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At Revol Carz Garage, we only use original Mercedes Replacement parts. All Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models use engine oil according to factory specifications. Bring your car to the best Mercedes Servicing in Singapore, we’ll do the rest!

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Revol Carz Garage comes fully equipped with the latest Mercedes Diagnostic Tools and Repair Tools – Original Parts Available with Little Waiting Time

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Specialist in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen

How Are We Different?

The experienced team at our independent specialist Mercedes Workshop offers precise diagnosis for your car problems that helps you save money and time.

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Mercedes Expertise you can trust!

The mechanics who work at Revol Carz Garage are all professionals with over two decades of experience.

Your Mercedes-Benz will be scanned for problems using the latest diagnostic tools. This allows us to give you accurate diagnosis without overcharging you. It’s also what helps us reduce the repair time so you can drive off with your car as soon as possible.


Our policy won’t leave you shocked when you receive the repair bill in the end. We guarantee pricing transparency so you’ll always know what amount you can expect on the bill in the end. We don’t do the repair work unless you give us your consent.

All the repair jobs from our Mercedes-Benz workshop come with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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Each car owner knows that their vehicle is special. We value that and are passionate about what we do. We will not charge you if the replaced part doesn’t solve the problem you have.

Integrity is the most important to us and we’re here to make sure your car problems go away.


Rigorous quality checks are a big part of our work. We always make sure to prove quality work and you get a warranty for every repair job we do. This has been our way of growing over the years.

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We make sure you get quality parts at the right prices. We offer fixed and transparent prices for all our services so you’ll always know how much your bill will be.

Come for a free car check before you decide if you want to service your Mercedes-Benz. Our servicing prices begin at $128.

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At our workshop, car servicing is not a quick and simple task. We won’t just change your oil and filters and call it a day.

We know that cars often break as a result of several accumulated mechanical problems so we make sure to detect them early and save you valuable time and money in the process.

Mercedes in front of Revol Carz Garage


If your car starts rising its temperature, you don’t have to worry about what could be the potential problem. We’ll help you check it out and give you accurate diagnosis after proper investigation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice any warning lights on your dashboard, too.


If you bring your to our workshop early as you notice problems, we can help you prevent total engine breakdown that would cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of time and stress. Our team of experienced technicians will help you if you have any questions about your gearbox.

Engine Overhaul
Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists


Our team of mechanics, car repair technicians, and body restoration experts is available to repair your vehicle after an accident and give it its original showroom shine. We make sure to walk you through the accident repair and insurance claim process with the minimal stress on your end.

Get a free diagnostic check at our workshop and request a quote today!

We use computerized scanning to do all diagnostic checks so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Using a comprehensive safety check of 36 points, we make sure there’s no oil leakage or wear and tear signs. This process will assure you that your car is in the best working condition possible.

Every car repair comes with a complimentary car wash.

Ask us about car insurance claims if you need assistance.

Ticking, knocking sounds or dashboard warning light on your Mercedes-Benz?
We know (and can fix) the most common problems owners face on a daily basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

People Also Ask…

You should service your Mercedes Benz every 15,000Km or at least once a year to ensure your car is always in its optimum condition

Engine oils differ from model to model due to the viscosity (thickness) of the oil. Oil formulations are revised by Mercedes Benz every few years based on new engine designs and emission requirements, fuel types, and quality. The best place to look in is actually into the Mercedes Benz Owner’s manual to see which suits your vehicle.

There’s no one-type-fits-all engine oil, however, we can use the same engine oil specification for your model when you bring it in for servicing. We carry over 15 different grades of Mercedes Benz engine oil.

In general, a good practice guideline is to replace your engine oil every 15000km or at least once a year before the engine oil viscosity breaks down.  There are other factors to also consider for example – a car’s age and the way it was driven.

Some owners who drive their car a bit more aggressively tend to replace their oil every 6,000 to 8,000km like the AMG Series

Brake pads are recommended to be replaced every 20,000km.

If you hear any sounds or squealing noises from your brakes or any difficulty (e.g. less responsive braking) when you’re coming for a stop, it is advisable to bring it to a garage to have a check on the brake pad thickness as well.

Most current Mercedes Benz car models will be equipped with an engine oil level sensor and you should only top up when the oil level low indication pops up.

Take note that you could be facing an engine oil leak if you need to top up engine oil in between your service interval.

A good practice is to replace your spark plugs at 60,000km interval to prevent misfiring to the engine combustion. The benefits of spark plugs help to regulate and ensure optimal combustion – affecting important factors such as fuel economy, smoother starts and acceleration.

