to faulty air con expansion valve.

We replaced the air con expansion valve and the issue solved and putting on a smile on Mr. Chua’s face.

Case Study 2 – Mr Pua’s Audi Q5 in for oil pressure switch and rear brake pad replacement

Mr Pua’s Audi Q5 checked in at Revol Carz Garage for intermittent warning code indicating that the engine oil was low. There was some unusual noise emitted from the brake system.

Our Audi Diagnostic handset scan revealed that oil pressure switch had an issue.

We replaced with original oil pressure switch.

We also replaced the rear brake pads and the disturbing sound was eliminated.

Mr Pua was happy to have his Audi back in refreshed state with a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming.

Case Study 3 – Patrick’s Audi A3 rear arrives for wheel bearing replacement

Patrick was pretty annoyed by unusual noise coming from under his Audi A3. He checked in to our workshop to get it fixed.

You can see from the picture that the bonnet is misaligned.

Apparently, the bonnet is crying out for a pair of new pneumatic struts.

Our Audi experts also diagnosed that the rear wheel bearings are worn and causing the annoying sound.

Case Study 4 – Tricia’s Audi A4 coolant pump replacement

Tricia’s was rather annoyed that her Audi A4 is thirsty for coolant and needed frequent top up. The sweet lady was referred to our workshop to have her Audi checked by the experts.

Goodness gracious! Our Audi specialists instantly detected the source of the coolant leaks.

The prolonged leak had corroded the cylinder head which had to be replaced. Notice the massive white powdery corrosion (left)?

Replacing this gorgeous Original Audi Coolant Pump (left) resolved the leak issue completely.

The beast was returned to the delights of the sweet lady Car in super clean condition after a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming. No more leak. No more distress!

Case Study 5 – Dean’s Audi A4 in for a radiator fan replacement

Our loyal customer, Dean Audi A4 was perspiring under the collar. He complained that the car’s air con wasn’t cool and requested a check on the air con compressor.

The Audi was lifted for visual inspection of the air compressor.

Our experienced Audi gurus know what to look for and spotted the jammed radiator fan jam that restricted movement of the pulley.

We saved Dean’s a tidy sum of money as there was no need to replace the air compressor.
Replacing the radiator fans and the air-conditioning was whispering cool air again to the sheer delights of the driver.

The Audi is refreshed and ready for delivery after a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming.

Case Study 6 – Norman’s Audi A4

Norman’s Audi A4 got a warning code illuminated. The engine-check light error popped up.

Our precision diagnostic scan pointed to a fault in the intake manifold position sensor.

Repair works commence immediately. The task of replacing the intake manifold position sensor requires the manifold has to be first removed which is tedious.

That’s how the Audi A4 intake manifold looks like if you are intrigued.

Our Audi professionals at work on the Audi engine.

Look at that gleaming Audi ready to be delivered to Norman after a complimentary car wash and vacuuming. Engine fault code is history.

Case Study 7 – Louis’ auto is misfiring. Calling for ignition coils replacement

Our customer, Louis’ Audi A5 was rocking with misfiring. The “Check Engine” light which is illuminated is a common symptom for failing ignition coils when they have exceeded high mileage.

Ready for the job but first the vehicle must be lifted for inspection to be absolutely sure there is no other cause.

The ignition coil sockets being made of plastic materials cannot withstand prolonged exposure to extreme heat in the engine causing them to become brittle over time. It is advisable to replace them if there is sign of fatigue.

A full set of Audi original ignition coils is ready for the replacement (top).

Case Study 8 – Ricky’s Audi A6 gear control unit replacement

Ricky’s Audi A6 experienced a sudden loss of power and struggle to shift gears.

The car is lifted to determine if there is any transmission oil leakage. Our computerized scan reveals code P17D5 Mechanical Failure which is equivalent to the gear control unit failure.

Replacement work begins in replacing the Audi A6 gear control unit promptly.

This is how the Audi A6 Gear control unit looks like if you are intrigued.

The gear control unit is dismantled.

The failed Audi A6’s gear control unit is professionally dismantled.

The new Original Audi A6 Gear Control Assembly (top) awaits replacement.

Case Study 9 – Sam’s Audi S5 needs new oil separator

Sam’s Audi S5 flashes “engine check” light and experienced loss of power. Luckily he had just made to our workshop in time whilst the check light sign was still illuminated.

The Audi is lifted for a thorough inspection by our Audi gurus.
Check out this video to view how it looks like when coolant contaminates the engine oil.

The unpleasant odour and coffee colour prevail when engine oil is contaminated with coolant. It takes multiple rounds of engine flushing to ensure there is absolutely no trace of water contaminant remains.

The Audi S5 engine is complex hence it requires experienced Audi technicians to carry out the task.

Whilst we are already there, it makes prudent sense to replace the oil separator as well since it has clocked over 100,000 km mileage.

The beautiful Audi is returned to Sam in clean, refreshed condition with the courtesy of Revol – a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming.

Case Study 10 – Mr Lim’s A5 is excessively thirsty of oil top up

Mr. Lim’s was referred to us to tow his Audi A5 to our workshop. The vehicle has been emitting excessive white smoke and engine had stalled.
This video shows the emission of bellowing white smoke when we started the car. 

The Audi is lifted for 360 degree checks for any other possible causes.

