Distinguished as the Sole Car Grooming Specialist to Receive SGCarMart’s Star Merchant Award for an Unprecedented 12 Years Running

Celebrated with 5000+ 5-Star ★ Customer Reviews by The Nation’s Top-Rated Service Provider

Get your ‘BRAND NEW ‘ car back with the leading car grooming service in Singapore in 2024!

Get rid of unsightly watermarks, tough stains and grime with our 3.5-hour intensive detailing and polishing session. Let us help you bring out the true deep color of your car’s paintwork with a dedicated team of cleaning and detailing professionals.

Your car’s interior will also be thoroughly cleaned and refreshed with bio-safe and effective products. Drive off like it’s a brand new car right off the showroom!

With over 21 years of experience and thousands of customer reviews and testimonials in SGCarMart. We’re confident you’ll love the outcome.

Our car grooming service centers are located at Ang Mo Kio Autopoint and Toh Guan. Contact us today by calling us at 6555-1181, enquiry form or by WhatsApp.

Updated: 26th June 2020

Car Grooming Singapore
Car Grooming Singapore Service

Grooming Service Details

BMW X5 after Car Grooming

Intense Shine and Polishing

Get that ultra-reflective look that feels absolutely amazing to the touch as well. Our surface protective compounds last for weeks and helps to repel water, prevent watermarks and bird-poo damage.

Audi Interior Grooming

Deep Interior Cleaning
We ensure every seat, nook and cranny is cleaned, prepped and restored as close to it’s original condition – like it’s straight out of the showroom on day one!

Engine Bay Cleaning 
Our sessions includes a comprehensive engine bay detail. A clean engine bay is not only impressive to look at but allows for problems such as leakages to be spotted quickly in future.

Aston Martin DB 11 Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

We can assist in removing stains, reducing marks and damage with our leather restoration specialists. Our wide range of various leather cleaners help to remove dirt and grime from various leather materials.

Wheel Cleaning

Wheel and Rim Polishing

Bring back the shine and gleam of your rims. We can remove heavy grime, oil stains and rubber marks that your rims and wheels pick up from daily use.

Tailpipe Polishing

Exhaust Polishing

Your car should always look brand new when they leave our detail center. Get shiny, polished gleaming exhaust tips each and every time. We guarantee absolute satisfaction.

Window Glass Coating

Let us remove stubborn watermarks, streaks and dirt from prior to our window glass treatment. Expect super clarity, ultra-hydrophobic properties and a much safer drive.

Headlamp Polishing and Restoration

Headlight Coating

We can restore and fix common foggy headlight issues due to condensation and leaky rubber seals in the headlight cluster. No more cataract looking lights!

Door Shuts Detailing

An under-looked area where most groomers will miss out (but we won’t!) – we will clean our accumulated built-up dirt, grime and grease and leave it looking like it just left the factory line.

Shining Reviews: Discover Real Stories from Our Satisfied Clients


You have expectations.

And we pride ourselves on delivering beyond yours. Our philosophy is consistently delivering a great result and outcome – a highly reflective, mirror-like showroom shine that’ll always impress.

Polishing with Crystal Finish

Lamborghini Huracan

Lexus LS

Polishing Example

Porsche Cayman

Deep Interior Clean

BMW 7 Series

Deep Interior Cleaning and Leather Restoration

Car Grooming Customers

Mr Loy with his BMW 3 Series

Full Detail – interior and exterior complete with ZeTough 9H Paint Protection

Mr Richard and his Mercedes-Benz C-Class

With Car Detailing Complete Package

Mr Liang and his Volkswagen Passat


Mr Farhin with his BMW 3 Series

Interior Detailing and Grooming Customer

Mr Roshen Joseph with his Volkswagen Golf

Mr Jason Chung and his BMW 3 Series

“..Thank you for the excellent service. Before, my car was dirty and interior a bit smelly because of the wet carpet from the rain. My paint was like gone flaky already. I cannot believe my eyes after the car grooming.

My car was returned to me in eye-popping shiny glossy condition. Even my wheels are like new. The turn-around was amazing.”

'winwee' / SGCarMart Reviewer

“..If you are looking for a place to get your grooming and paint protection, I recommend Revol Carz Makeover.

They treat every one of my cars like their own and do impeccable attention to detail at an affordable price.”

Harry Low / SGCarMart Reviewer

“..I am very impressed by Marcus and his team for their superior workmanship and exceptional service. I always hear great things about them from friends and tried it out for myself.

Brought my car in for detailing and I would say, they have got another loyal customer. Definitely i will be back.

My car looks awesomely amazing! A big shoutout to Revol..Kudos to you guys!”

John Toolin / SGCarMart Reviewer

Car Grooming Rates and Prices

Our rates provides the best value-for-money protection and service.

Revol Exquisite Exterior Polish and Interior Grooming

Small & Medium – S$440

Large – S$480

Luxury & MPV – S$530

Paint Spots / Sandblast Deposits Removal

Small & Medium – S$90-200

Large – S$90-200

Luxury & MPV – S$90-200

Wheel Polishing

4 Wheels – S$150

Wheel Polishing & Coating (All)

4 Wheels – S$150

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to enjoy the work that’s done on your car.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the detail and quality of work – we will rectify it immediately without any additional costs or conditions.

