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Audi Case Study 138: Q3 Regular Servicing

If you are seeking to maintain your vehicle’s safety, efficiency, and reliability, regular car servicing is vital. This involves scheduling maintenance tasks at specified intervals, including inspections, engine oil changes, oil filter replacements, and other preventive measures. By adhering to a regular servicing schedule, you can address wear and tear, maintain performance, detect potential issues […]

Audi Case Study 137: A6 Engine Mounting Replacement

If you’re experiencing worn Engine Mountings in your car, you might notice several symptoms indicating they may need replacement. Keep an eye out for excessive vibrations, clunking or thumping noises, engine movement, misalignment of components, increased engine noise, visible wear or damage, and potential transmission issues. If any of these signs are present, it’s wise […]

Audi Case Study 136: A3 Rear Absorbers Replacement

Worn rear absorbers can affect the vehicle’s handling, stability, and uneven tyres wear. It’s essential to address any signs of wear or deterioration promptly by replacing the worn absorbers with new ones to ensure optimal driving comfort and safety. Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz Garage at 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial park […]

Audi Case Study 135: Q5 Aircon Compressor Replacement

Is your car’s Air conditioning not delivering that cool relief it used to? The culprit could be a malfunctioning A/C Compressor. Responsible for pressurizing and distributing the refrigerant, a faulty compressor can lead to poor cooling performance. Don’t let the heat get the best of you—have your A/C system inspected by Revol Carz Garage to […]

Audi Case Study 134: A5 Car Servicing

Replacing the Fan Belt and Tensioner after crossing 120,000 kilometers is crucial to maintain the proper functioning of the vehicle’s charging system. At Revol Carz Garage, we prioritize thorough inspections rather than just quick engine oil changes, ensuring your vehicle receives professional care to maintain its performance and reliability. Do feel free to drop by […]

Audi Case Study 133: A6 Engine Mounting Set Replacement

If you are experiencing heavy vibration and loud engine noise, it’s time to visit a professional workshop like Revol Carz Garage to have it checked. These symptoms may indicate issues with engine mountings or other components that require expert inspection and prompt attention to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle. Do feel […]

Audi Case Study 132: A3 Oil Separator Replacement

A failing oil separator in an Audi can manifest in several noticeable symptoms. One common sign is increased oil consumption, as the separator fails to effectively separate oil from crankcase vapors. This can lead to the engine burning more oil than usual, resulting in the need for frequent top-ups between oil changes. Rough idle is […]

Audi Case Study 131: A1 Front Shock Absorber Set Replacement

If you’re noticing a rough or bumpy start when driving your vehicle, it could be an indication of a worn front absorber. The front absorber, also known as a shock absorber or strut, plays a crucial role in providing stability and smoothness to your vehicle’s ride by dampening the impact of bumps and irregularities on […]

Audi Case Study 130: A4 Engine Mounting Replacement

Are you having Excessive Engine vibration, particularly at idle or during acceleration? Worn Engine Mounts in an Audi A4 can manifest through other various noticeable symptoms such as clunking or banging noises emanating from the Engine Bay, especially when shifting between drive and reverse, can also indicate compromised Engine Mounts. If you observe visible movement […]

Audi Case Study 129: A3 Normal Servicing

Car servicing at our workshop is more than just a quick Engine oil change – your safety is our top priority. Keeping up with a regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule at Revol Carz Garage is the key to keeping your Audi delivering optimal performance and passion you love. Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz […]

Audi Case Study 128: A3 Car Servicing

If your Audi A3 has crossed the 120k mark, it’s time to inspect your Timing Belt. Replacing it is crucial to prevent engine damage, ensure optimal performance, and avoid unexpected breakdowns. The Timing Belt synchronizes the rotation of the Engine’s Crankshaft and Camshaft, and a worn Belt can lead to misalignment, causing severe engine issues. […]

Audi Case Study 127: A3 Wheel Bearing Replacement

Are you experiencing a humming or growling noise, along with vibrations especially at higher speeds. The noise may increase or decrease when turning? If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s advisable to have the Wheel Bearings inspected and replaced by a qualified workshop like Revol Carz Garage. Timely replacement ensures safe driving and prevents […]

Audi Case Study 126: A3 Battery Replacement

Recognizing symptoms of a failing Car Battery is crucial for proactive vehicle maintenance. Warning signs include slow engine cranking, dimming headlights, and electrical issues. If you notice these signs, consider replacing the Battery promptly. Waiting until the battery totally fails can leave you stranded and potentially damage the vehicle’s electrical system. Regular battery replacements ensure […]

Audi Case Study 125: A3 Oil Separator Replacement

If you find yourself dealing with a combination of excessive smoke, increased oil consumption, poor engine performance, rough idle, the illumination of the check engine light, oil leaks, or elevated emissions, it’s crucial to consider the possibility of a faulty oil separator. This vital component is responsible for managing crankcase ventilation and preventing oil from […]

Audi Case Study 123: A4 Wheel Bearing Replacement

If you’re experiencing a rumbling or grinding noise, particularly at high speeds, you might be a indicative of a worn Wheel Bearing. Wheel Bearings play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your vehicle’s wheels, and when they wear out, they often produce these audible signs. It’s advisable to have your vehicle inspected by […]