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How Are We Different?

At Revol Carz Garage, we offer the right expertise in diagnosing and repair problems you have with your car at the right prices.

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With over 25 years of experience, our seasoned mechanics can give you all the answers you have about your Volkswagen.

We will check for problems using the latest computerised scanning technology and give you quick and accurate diagnosis. This helps us reduce the repair time and lower your bill in the end.


Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with an unexpectedly high repair bill? This won’t happen at our workshop as we believe in openness and transparent prices.

We’ll only start the repair after you agree with the conditions and give you a warranty at the end of every repair job.

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We love what we do and we’re passionate about cars. If the replaced part doesn’t solve the problem you have, we won’t charge you.

Integrity is important to us and we always make sure to provide you a solution, not just mask the problem on the surface.


Our customers come back to our workshop because we provide rigorous quality checks and offer warranty to all repair works.

This has been our policy over the years and it helped us grow.

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What We Do

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We offer quality parts for your Volkswagen at right prices. Our pricing is fixed and transparent so you’ll always know how much you can expect to pay.

Come to get your free car diagnosis before you decide if you want us to repair your car. Car servicing at Revol Carz Garage starts at $128.

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We never rush through car servicing by offering a universal solution that may or may not be right for you. We know that several mechanical problems can accumulate and lead into a breakdown, which is why we do our best to detect them early. This is possible through rigorous checks by experienced personnel.


You may think your car is raising temperature due to air compressor problems, but it may be a wiring issue instead. We can help you check it out and know for sure. We’ll also investigate the problems behind the flickering warning lights on your dashboard.


It’s important to detect transmission problems as they arise as this can prevent total engine breakdown and save you a lot of time and money. Don’t let a simple problem turn into a huge distress and inconvenience later. Come to our workshop and discuss the gearbox issue with our qualified technicians.

Engine Overhaul
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Our team of seasoned technicians, mechanics, and experts in body restoration will bring your Volkswagen back to its original condition after an accident. Fall in love with your car all over again and avoid the stress and wasted time that typically come with a problem like this by bringing your car to our workshop.

Come to Revol Carz Garage for your free car diagnostic check and get your quote today!

All the checks are done via computerized scanning so they are as precise as possible.

We offer a comprehensive 36-poing check for leakage and other damage to make sure your VW is in its best condition.

Get a free car wash with every repair.

We’re here if you need assistance with car insurance claims.

Volkswagen Service Center

Ticking, knocking sounds or dashboard warning light on your Volkswagen?
We know (and can fix) the most common problems owners face on a daily basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

People Also Ask…

You should service your Volkswagen every 15000Km or at least once a year to ensure your car is always in its optimum condition.

Engine oils differ from model to model due to the viscosity (thickness) of the oil. Oil formulations are revised by Volkswagen every few years based on new engine designs and emission requirements, fuel types and quality. The best place to look in is actually into the Volkswagen Owner’s manual to see which suits your vehicle.

There’s no one-type-fits-all engine oil, however we can use the same engine oil specification for your model when you bring it in for servicing. We carry over 15 different grades of Volkswagen engine oil.

In general, a good practice guideline is to replace your engine oil every 15000km or at least once a year before the engine oil viscosity breaks down. There are other factors to also consider for example – a car’s age and the way it was driven.

Some owners who drive their car a bit more aggressively tend to replace their oil every 6,000 to 8,000km.

Brake pads are recommended to be replaced every 20,000km.

If you hear any sounds or squealing noises from your brakes or any difficulty (e.g. less responsive braking) when you’re coming for a stop, it is advisable to bring it to a garage to have a check on the brake thickness as well.

Most current Volkswagen car models will be equipped with an engine oil level sensor and you should only top up when the oil level low indication pops up.

Take note that you could be facing an engine oil leak if you need to top up engine oil in between your service interval.