If your fuel economy starts to suffer or your car is misfiring, it could be due to your spark plugs and may be an early sign to replace them. This may also be a sign if you find your car hard to start. The good news is that spark plugs tend to have a long life span of around 100,000 miles so replacing them isn’t a regular affair.

Mercedes-Benz based on the climate conditions of Singapore have 3 service Category which is Service A / Service B / Service C

Service A (Every 15000km)
Service B ( Every 30000km)
Service C ( Every 60000km)

During Service A car servicing session, you will expect to have the following item replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Full Mercedes Benz Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check For Wear and Tear
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

During Service B car servicing session, you will expect to have following item replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil filter
  • Air Filter
  • Air Con Microfilter
  • Full Mercedes Benz Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check For Wear and Tear
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

Other optional items like battery and brake pad check will be performed to ensure it is still functioning well within the requirement operating specifications.

As Service C 60000km car servicing session is one of the major car servicing and you should expect the following items replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil filter
  • Air Filter
  • Air Con Microfilter
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Spark Plugs
  • Auto Transmission fluid
  • Auto Transmission Filter and Gasket (Depending on Model)
  • Fuel Filter (Depending on Model)
  • Full Mercedes Benz Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

Other optional items like battery and brake pad check will be performed to ensure it is still functioning well within the requirement operating specifications.

We recommend replacing your Mercedes Benz air filter at every 20,000km to ensure good constant air-flow to allow better engine combustion with better fuel efficiency.

A microfilter is located within the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) that helps to trap 80% of pollutants in your cabin such as dust, bacteria, allergens, traffic and exhaust fumes, including pollen. Mercedes Benz recommends changing the cabin filter every 19,000 to 24,000km.

The filter traps harmful contaminants using either electrostatic charge or activated charcoal.

It will be recommended to replace your brake fluid with a complete brake flush at every 40,000lm or 2 years whichever comes first.

A normal engine oil change will take around 2 hours or so if no other wear and tear is needed for urgent attention. 

Different Mercedes Benzs have different engine oil capacity and our rates start from $148 depending on the engine oil capacity and volume needed.

Once your car has arrived into our servicing workshop. It will undergo a comprehensive Mercedes handset diagnostic scan to detect any error codes within the On-Board Computer (OBC). We will also raise your car on a hoist to check that there are no coolant leakages, worn-down hoses or seals.

All servicing sessions come with a complimentary car wash and vacuum from the Revol Carz team.

Yes all Mercedes-Benz car model will automatically have their service interval and records updated as part of the car servicing protocol job scope

Mercedes Benz Service Light can be reset by our Mercedes Benz original handset however it will be better to do a scan to understand the service light before resetting to ensure no underlying problem is undetected

Common Mercedes-Benz wear and tear items include front and rear brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades. Other items are engine mountings, power steering hoses, water pumps, and top hose. 

If your car has crossed 100,000 mileage, pay attention to items such as the expansion tank, radiator system, thermostat, and water pump. Items in the fueling system consist of the charcoal system, fuel filter, and fuel pump. These items tend to wear after prolonged exposure to heat (from the engine) and overall use.

Yes, we do not start any major repairs or work without your full consent and permission. We will call you to explain and detail all of the work necessary prior to starting any form of work. All necessary repairs will be itemized and detailed accordingly. We guarantee no surprises or nasty bill shock.

Mercedes-Benz Repair Case Studies

Bring your Mercedes-Benz in for partial or full servicing –  we can replace common wear and tear items such as Engine oil, Cabin Air Filter, Aircon Filters, Sensors, Oil Sump replacement, Seal replacement, engine Overhaul for all Models and variants.

Learn more about common Mercedes-Benz issues with these case studies focusing on engine servicing, overhaul and general repair.

Case Study 1 – Mr. Tang’s Mercedes S300 for 2nd opinion of gearbox issue

If you see warning lights illuminated on your instrument cluster when you turn the engine on, they are there for a reason. To draw your attention to an issue that should be addressed immediately.
However some warning​s are minor issues such as the “door not shut properly” or “seat belt not buckled”, etc but these could be addressed quickly.
However, when major issues are not addressed and the warning lights persist, it is safer not to drive until your mechanic resolved the problems.

One of our customers, Mr. Tang, encountered a distressful warning light illumination on his Mercedes Benz S300. He was unable to engage his transmission.
On consultation with other workshops he was advised to have his gearbox overhauled. When he contacted us for a second opinion, we arranged for his car to be towed to our workshop.

