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BMW Case Study 63: X3 Valve Cover Gasket replacement

Our humble expertise gets your car a top-notch quality repair job with minimal downtime. A disturbing burnt odor lingered into the cabin from the front of JiaZheng’s BMW X3 and raised an alarmed urgency to have Revol Carz Garage investigate.

Mercedes Benz Case Study 43: C180 Petrol leak issue solved!

A good workshop will help you to narrow down and target the issue accurately with your interest in mind at a fraction of price. Mr Goh Mercedes Benz C180 is having an on and off petrol smell which he cannot be sure if it come from his car or other car.

BMW Case Study 62: 316i Engine Overhaul

Expertise with min down time for BMW engine overhaul. Mrs. Hoe’s BMW 316i is having serious Engine issue where constant engine check light and after a complete inspection and check, our team of BMW engine confirmed the issue lies with the internal engine piston.

VW Case Study 49: Sharan Aircon Compressor Replacement

Disconcerting noise from under the Volkswagen Sharan. Could it be the ailing air-conditioner compressor groaning? This Volkswagen Sharan urgently pulled up at Revol Carz Garage with symptoms of a bad air-conditioner compressor.

Audi Case Study 49: A3 Maintenance servicing with checking of wear and tears.

Due for maintenance servicing, Jeremy checks in his Audi A3 at Revol Carz Garage. Routine servicing inspection revealed an array of issues due to wear-and-tear such as coolant leakage leading to the worn fibre hoses.