A good practice is to replace your spark plugs at 60,000km interval to prevent misfiring to the engine combustion. The benefits of spark plugs help to regulate and ensure optimal combustion – affecting important factors such as fuel economy, smoother starts and acceleration.

If your fuel economy starts to suffer or your car is misfiring, it could be due to your spark plugs and may be an early sign to replace them. This may also be a sign if you find your car hard to start. The good news is that spark plugs tend to have a long life span of around 100,000 miles so replacing them isn’t a regular affair.

A good practice is to replace your spark plugs at 60,000km interval to prevent misfiring to the engine combustion. The benefits of spark plugs help to regulate and ensure optimal combustion – affecting important factors such as fuel economy, smoother starts and acceleration.

If your fuel economy starts to suffer or your car is misfiring, it could be due to your spark plugs and may be an early sign to replace them. This may also be a sign if you find your car hard to start. The good news is that spark plugs tend to have a long life span of around 100,000 miles so replacing them isn’t a regular affair.

During 15000km car servicing session, you will expect to have the following item replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Full Volkswagen Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check For Wear and Tear
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

During 30000km car servicing session, you will expect to have following item replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil filter
  • Air Filter
  • Air Con Microfilter
  • Full Volkswagen Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check For Wear and Tear
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

During 45000km car servicing session, you will expect to have the following item replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Full Volkswagen Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check For Wear and Tear
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

Other optional items like battery and brake pad check will be performed to ensure it is still functioning well within the requirement operating specifications.

As every 60000km car servicing session is one of the major car servicing and you should expect the following items replaced

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil filter
  • Air Filter
  • Air Con Microfilter
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Spark Plugs
  • Auto Transmission fluid
  • Auto Transmission Filter (Depending on Model)
  • Fuel Filter (Depending on Model)
  • Full Volkswagen Computerized Diagnostic Scan
  • Comprehensive Safety Check
  • Complimentary car wash and vacuum

Other optional items like battery and brake pad check will be performed to ensure it is still functioning well within the requirement operating specifications.

We recommend replacing your Volkswagen air filter at every 20,000km to ensure good constant air-flow to allow better engine combustion with better fuel efficiency.

A microfilter is located within the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) that helps to trap 80% of pollutants in your cabin such as dust, bacteria, allergens, traffic and exhaust fumes, including pollen. Volkswagen recommends changing the cabin filter every 19,000 to 24,000km.

The filter traps harmful contaminants using either electrostatic charge or activated charcoal.

It will be recommended to replace your brake fluid with a complete brake flush at every 60,000km or 3 years whichever comes first.

A normal engine oil change will take around 2 hours or so if no other wear and tear is needed for urgent attention.

Different Volkswagens have different engine oil capacity and our rates start from $148 depending on the engine oil capacity and volume needed.

Once your car has arrived into our servicing workshop. It will undergo a comprehensive Volkswagen handset diagnostic scan to detect any error codes within the On-Board Computer (OBC). We will also raise your Volkswagen on a hoist to check that there are no coolant leakages, worn-down hoses or seals.

All servicing sessions come with a complimentary car wash and vacuum from the Revol Carz team.

Yes all Volkswagen car model will automatically have their service interval and records updated as part of the car servicing protocol job scope.

Volkswagen Service Light can be reset by our Volkswagen original handset however it will be better to do a scan to understand the service light before resetting to ensure no underlying problem is undetected.

Common wear and tear items include front and rear brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades. Other items are engine mountings, power steering hoses, water pumps, and top hose.

If your car has crossed 100,000 mileage, pay attention to items such as the expansion tank, radiator system, thermostat, and water pump. Items in the fuelling system consist of the charcoal system, fuel filter, and fuel pump. These items tend to wear after prolonged exposure to heat (from the engine) and overall use.

Yes, we do not start any major repairs or work without your full consent and permission. We will call you to explain and detail all of the work necessary prior to starting any form of work. All necessary repairs will be itemized and detailed accordingly. We guarantee no surprises or nasty bill shock.