No guess work! On arrival at our workshop, we put the Mercedes computerized diagnosis protocols and pin-pointed to issues in the igear box.
Our competent technicians can accurately discern that the electronic transmission control was faulty whereas inexperienced individuals may misconstrue that the similar fault codes relate to replacement of a complete set of valve body.
We replaced the electronic transmission control that resolved the gear issue. The transmission gears could now be engaged silky smoothly!

We felt a sense of achievement having put a smile on the customer’s face. He was delighted not only that his gearbox problem was promptly resolved but we have saved him substantial sum of money had he been misled into replacing the whole set of valve body.

Always Seek 2nd opinion for big ticket repair if unsure . Discerning car owners are likely to select a car workshop with integrity based on recommendations and positive word-of-the-mouth reviews.
Revol has earned the recognition for excellence in automotive industry with multiple awards in successive years. We have earned your trust in providing top-notched and honest repair services.
If you have any issue with your gearbox or any part of your car, you can count on us. We always serve you with the best of your interest!

Unlock more success stories below by clicking on each section.

Our regular customer, Mr. Li checked his Mercedes Benz AMG GT in Revol Carz Garage with the issue of loss of power in the engine.

The car is lifted for 360 degree undercarriage safety check.

We found the coolant has contaminated the engine oil due to failed seals. The issue was promptly resolved and the Mercedes Benz was quickly returned to the happy owner.

Our customer, Mr. Goh entrusts us with his beautiful Mercedes Benz E200 for a major engine oil change service that includes rear brake pad replacement.

Our car servicing protocol includes lifting up the car for undercarriage inspection for a safer drive.

The brake pads (right) are overdue for replacement. Original parts are replaced.

The rear rotor is due for replacement too.

The Mercedes gets a complimentary wash and vacuuming before returned to Mr. Goh.

The driver of a Mercedes Benz S300, David was referred to us by his friend, Angie. David has sent his car to other workshops without successfully addressing the abnormal knocking sounds coming from the engine. 

Our “Mercedes Specialist” team promptly scanned the OBD with Mercedes Benz’s Original Handset and the diagnosis revealed some misfiring and air leakage issues in the intake manifold.

The failing engine mountings have contributed to heavy engine vibrations and knocking sound.

Further inspections revealed worn out front Air-matic absorbers.

Replacing the badly worn spark plugs resolve the issue of misfiring.

Out go the failed Air-matic Absorbers with the new originals awaiting installations.

The new Airmatic Absorbers are professionally installed.

The Mercedes Benz is fully restored from the distressing knocking noise and the car is returned to the happy owner, David.

This Mercedes E250 is owned by Mr. Wee. He checked in our workshop to complain of heavy petrol odor whilst driving.

Our Mercedes Benz Specialist Team spotted leaks from the petrol tank.

The worn out petrol pump is located at the rear passenger seat.

New ORIGINAL Mercedes Benz fuel pump awaiting to resolve the issue.

Every car gets a complimentary car wash and vacuum before handing back the keys.

Mr. Prakash’s Mercedes Benz E200 was having low-charge battery issue.

The “Battery Low” light is illuminated. Thankfully he arrived at our workshop for the battery replacement before it went flat. 

We recommended Varta heavy duty battery.

The driver, William complained of noticing oil patch under the car when parked for a period of time. Our Mercedes Specialist went into action to trace the source of the oil leak.

The car is lifted for undercarriage inspection.

The oil pan is dripping with leaked oil whilst we trace to the source of the leakage.

The undercarriage wasn’t a pretty sight with more traces of oil. Our eagle-eyed specialists spotted the leak coming from the flywheel and torque converter oil seals.

Replacing the oil seals calls for a professional job in dismantling the gearbox from the car body.

The transmission oil is leaking from the torque convertor oil seal.

The flywheel oil seals location.

The New ORIGINAL flywheel oil seal (Right) is ready to replace the worn seal (left).

With the gearbox already dismantled, it makes prudent sense to also replace the worn gearbox mountings, saving the cost of future replacement.

This is how the Mercedes Benz C180 Mechatronic looks like if you are intrigued.

We only specify Original Mercedes Benz auto transmission fluid for replacement.

William was exhilarated to have his head-turning Mercedes Benz professionally repaired. His distress is finally over with no more oil leak.

Mr. Addis’ Mercedes Benz E200 had an engine over heat issue. We advised him not to drive but let us tow in the car to our workshop for investigation urgently. Driving the car in an overheating condition may cause irreversible damage to the engine.

