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VW Case Study 14 – Ben’s Volkswagen Golf A7 encountered headlamp and signal lights blackout

Mr. Ben ’s Volkswagen Golf A7 encountered headlights and signal-lights electrical haywire issue.

VW Case Study 13 – Mr Tay’s Volkswagen Scirocco

Any avid fan of Volkswagen would rant about their experience with mechatronics failures.  The term, “Mechatronics” derives from a combination...

VW Case Study 12 – Mr. Jeff Wee’s Volkswagen Touran 1.4l misfiring issue

Mr. Jeff Wee had recently replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs in his Volkswagen Touran by...

VW Case Study 11 – Alvin’s Volkswagen Passat has high pressure pump issue

Mr. Amit BMW 318i visited our workshop with concern having to see oil stains on the floor...

VW Case Study 10 – Mr. Tan’s Volkswagen Passat needs fuel pump module replacement

Mr. Tan was having difficulty starting his Volkswagen Passat and he drove up to our garage for trouble-shooting.

VW Case Study 9 – Mr. Ang’s Volkswagen Jetta front passenger side driveshaft replacement

If your car is emitting unusual sounds during drive, there could be many causes that an experienced mechanic is able to trouble-shoot.

VW Case Study 8 – Mr. Wong Kai Wei’s Volkswagen Jetta had an alternator replacement

Mr. Wong’s Volkswagen Jetta was flashing "battery" fault code. We advised him to drive to our workshop...

VW Case Study 7 – Ms. Rozi Volkswagen Scirocco engine emitted fault code

Ms Rozi was alarmed that her Volkswagen Scirocco flashed “Check Engine” warning code.

VW Case Study 6 – Lewis’ Volkswagen phaeton air matic issue

Lewis’ stunning Volkswagen Phaeton arrives at Revol Carz Garage with air-matic issues.The Authorized Dealer had earlier advised...

VW Case Study 5 – Cheryl’s Volkswagen Golf for ABS pump replacement

Is this scenario familiar to you? Ms Cheryl’s Golf flashed the "ABS Error" fault...

VW Case Study 4 – The Volkswagen Golf A7 belongs to Toto

Mr. Toto sends his Volkswagen A7 in for a scheduled oil change service.

VW Case Study 3 – Mr. Lek Volkswagen Passat control ARM bush replacement

A Volkswagen Passat with failing Control Arm Bushings pulled up at Revol Carz Garage today. Mr. Lek’s was concerned...

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