Volkswagen Engine Servicing, Overhaul and Repair Case Studies

Bring your Volkswagen in for partial or full servicing –  we can replace common wear and tear items such as Engine oil, Cabin Air Filter, Aircon Filters, Sensors, Oil Sump replacement, Seal replacement, engine Overhaul for all Models and variants.

Case Study 1 – Volkswagen Cross Polo 1.2 at-gearbox overhaul

A Volkswagen Cross Polo arrives at Revol Carz Garage with transmission issues.

Careful inspections by our team of skilled mechanics armed with modern diagnostic equipment, the adverse conditions called for a gearbox overhaul.

The dismantling process begins.

The dismantled gearbox exposed the worn sprockets within.

Left of this picture shows extensive wear and tear of the component. The double clutch assembly and all relatively worn parts shall be replaced.

The worn seals are due for replacement.

The brand new set of original Double Clutch Assembly is ready to replace the worn out unit.

A beautiful sight entails with the new double clutch in place.

All the gearbox issues in the Volkswagen Cross Polo are now resolved with every replaced part conforming to the high quality standards and the quality workmanship fully endorsed by our stringent Quality Control team.

The gearbox is one of the most vital components of any motor vehicle.  Shifting problems or sudden skip in the gear can be a cause for concern.  The transmission of the vehicle is subjected to wear and tear due to exposure to extreme heat and frictions.

At Revol Carz Garage, we offer complete services from engine repair to any transmission problem.  We have updated diagnostic equipment and expertise to pinpoint the fault in the gearbox such as, burning smell, leaks, worn clutch.  Gearbox repair or replacement is complicated and is best performed by professional mechanics to ensure safe and optimum performance.

Unlock more success stories below by clicking on each section.

Mr. Wan’s Volkswagen Tiguan arrives at Revol Carz Garage with gear failure.

We found that the gear shift cable had broke.

Replacing the gear shift cable is a complex task and should be handled by professionals.

The broken gear selector cable (bottom) is dismantled whilst a new assembly (top) is ready to replace.

The gearbox bushing replacement is in progress.

After each repair, every car goes to the washing bay for a refreshing complimentary car wash before our stringent Quality Control check every box.  Our motto, “Do it right the first time”.

Mr. Lek ‘s Volkswagen Passat arrives at Revol Carz Garage for troubleshooting to locate the source of the unwanted rattling noise.

Next, we lifted the car for thorough inspection and tracing to the source of the unwanted noise.

Ah! There is the little noisy culprit – the Control Arms Bush.

The worn control arm bush is dismantled and happily standing by is the new original replacement awaiting to take the seat.

With the control arm bush replaced the noise issue is resolved. The car is ready for delivery after a refreshing complimentary car wash and interior vacuuming.

A Volkswagen Passat with failing Control Arm Bushings pulled up at Revol Carz Garage today.

Mr. Lek’s was concerned that his Volkswagen Passat was emitting loud rattling noises from under the car when driving.  Our team of Volkswagen experts sprung into action to locate the source of the unwanted noise.

Mr. Toto sends his Volkswagen A7 in for a scheduled oil change service.

The car is lifted up for a 360 degree safety check.

Our eagle eyed technician spotted a leak in the mechatronics.

Replacing the gaskets in the mechatronics costs a fraction of the price of the whole component and it makes prudent sense to replace the seals before the component loses all its oil inside.

We replaced the battery that conformed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We replaced the battery that conformed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Ms Cheryl’s Golf flashed the” ABS Error” fault code on the dashboard and she made a distress call for our assistance.

In generic scenario, replacement of the ABS sensor should resolve the issue. However, the car also requires the ABS pump replacement as well.

We lifted the car to access the replacement work promptly targeting to return the car within a day.

Out goes the failed ABS pump and a brand new replacement awaits.