We want you to be happy at the end of the day, and our team will strive to always do their absolute best to deliver.

Read our 375+ customer reviews on SGCarMart.

Revol Carz Satisfaction Guarantee

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Revol Carz Car Grooming Locations

Revol Carz - Ang Mo Kio Grooming Center

Revol Carz – Ang Mo Kio Branch

Car Grooming Singapore and Detailing Center

Address: 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #01-12 AMK Autopoint Singapore 568047

Get Directions: Get there by Google Maps / Waze

Enquiry Hotline6555-1181

Appointment Hotline: 6746-6281

Closed on Public Holidays


Revol Carz - Toh Guan Branch

Revol Carz – Toh Guan Branch

Car Grooming Singapore Service Center

Address: Blk 42 Toh Guan Road East #01-75 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608583

Get Directions: Get there by Google Maps / Waze

Enquiry Hotline6555-1181

Appointment Hotline: 6267-9331

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Car Grooming FAQ

People often ask..

Why should I groom my car?

Grooming helps to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness and hygiene for the driver and all passengers! It also prevents insects and bugs breeding due to dropped food or contaminants. It helps to keep your surface protected for a longer period of time with an additional layer of surface protectant. Consider paint protection if you wish protect your car’s surface against more harmful and damaging elements like bird droppings or tree sap.

How often can I polish my car?

We recommend not to polish your car more than twice a year as polishes are generally abrasive in nature. Over-polishing your vehicle will cause your paint to thin and may potentially damage your car’s clear coat.

How do i polish my car’s headlights?

While there are some tutorials advising using light abrasives such as toothpaste and a polishing cloth. We highly discourage it as it may cause irreversible damage to the headlamp cover texture. We use compatible headlamp cleaner to remove the oxidation to remove fogginess and to restore your headlamp back like it was brand new.

Where is Revol Carz’s car detailing center?

Revol Carz’s car grooming service centers are located at Ang Mo Kio Autopoint and Toh Guan respectively.

How much is a car grooming package?

Each grooming and detailing session typically takes about 4 hours on average. You are invited to relax in our customer lounge while your vehicle is being prepared by our team.

Can I drive my car in the rain after a grooming session?

Yes you can. You can drive your car in the rain without worry as the sealant will not wash away immediately after a grooming and detailing session. Your car’s surface will continue to shine and stay effective for an amount of time (usually 6 months depending on weather conditions).

Car Grooming Singapore Reviews

Mr. Benson Tan Review

Mr. Benson Tan’s Review

“.. When it comes to car grooming, paint protection, car spray painting, Revol Carz Makeover have my vote!

This is my 4th New Car with Revol Carz Makeover and I have never look back since using their services 13 years ago.

What really makes me feel happy to use their services beside excellent results delivered on every grooming session, is their commitment to ensure not only my car but me as a owner are well taken care of too.

Their always willing to help attitude and excellent services still remains the same since I have met them from day 1 which is quite hard to find in my personal car ownership experience with various services provider.

I am happy to see their growth over the years from multi storey car park to having in house spray painting and accident repair services.

Keep up the good works guys!”

Mr. Eugene Seah's Review

Mr. Eugene Seah’s Review

“..I have just spray painted my whole car with another company and I find the paintwork after spray painting is badly done with lots of unevenness orange peel and blurring paintwork.

I chanced upon Revol Carz Makeover after doing a quick search online for paint correction services. Having met Gavin the next day for a full car assessment, I was convinced that the company has the knowledge and expertise in providing the high standards in restoring the car’s paint to my satisfaction.

The car’s paintwork correction and intensive grooming took a while to complete. However,I must say that it was definitely worth every minute of the wait for the huge transformation of the car’s appearance.

The previously dull and orange-peel laden paint is now shining with a deep glow from the ZeTough paint Protection, plus all components are cleaned with extreme attention to detail.

I’ll not hesitate to recommend anyone to go for the grooming sessions at Revol Carz Makeover. I believe picture will do the talking itself!”

Mr Joe Zhao's Review

Mr. Joe Zhao’s Review

“..My compliments to Gavin and the team, who have worked hard to completely transform my Peugeot from “work car” to a condition and standard that can only be described as “showroom”. The result of ZeTough Paint Protection was far more than I expected. Your professional, on-time and meticulous service is greatly appreciated!

Both my family and I now recognize Revol as the best company in the business of car grooming in Singapore. Your attention to details and consistent high standards are second to none! Again thanks for your hard work and excellent result.

The moment I’m writing this testimonial, your fantastic customer service was still refreshing in my thoughts!

Keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be back for the fantastic and enjoyable service again.

About REvol Carz

Revol Carz - Entrance - Audi workshop - BMW workshop - Mercedes-benz workshop - Volkswagen workshop

Founded since 2003, Revol Carz has grown from a 2 men setup as mobile car groomers to a multi-disciplinary service leader in Professional Car Care. 

Revol Carz has won multiple awards such as ‘SGCarMart Star Merchant‘ awards for 8 consecutive years, and numerous accolades for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

For more details, read about Revol Carz’s History.