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BMW Case Study 156: 318i Battery Replacement

Choose BMW original batteries and prioritize IBS coding for a seamless and worry-free driving experience tailored to the exacting standards of your BMW. When it comes to replacing your BMW’s battery, opting for the original is more than just a brand preference—it’s a guarantee of uncompromised performance and longevity. BMW original batteries are engineered with […]

BMW Case Study 155: 316i Parking Sensor Replacement

Are you experiencing a lack of audible beeps, erratic beeping, no visual display, a warning light on the dashboard, or delayed system response in your BMW 3 Series? These could be signs of a faulty Parking Sensor. Consider a prompt inspection and potential sensor replacement for accurate obstacle detection during parking. Do feel free to […]

BMW Case Study 154: 216GT Engine Mounting Replacement

Is your BMW 2 Series displaying signs of worn Engine Mountings? Look out for symptoms such as increased vibrations, unusual engine noises, and a rougher driving experience. If you’re noticing these issues, it’s advisable to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified workshop like Revol Carz Garage to address the worn Engine Mountings promptly and […]

BMW Case Study 153: X6 Long Shaft Mounting Replacement

If you are experiencing vibrations and unusual noises from your rear? These could be signals of potential wear in the Long Shaft Mounting of your BMW X6. Recognize these signs for timely intervention, ensuring sustained Drivetrain performance. Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz Garage at 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial park 2a # […]

BMW Case Study 152: Z4 Aircon Compressor Replacement

Is your car’s Air conditioning not delivering that cool relief it used to? The culprit could be a malfunctioning A/C Compressor. Responsible for pressurizing and distributing the refrigerant, a faulty compressor can lead to poor cooling performance. Don’t let the heat get the best of you—have your A/C system inspected by Revol Carz Garage to […]

BMW Case Study 150: 116i Brake Pads & Discs Replacement

If you’re experiencing squeaking or grinding noises while braking, it’s a clear sign that your Brake Pads and Rotors are due for replacement. Keeping up with a regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule at Revol Carz Garage is the key to keeping your BMW delivering optimal performance and passion you love. Do feel free to drop by […]

BMW Case Study 149: 318i Ignition Coil Replacement

Are you experiencing engine stumbling, power loss, rough idle, vibrations, decreased fuel efficiency, or a lit check engine light in your BMW? These signs may indicate a misfiring issue and in most likley cases is due to a worn Ignition coils. BMW Owners should strongly consider replacing their Ignition coils along with spark plugs once […]

BMW Case Study 148: 530i Thermostat Replacement

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s advisable to have the Thermostat inspected and replaced by a qualified mechanic to ensure proper Engine temperature regulation and prevent potential damage. Identifying a faulty Thermostat in your BMW involves observing several signs: Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz Garage at 10, Ang Mo […]

BMW Case Study 147: 216D Routine Servicing

Selecting a professional workshop like Revol Carz Garage for your BMW Battery replacement with IBS coding is essential for precise compatibility, preventing fault codes, preserving Battery life, and ensuring overall safety and performance. It’s a proactive measure to maintain your vehicle’s integrity and enjoy a worry-free driving experience. Do feel free to drop by Revol […]

BMW Case Study 146: 540i ATF Replacement

Replacing the Auto Transmission Fluid in a BMW is recommended at higher mileage for several benefits. It helps maintain smooth gear shifting, prolongs the lifespan of the transmission, prevents overheating, and ensures optimal performance. Regular Fluid replacement at around 60k mileage is a proactive measure to enhance overall driving experience and prevent potential Transmission issues. […]

BMW Case Study 145: 318i Engine overheating issue

Are you experiencing signs of Engine overheating? When signs of Engine overheating appear, it is advisable not to drive further to prevent potential damage to the Engine. Recognizing symptoms of a faulty Coolant Pump in a BMW 318i, such as Engine overheating, coolant leaks, unusual noises (whining or grinding), coolant puddles under the car, and […]

BMW Case Study 144: 520i Fan Belt Set Replacement

As your vehicle crosses the 100,000 km mark, it’s crucial to consider changing the Fan Belt to prevent unexpected issues. Over time, wear and tear on the Belt can lead to deterioration, increasing the risk of it snapping. A snapped Fan Belt not only disrupts engine cooling but can also cause extensive damage to other […]

BMW Case Study 143: 528i Front Shock Absorber Replacement

Are you hearing a light rubbing or knocking sound while crossing humps or uneven roads? If your BMW car is experiencing annoying knocking sounds, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Common symptoms include: Visit Revol Carz Garage for swift and expert solutions. Our skilled Technicians specialize in BMW diagnostics, ensuring a smooth and silent […]

BMW Case Study 143: 520i Coolant leak resolved!

If you find yourself needing to replenish Coolant between regular service intervals, it signals a potential Coolant leak. It’s imperative to promptly schedule a visit to the workshop to address this issue, preventing any risk of Engine overheating. Taking swift action ensures the continued optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle Revol Carz Garage Team […]

BMW Case Study 142: 523i Battery Replacement

A low voltage battery in your BMW can set off a chain reaction of issues, including the generation of false fault codes. The vehicle’s complex electronic systems rely on stable power to function correctly. When the battery voltage is compromised, sensors and control modules may receive inadequate power, leading to erratic behavior and miscommunications. These […]