ABS or Anti-lock Brake System is an advanced technology designed to maximize the braking efficiency and help prevent wheel from locking during heavy braking situation, giving the driver better control of the car.  The hydraulic power that applies to the ABS brakes automatically is greater than a driver could apply.

ABS fault code warning light comes on is a common failing on cars with ABS.  When the ABS system is not functioning, loss of traction, skidding, and hydroplaning are likely to occur under heavy braking conditions. 

There are instances where a faulty ABS System can behave erratically, causing the brakes to lock up under normal driving conditions. If you experience sporadic behavior from your brakes such as random clicking noises and pumping of the brakes, your ABS module is due for replacement.  

The ABS on most vehicles is designed to give sufficient warning signs when there is any trouble with the system. Being aware of these warning signs, and addressing the problem as soon as they arise will help ensure that your ABS system and vehicle remains functioning for maximum safety.

Lewis’ stunning Volkswagen Phaeton arrives at Revol Carz Garage with air-matic issues.
The Authorized Dealer had earlier advised him to replace both the air-matic and air pump. He decided to seek a second opinion with us as his COE has only about two-year validity.

The failing air-matic at the driver’s side has caused the car to be lopsided.

Our experienced Volkswagen specialists is confident that replacing the one faulty airmatic is good enough as the other side is still good after the stress tests.

Lewis’ complete trust in us had save him a large sum of money. We had professional resolve his air-matic issue at a fraction of the price of the AD quotation.

Ms Rozi was alarmed that her Volkswagen Scirocco flashed “Check Engine” warning code.

There are several possibilities for the alarm code and the correct way to pinpoint the source is doing a computerized scan.

The computerized scan revealed several fault codes.

Our competent Volkswagen team orders a turbo pressure boost valve replacement to effectively resolve the engine fault code issue.

Mr. Wong’s Volkswagen Jetta was flashing “battery” fault code. We advised him to drive to our workshop immediately before the battery power is totally depleted.

Immediately on arrival at our workshop, our Volkswagen team swiftly proceed to check on the cause.

It takes an eagle-eyed expert to spot the failed alternator. Excessive oil leakage into the alternator had caused failure in the alternator.

The brand new alternator on the left without blemish and the oil-soaked failed alternative (right) will be discarded.

Repaired and refreshed with complimentary car wash and a super-clean interior after vacuuming, the Jetta is returned to delightful Mr. Wong.

The car alternator generates electric power and is a major component of the vehicle’s charging system.

The alternator charges your battery and supplies additional electrical power when your engine is running.

On the average, an alternator’s lifespan is eight to 10 years and it is maintenance-free.  When an alternator fails, your car may still run on battery power alone but will die as soon as the battery charge is depleted.

The most common symptom of a failing alternator is when a warning “charge” icon remains lighted on your dial.  Also when the alternator becomes weak, your car’s headlights and dash lights become dim during idle but get brighter at higher rev.  Coolant or oil leak can also damage the alternator.

If your car is emitting unusual sounds during drive, there could be many causes that an experienced mechanic is able to trouble-shoot.

Mr. Ang was referred by a friend to our garage for trouble shooting disturbing noises coming from the front of his car.

Mr. Ang visited Revol Carz Garage to trouble-shoot annoying noise coming from the front of his Volkswagen Jetta.

The Jetta is lifted for troubleshoot.

The worn drive shaft was the noisy culprit.

The failed driveshaft ceases to function as a dampener and it makes loud friction noises during drive.
Some of the common symptoms of a worn driveshaft:
-Clunking noise when you accelerate or shift between drive and reverse.
-Vibration when driving.
-Squeaking noise while driving.
-Loud and fast rattling noise.
-Difficulty in turning the car.

We repair it for optimum and safe driving pleasure and your car is ready within the same day.
The car was returned to the delights of Mr. Ang and feeling relieved to know that his Jetta is whisper-quiet on the road. As always, every car serviced at our garage gets a complimentary car wash and vacuuming of the interior.

