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Read about the latest cars that went through reparing and/or grooming process at Revol Carz Makeover on our blog.

Beautiful Mercedes Benz A45 with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

We are extremely grateful for Mr. Benny for sending Us your beautiful Mercedes Benz A45 once again for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection! We appreciate and sincerely thank you for making us as your preferred No 1 choice for your paint protection services Enjoy viewing the following photos!

This Handsome Volvo S60with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Paint Protection

This handsome Volvo S60 just had a premium ZeTough Ceramic paint protection treatment. Leaving a deep, glossy, glass-mirror like finish with long lasting protection backed with 3 years warranty. Ready to hit the road with a “WOW” showroom shine!  Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hu for your trust and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover!

This Hunky White Hyundai Tucson with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Paint Protection

This hunky white Hyundai Tucson just underwent a very detailed full interior and exterior grooming. Coated with our renowned ZeTough Ceramic paint protection, leaving a very rich and glossy finish on the paintwork.  A clean and protected ride for Mr. Ravi.  Thank you Mr. Ravi for entrusting us with your pride and joy!  Let’s view […]

Problem on Small or Big Scratches? Revol is Ready to help!

Our services range from panel beating, spray painting, collision repairs, car servicing and components repair to car accident insurance claims repair. If you’re unsure about what to do with an accident damage that needs repair and spray painting, our spray painting professionals will be delighted to assist you. You’ll find your visit a happy experience […]

It’s Always a Delight and an Opportunity to Serve you Guys!

A lovely Wednesday to everyone! May this day bring you great opportunities. As for us, it’s always a delight and an opportunity to serve you guys and ensure your ride stays clean, glossy and protected with ZeTough paint protection for that knockout luster! Please feel free to contact us at 6555 1181 if you need […]

BMW X3 with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Mr. Nathan is very satisfied with what ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection have delivered that today he is back again this time with his BMW X3. Expecting a dust free rims and well cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! Our heartfelt thanks Mr. Nathan for your trust and continuous support. Why do […]

Mercedes Benz A200 with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Back in 2016, Mr. Lim first brought his car to Us for paint protection to maintain its amazing showroom condition. He just changed to a Mercedes Benz A200 and once again sent it to us for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection.  Thank you Mr. Lim for your trust and continuous support in Revol Carz Makeover! Let’s […]

Elegant Maserati Quattroporte with ZeTough 9H Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

One of our beloved customers, Mr. Ong changed his car to this elegant white Maserati Quattroporte for a royal grooming session that includes the special treatment with our award-winning Premium ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection for a more dazzling showroom gleam and protected ride. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Ong for engaging with Us […]

Mazda 6 with ZeTough Above 9H Titanium Coating Paint Protection

Today we have the arrival of this white Mazda 6 for a premium grooming topped with our award winning SGS above 9H certified ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating for long lasting protection wash after wash after wash! Our sincerest thanks Mr. Ryan for choosing Revol Carz Makeover for your paint protection services! So how can […]

Day 3 Following up on the Mercedes Benz SLK200 for Full Car Respray

🔥Day 3 Following up on the Mercedes Benz SLK200 which was in for a full car respray. The car’s surface was thoroughly checked for scratches and dents by our specialists then patched them ensuring all uneven surface are restored before spray painting💪 Stay tuned for more update tomorrow!