Most might address the issue as a fault in the coolant pump or thermostat. However, our experts easily zeroed in the faulty air compressor pulley.

The little culprit was the snapped pulley belt.

With the compressor and pulley belt replaced, the problem was solved.

The fan belt and belt-tension are ready for replacement.

Our efficient team got the job done in a jiffy despite the peak Saturday morning rush hour so that Mr. Addis can enjoy the worry-free weekend with his family.

Congratulations to Delson, who is one of our loyal customer and wonderful friend. You are jubilated have just switched from a BMW 5-Series to Mercedes Benz E200.

Thank you Delson, for entrusting your new car to Revol Carz Garage for Major Service C maintenance.

The car maintenance service protocol calls for transmission fluid, filter and gasket replacement.
This picture shows the Mercedes Mechatronics if you are intrigued.

Our heartfelt thanks to Delson for his continuing support and trust in us.

Dom has just renewed the COE for his beautiful Mercedes E200K and was looking for a reputable workshop that specializes in Mercedes Benz to resolve the disturbing knocking sound in the front of the car.

Some wear and tear is normal for a ten-year old car.

We found the worn ball joints have contributed to the knocking sound.

We conduct a thorough 360 degree inspection for every car that check in at Revol for servicing. Our eagle-eyed mechanics spotted the coolant leakage.

The badly damaged hose connector must be replaced.

At Revol Carz Garage we follow strict protocols when conducting thorough inspection. Your safety is paramount.

We don’t compromise on your safety and quality when it comes to replacing parts. The new original hose connector (left) is ready for installation.

The driver is exhilarated to get his Mercedes back with the knocking sound and coolant leak issues completely resolved.

An oil change servicing schedule is due for our customer, Amos’ Mercedes GLA 180.

For every car that checks in for oil change servicing, we inspect every part of the car for potentially worn out, fluid leaks or damaged component.

Besides physical inspection, the car also undergoes computerized scan with our Mercedes specified equipment that can accurately detect various defects such as battery, coolant conditions etc.

We replace only original Mercedes Benz Battery with battery registration.

Anthony’s Mercedes CLA180 was unable to start possibly due to battery issue.

Scanning process highlights “Power supply low” fault code.

Various other faults were also detected in the scan process.

Fault code is also registered for headlight beam issue. 

Our Mercedes experts detected worn fuse Box as the cause of the ignition issue. 

New original fuse box (right) is ready for replacement.

The Mercedes roars back to life after our QC team gave it a thumb-up. The repair was professionally done in less than a day.

Another regular customer, Vernon sent in his Mercedes C180 for oil change servicing. He also complained that the air conditioner was blowing hot air.

The car is lifted for the oil change process and undercarriage inspection.

Our eagle eyed mechanic spotted traces of coolant leak.

The new original thermostat assembly (top) is ready for installation. 

We also replaced the worn compressor. The new compressor guarantees a long time cooling rides for years to come.

With the coolant leak repaired and a brand new air-conditioner compressor in place, Vernon and his family can enjoy years of cooler, smoother and quieter rides.

This Mercedes Benz E200 owned by one of our regular customers Wilson, had an engine combustion issue.

We noted that the spark plugs are contaminated with engine oil.

Our expert technician zeroed in the worn plug seals.

The set of spark plugs and plug-seals had been replaced and the issue was successfully resolved. 

Francis’ Mercedes S350 lit up a distress warning to the air suspensions warning and was recommended to replace the air-matic and pump by other workshop. As his car only left less than 2 years to go
He was referred to us by our customer for a 2nd opinion.

On the instrument cluster, lit a “Malfunction” warning code on Francis’ Mercedes Benz.

Our competent Mercedes specialist effortlessly zeroed in the broken air pipe which connects to the airmatic absorber. The car was returned to Francis with the whole issue effectively solved without changing the air Matic Absorber No more warning sign illuminated.

A failing oil seal will cause engine oil to leak and you will see a warning light flashing on your instrument dial.  If this happens to your car, always pull up safely; check the oil level and top up as soon as possible. Driving with exceedingly low level of engine oil can damage your engine rapidly.

If your car is leaking engine oil rapidly, don’t delay in sending it to a reputable workshop for an inspection.

Our Mercedes Specialist team discovered a leak from worn-out oil filter housing which was promptly replaced.

The Mercedes is lifted for inspection at our garage. 

New original fuse box (right) is ready for replacement.

A new original oil filter housing (left) is ready to replace.