Mr. Tan was having difficulty starting his Volkswagen Passat and he drove up to our garage for trouble-shooting.

Mr. Tan’s Volkswagen Passat arrived at Revol Carz Garage with engine start up issue.

The car is lifted for trouble-shooting.

A Fault code in our scan revealed a faulty fuel pump module as the possible cause of the issue.

A new Fuel Pump module (right) is ready for the exchange.
A faulty fuel pump module can upset the performance of your fuel system and causing the engine to starve for fuel under load. Symptoms such as:
1. poor engine performance,
2. hard starting,
3. poor idling,
4. hesitation,
5. stumbling on acceleration,
6. loss of power on high-speed.

Mr. Tan was very pleased to have his car returned within the day and looking great with our complimentary car wash and vacuuming of the interior.

Mr. Amit BMW 318i visited our workshop with concern having to see oil stains on the floor after parking.

Our experience BMW technician discover the leak from the flywheel oil seal.

The gearbox need to be dismantle before the flywheel oil seals replacement.

The flywheel connect between the torque convertor and the gearbox.

Can see the badly needed flywheel oil seal replacement.

Mr. Jeff Wee had recently replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs in his Volkswagen Touran by another workshop but that did not solve the persistent vibrations whilst driving. He then sought our second opinion for a solution.
In such circumstances, it is advisable to have your car diagnosed by professional mechanics.

The Volkswagen Touran is lifted for step-by-step close inspection to spot other probable issue that could contribute to the vibration.

Our precision scan read misfiring fault code relating to cylinder # 2, 3 and 4.

The fuel Injector replacement work is in progress.

Replacing the fuel injectors entails extensive dismantling works.

New original fuel injectors awaiting replacement.

Every car that is serviced at Revol Carz Garage is pampered with a complimentary foam car wash and interior vacuuming.

Replacing a dirty or plugged fuel injector in your car can fix a number of problems including rough idle, stuttering or slow throttle response.

Dirty fuel injectors can cause a whole host of problems such as misfiring, hard starting, stalling and hesitation that can lead to major engine damage if not diagnosed and replaced or repaired as soon as possible. 

Any avid fan of Volkswagen would rant about their experience with mechatronics failures

The term, “Mechatronics” derives from a combination of the words, “mechanics” and “electronics”.  

In the Volkswagen Scirocco, the mechatronics module is structured with the electronic transmission control unit, sensors and hydraulic control unit as one compact unit.

The clutch and gearbox units in the DSG are operated hydraulically. The function is performed by the gearbox mechatronics module housed in the DSG.

The Mechatronics module performs complex shifts operations.  The gearbox control communicates constantly with the engine control unit and the “communications” determines the ideal point at which to make a gear change.

In short, the Mechatronic components represent the brain of the gearbox DSG and can be installed independently of the gearbox.


It seemed inevitable that Mr. Tay’s Volkswagen Scirocco needed its mechatronics replaced.

First thing first! Have the Scirocco lifted for an overall check for other potential failing components before focusing on replacing the mechantronics.

New Original Mechatronics sitting at the right eagerly awaiting replacement.

Mechatronics replacement in progress.

We always do it right the first time, every time! The refreshed Sirocco was returned to Mr. Tay in a swift turn-around time within the day.

Mr. Ben ’s Volkswagen Golf A7 encountered headlights and signal-lights electrical haywire issue.

A systematic scan and tests were required on all probable sources to zero-in the causes.

Noted – no malfunction in the wiring. We should look into the other possible cause suggested in the scan.

Checking the fuse box to no other issue contributes to the module failure.

Satisfied that all the checks are completed and cleared, we replaced the J519 Module.

The car seems to be happy and refreshed after a complimentary foam wash with a super-clean interior after vacuuming.

Kelson’s drove his Volkswagen Golf to our workshop complaining about the air conditioner making him sweat under his collar.

Following extensive tests and investigations, it was narrowed down to replacing the air compressor. Kelson was pleased that he got his car back within the day.