The faulty oil level sensor sent false reading hence the driver had over-dosed the engine with excessive oil top ups.

The New Audi A5 Original sensor awaiting replacement.

With the new sensor in place, the LCD reading is now accurate with “OIL LEVEL OK”.

Don’t ignore or procrastinate when your car flashes an engine oil leak warning. Seek help and advice quickly from your auto-workshop. Unless you are driving a vehicle with a V8 or V10 engine, it is abnormal for car engine to thirst for frequent oil top up unless there is a serious leak.

Case Study 11 – Mr. Loh’s Audi A6 seemed thirsty for oil

Mr. Loh had switched from his Authorised Dealer to our workshop to resolve his engine oil top up issue.
In consideration of his Audi A6’s engine had multiple sources of oil leaks, it was essential to lift out the whole engine to ensure a 100% rectifications.
Check out the video to view what it looks like after the Audi A6 engine is being dismantle from the car body.

Removing the engine is a complex and precision job that should be handled by the expertise of well-experienced Audi specialists.

The new original oil filter housing gasket was one of the various parts that needed to be replaced.

New set of timing oil seals (top) is ready for replacement.

The timing oil seal too.

The Audi’s V6 engine was found with numerous worn gaskets. However we replaced every possible seal-packing to be 100% leak-free.

With the engine saddled in place, we kept it running for a period of time to be completely satisfied that there was absolutely zero leakage. The refreshed Audi returned to delightful Mr Loh after a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming. And a high-five for a job well done!

Case Study 12 – Mr Sung’s Audi Q5 headlights off?

It was getting dark but Mr Sung was unable to turn on the headlights on his Audi Q5. Driving at night without the head and tail-lights lit is not only dangerous, but it is also a traffic offence.

The computerized scan revealed a faulty headlamp module.

With the new original part number J519 module replaced, the headlamps came to live again.

When a new module is being installed, a coding procedure has to be performed for the ultimate integration outcome.

Your driving safety is our utmost priority. We are relieved that Mr Sung now can drive more safely into the night.
Feel Free to speak to us if you need any assist on your car needs.

car servicing singapore

Here’s a shout out for Gavin and his fabulous team! You guys are simply competent. Special thanks for resolving my nightmare of insane high engine oil consumption on my Audi A4.

Previously, I had to top up my engine oil for every 800km I travelled. It was really very annoying. I was looking around for a solution and I was advised to overhaul the engine. I narrowed it down to two workshops and decided to proceed with the repair by Gavin and team based on their consistent working standards and reliability.

I was pleased that they even arranged for a rental car for my convenience during the repair. It has been a peaceful ten months since my engine was overhauled. I have not had to top up a single drop of engine oil. Yes, not a drop! Amazing isn’t it?

Huge thanks and thumbs up to Gavin and his team for his excellent and extraordinary service.

You guys are Aces of the trade and I’ll surely be back for regular car maintenance services too. Keep up the great work!

Mr. Li / Audi A4 Owner
audi workshop

I drive an Audi Q5 which recently developed a gearbox issue and high consumption of engine oil of topping up every 500km. I came across Gavin of Revol Carz Garage with whom I had several mobile-text exchanges regarding my car’s problems. Finally an appointment was arranged for my car to be repaired.

I was very pleased with the personalized service provided and Gavin had kept me updated on the car repair process up to the collection schedule. After collecting my car, I immediately felt the big difference in the engine. It was a joy when driving. The engine was a lot quieter and the gear-change was extremely smooth which resulted in lesser fuel consumption.

However, I couldn’t help feeling a little skeptical that this “feel-good” would last long. It has been more than six months since and I haven’t top up a single drop of engine oil. Simply amazing! Gavin and his professional team have really delivered their promises.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Gavin and his team for their professional and dedicated services in repairing my car. There are many automobile workshops around but in my opinion, only a few can match Revol’s standard.

Keep up the good job, Revol, so I can continue to use your extraordinary services!

Mr. Norman / Audi Q5 Owner
audi workshop

I am writing to thank the Revol Carz Garage team for swiftly resolving my gearbox issue with their accurate diagnosis and professional work. Your added service of arranging a rental car for me during the car repair is much appreciated.

Your services are excellent, extraordinary and rare in the motor workshop industry. I am very impressed.

Thumbs up for your guys!

Adrian Lee / Audi A7 Owner

Audi Repair and Overhauling


Engine Overhaul

Detecting transmission problems early can prevent total engine breakdown and save you from spending thousands of dollars on repair. Let alone the additional distress and inconvenience you might face. Talk to our qualified team of technicians if you feel uneasy about your gearbox.


Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists

You can trust our professional car repair technicians, mechanics and body restoration experts to restore your car back to the way it looked; just like those swoon-worthy showroom pieces you fell in love with, without the stress and time-consuming process for your accident repair and insurance claims.

Recent Audi Repair Case Studies

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Audi Case Study 144: Q3 Lower Arms Replacement

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Audi Case Study 141: A6 Engine Overheating Issue

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Audi Case Study 138: Q3 Regular Servicing

If you are seeking to maintain your vehicle’s safety, efficiency, and reliability, regular car servicing is vital. This involves scheduling maintenance tasks at specified intervals, including inspections, engine oil changes, oil filter replacements, and other preventive measures. By adhering to a regular servicing [...]