Following the professional repair that had resolved the engine oil leak issue, the Mercedes Benz got a complimentary car wash and vacuuming before handing the keys back to smiley Mr. Dave Wong.

The alternator (which is bolted to the engine block) is a belt-driven electrical generator that maintains the battery in the state of charge.

Air-cooling of the alternator is common in most Mercedes models.

A faulty alternator can cause various problems – from battery discharging to engine problem.  Your battery light charging system indicator will usually illuminate to warn you of a possible failure.  This may indicate a fault in the charging system.

It is common for an alternator to fail with wear and tear.  The symptoms will present as follows; 

– The instrument panels lights dim at night.

– Radio flickers.

– Headlights flicker.

– Lacking power when lowering or raising your electric windows.

When the alternator can no longer charge the car battery and you may not re-start your car.  However, before arriving at a conclusion, it is advisable to check that your battery is not faulty.

Ms Samina’s Mercedes E250CGI is having battery check up lighted up.

Our experienced Mercedes Expert narrow down to the alternator issue.

Brand new original alternator (right) awaits replacement.

The Mercedes Benz is returned to Ms Samina after a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming.

The Mercedes Benz arrives at Revol Carz Garage for troubleshooting with delay in starting the car.

The problem is accurately diagnosed and the repair work commenced.

We zeroed in the culprits that cause the timing issue.

Are you able to identify the timing gear sprocket?

New original timing gear sprockets (left) are ready for the replacement.

New timing gear sprocket professionally replaced.

The owner of this Mercedes complained of a disturbing knocking sound recurring from the front of the car despite having replaced various parts from another workshop.

The diagnostic task took up some time to pin-point to the source but there is nothing too big for our Mercedes specialist to resolve.

Our experts pointed at the front cross shaft that was responsible for the disturbing knocking noise. Replacing with new original cross shaft (left) eliminated the problem effectively.

Every car repaired and serviced at our workshop gets a complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming. Mr. Loy was indeed exhilarated that his Mercedes is now whisper-quiet and refreshing to drive.

I was disturbed by the irritating noise from my car’s under-carriage. My previous workshop diagnosed that my shock absorbers were responsible. I called up Gavin at Revol Carz Garage and I accepted his quotation. I confidently requested that he proceeds to order brand new suspensions.

However, he advised us to let his team inspect first prior to ordering the parts. Despite his advice, I had insisted to proceed as I was confident my absorbers were faulty, as diagnosed by the previous workshop.

On arriving at Revol Carz Garage, I was pleased to see that my new absorbers had already arrived, so they saved me some waiting time. Instead of hastily dismantling the absorbers for replacement, their experienced mechanics routinely inspected the under-carriage more thoroughly. They discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that the source of the noise was actually from an anti-roll bar. As I had insisted on ordering the new absorbers, I was concerned that I need to pay for them anyway. Gavin was generous to allow me to cancel my order for the absorbers.

The replacement of the faulty anti-roll bar solved my problem. I am indeed happy and grateful for their professional works and integrity. Their experience and correct diagnosis had certainly saved me money and solved the nagging problem.

Revol Carz Garage has earned my trust and I shall hence be their long term customer. If you are looking for a workshop with integrity, professionalism and friendly service, I have no hesitation in recommending Revol Carz Garage.

Mr. Richard / Mercedes-Benz Owner

I just got delivery of my white new Mercedes GLA-Class so I sent it to Revol Carz Makeover for ceramic paint protection coating without delay as white is the most difficult color to maintain.

After their professional grooming, my car looks better and a lot shinier than before. Their ZeTough Ceramic Coating is covered by a 3 years warranty during my car ownership.

Now I don’t have to worry about my white paintwork yellowing over time. I am satisfied with Revol’s affordable premium grooming package. Good job! Great product!

Mr. Eric / Mercedes GLA-Class Owner

I have brought in my 1 day old Mercedes to Revol Carz Makeover last Saturday and results is simply spectacular. It never come across my mind that my Brand new car can achieve such spectacular results!
Highly recommended!

Mr. Jackpohngo / Mercedes-Benz Owner

Mercedes-Benz Repair and Overhauling


Engine Overhaul

Detecting transmission problems early can prevent total engine breakdown and save you from spending thousands of dollars on repair. Let alone the additional distress and inconvenience you might face. Talk to our qualified team of technicians if you feel uneasy about your gearbox.


Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists

You can trust our professional car repair technicians, mechanics and body restoration experts to restore your car back to the way it looked; just like those swoon-worthy showroom pieces you fell in love with, without the stress and time-consuming process for your accident repair and insurance claims.

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