The Volkswagen staggered to Revol Carz Garage ready for engine overhaul.

The customer’s interest is our top priority. We swung into action immediately so that the owner could get his car back sooner.

Shackles and lifting chains are ready and in place; ready to gently unseat the engine.

The engine has been professionally lifted onto the designated engine rack.

Overhauling a car engine entails extensive skilled works and precision performed by professional mechanics.

Part by part of the engine components is skillfully dismantled to reach every possible chamber.

The cracked piston is that little rascal.

Compare the repulsive worn piston (left) and awe at the cheerful brand new replacement.

For optimum desired results and performance, our professional team ensures every component is re-polished and perfectly cleaned.

Assembling of car components requires precision torque on each and every fastener.

The engine is now professionally restored with an official endorsement from our QC Team.

With the professionally rebuilt engine, the Volkswagen is ready to turn heads on the road with its dynamic performance.

Mr. Wong’s is concerned that his Passat is thirsty for frequent coolant top ups. He dropped by our workshop for a check.

Our Eagle eyed technician spotted coolant leaking from the coolant pump.

Out goes the failed coolant pump (left) and the happy sight of the new coolant pump (right) which is ready to switch places.

We put a smile on Mr. Wong’s face. His Volkswagen Passat Car is returned to him with warranty and a complementary car wash and interior vacuuming.

When your coolant pump begins to leak or becomes noisy, your car tends to overheat at low speed or idle. However, when you accelerate, the engine temperature drops.  Leaking water pump can result in damaging the drive, timing belt or cooling system.

Although it is not always indicative of a coolant pump failure, it is a good starting point to check the radiator hoses first.  If there is no leak and no pressure, it indicates the coolant pump is failing. Never attempt to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot lest you get third degree burn by boiling fluid.

The Volkswagen Golf’s antagonising noise from the gearshift had caused Salehim to divert to our garage for an inspection.

Undercarriage inspection commenced immediately with the car lifted.

This is the job for our Volkswagen Specialist Team. We found some issues with the double clutch in the gearbox.

The job is never too complex for our experienced team.

The replacement double-clutch assembly was promptly delivered to our garage.

Our clockwork precision and expertise, the double-clutch replacement job is accomplished on one attempt.

Mr Salehim is happy to drive off his Golf with silky smooth and whisper-quiet gear shift.

Angie was bewildered when her Volkswagen Passat suddenly lost power but she managed to drive to our garage for an investigation.

The smart diagnostic system reports, Misfiring detected in Cylinder No. 3’.

A new set of ignition coils (top) and spark plugs ready for replacement.

Angie was pleased that her Volkswagen Passat fixed in a jiffy and the complimentary car wash and interior cleaning added to her delights.

When Farina’s Volkswagen Beetle was here for an oil-change servicing she complained of an intermediate power loss.

Don’t mind we scan under the Beetle to see what is happening.

Our handy air detection tool zero-in an air-leak from one of the hoses.

We couldn’t help mollycoddling the overly cute Lemon Volkswagen Beetle indulging much attention with a complimentary spa.

Anna’s Volkswagen Golf arrives on schedule for an oil change servicing.

Taking meticulous steps to comprehensively inspect the car is an arduous servicing process; one that demands wells of experience in detecting potential component failure in the vehicle. Here our laser-eyed mechanic spotted a failing drive shaft.

The failing shaft is dismantled.

To a Volkswagen Specialist, replacing the shaft is accomplished within a quick turnaround time.

By the word of mouth, Miss Tan was recommended to us for car servicing.

She brought to our attention about the car gradually losing power.

The air filter should be regularly cleaned. Over-used and clogged filter are obviously restricting adequate air-flow thus hinders the engine combustion.

Replacing the fuel filter will improve the fuel consumption and regain engine power.

Mr Lee was overwhelmed that his Volkswagen Golf engine developed a serious overheating issue.

Conducting a thorough visual and technical inspection, we spotted evidence of oil leak relating to the thermostat.

The faulty, sludge-laden thermostat deprived the flow of coolant to the engine cooling system, hence overheating occurred.

Compare the bad and new thermostat and you’ll instantly welcome the replacement.

A complimentary car wash and interior cleaning is our small way of saying thank-you to the customer.

Mr. Wang’s Volkswagen was screaming for attention as the engine was overheating.

Our diagnostic scan system reports Coolant Fan was the issue. With the correct handset we can quickly diagnosis the actual cause of the issue.

Our Volkswagen Team effortlessly dismantled the failed coolant fans like a pro with the new parts ready to replace.

The Turbo Valve had also caused some mischief.

A new original replacement Turbo Valve (bottom) is ready to take over the reign.

Our Volkswagen Specialist Team celebrates the accomplished repair with a refreshing complimentary car wash and interior cleaning.

We welcome Mr. Lim’s Volkswagen Tiguan to our garage for a regular maintenance inspection.

The vehicle is lifted for 360-degree careful examination and scrutiny.

Our mechanics are trained to spot tell-tale sign of any irregularity like this leaked coolant pump.

The exhilarating sight of the new coolant pump ready to replace failed unit. 

We have the propensity to hand over the car back to the driver in absolutely refreshed condition. The car wash and interior cleaning is on the house.

The cacophony of clunking sounds from beneath Mr. Neo’s Volkswagen is not music to his ears.

First thing first. Our VW-team is assigned to carefully scrutinize the undercarriage for any clue.

Aha! Spotted the failing Control Arm Bushings.

Every time Alex drives over a road hump, his Volkswagen Golf protests with a loud thud.

Our testing all the absorbers, our Volkswagen Specialist Team noted one of the rear absorbers was worn and leaking oil.

Our part supply business partner was quick to deliver a new original absorber and the job was accomplished in a jiffy.

The repair work was wrapped up with a complimentary wash and interior cleaning.

Jimmy’s Volkswagen Golf has minor headlight issue.

The light bulbs tested were working okay however the high beam could not be activated.

Our Volkswagen guru confirmed that the high beam switch was faulty. We got it promptly replaced.

The customer was visually delighted to have his Volkswagen Golf back looking stunningly refreshed, gleam and super-cleaned.

Much to his chagrin, Kenny’s Volkswagen Jetta kept misfiring and tango all the way our workshop to seek help.

Consulting our ‘Crystal Ball’ aka our VCDS Fault Code Diagnosis, it reports several ignition conditions that caused the misfiring.

Faulty Ignition Coils is the primary cause of ignition misfiring. With all the ignition coils replaced, the engine recovers to purring whisper-quiet and silky smooth run.

Kenny got his car back in gleaming condition. Our complementary car wash and vacuum.

Jeffrey assumed his Volkswagen Touran gearbox had an issue when he had difficulty engaging.

First thing first. Let’s lift the car up to begin inspection.

We discovered the gear lever dislodged due to wear and tear.

A new lever awaits replacement.

Jeffery was overwhelmed that no gearbox overhaul was necessary and the repair cost was only a fraction of his estimate. We celebrated the job completion with a complimentary car wash and interior cleaning.

The abnormal noise coming from the engine got Henry anxious to send his Volkswagen Golf to our workshop.

The Golf goes up for a 360degree inspection.

As expected, it was the failed engine mountings that had created the knocking sounds.

New engine mounting assembly (top) has arrived promptly for the replacement.

Secondary part of the engine mountings (top) ready.

It is recommended to replace the gearbox mounting as well.

With the cover removed, we were able to access the locking system within.

Mohamed was exasperated that his car boot was jammed.

Our Volkswagen guru managed to open the boot to check the mechanism.

As expected, it was the failed engine mountings that had created the knocking sounds.

The issue was the faulty latch assembly which was swiftly replaced.

We gave the car some pampering with a complimentary deep wash and interior cleaning.

Mr Lim was referred to us for a normal car servicing routine.

As usual the car is hoisted up for a comprehensive check.

But what was not usual was the discovery of the leaking driveshaft.

Thankfully you spotted it was said by Mr Lim and we are glad to be able to spot it too.

A complimentary car wash and vacuum is done as usual before handling back the car to Mr Lim.

car servicing singapore

While driving home after a late night out, I felt some vibrations in my car and a warning lit up on my meter board.

Feeling distressed, I quickly texted Gavin to seek his advice. I was quite surprised that he responded immediately despite the late hour.

The next morning, I drove to his workshop to have my car checked. His friendly and competent team found that the issue lay with the engine pistons after some tests.

Initially, I was quite depressed to hear the word “engine overhaul” as I thought that it would set me back with a hefty repair bill. Gavin patiently explained the whole repair process to me and pointed out each part that needed to be replaced, and explained why it was necessary to repair the engine.

(I have encountered some workshop personnel who were easily offended when I asked them more questions regarding the repair!)

As expected, the engine overhaul was professionally done and delivered to me on time for my weekend drive with my family.

I was happy that Gavin kept me posted throughout the process of the repair. He also did a test drive to ensure that my car met their QC Standards, and was working satisfactorily, before returning the car to me.

I am happy that the total repair cost was precisely as quoted. My car now drives more smoothly and even with more torque. I’m relieved there is no more annoying jerkings and vibrations.

Based on my past experience with various workshops, I now affirm to be a long term loyal customer of Revol Carz Garage for their dedication, professional expertise and price transparency.

No hidden cost. No surprises. Thumbs up for the Great Job!

Mr. Liang / Volkswagen Jetta Owner
audi workshop

I am inclined to write this testimonial as a way of expressing my heartfelt gratitude to Gavin and his remarkable team at Revol Carz Garage for a great job of permanently resolved my car issues and saving me a huge sum of money too.

While I was driving along the MacPherson Road area recently, my ABS warning light came on. I panicked and promptly drove to the AD (Authorised Dealer) workshop in the vicinity for a check. The diagnosis revealed a faulty ABS pump. The gearbox overhaul was recommended due to auto transmission oil leakage.

The quotation by the AD was shockingly high so I contacted Gavin at Revol Carz Garage for a second opinion. After a thorough check by their professional team, it indeed pointed to the faulty ABS pump. Conversely what surprised me was that overhauling the gearbox was unnecessary as the oil leak could be resolved by just replacing two broken screws in the transmission housing.

The ABS pump was replaced promptly however when I left the workshop, I still had lingering doubts despite Gavin’s assurance that there was no need for the gearbox overhaul as opposed to the diagnosis at the AD. Several months had already passed since my car was back on the road. Indeed there was absolutely no more oil leak and my auto transmission has been faithfully running smoothly.

I found it rather rare to find a workshop like Revol Carz Garage for such professionalism and integrity. They place the customer’s interest first and offered me an honest quotation despite knowing the AD had quoted me so much higher. For that, they have saved me a whopping $6,000 plus.

I have nothing but praise and high regards for Gavin and his professional team. I shall definitely be your long term customer for many years to come.

Revol Carz Garage is highly recommended!

Mr. Roshen / Volkswagen Golf Owner

The team at Revol Carz Makeover workshop did an excellent detailing work on my decade old 2007 COE Renewed Volkswagen. I am very happy and impressed with the outstanding restoration and my car looks new like showroom condition. The ZeTough ceramic paint protection coating indeed put a lasting shine to my car.

Revol is one of the best detailers I know…affordable price and exceptional attention to every detail.

Mr. Eddy / Volkswagen Owner

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Detecting transmission problems early can prevent total engine breakdown and save you from spending thousands of dollars on repair. Let alone the additional distress and inconvenience you might face. Talk to our qualified team of technicians if you feel uneasy about your gearbox.


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