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Car Spray Painting and Touch Up Paint Service by Revol Carz Makeover

From scratches to heavy damage, we have worked on over 6,570++ cars with accident damage and restored them back to their original ‘as good as new’ condition using the latest in-house spray painting techniques and years of experience.

Our in-house repair specialists are skilled in paint respraying with 100% color-matching accuracy using Spies Hecker Paint Systems from Europe. There’s absolutely no color mismatching or botched jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a partial paint repair or full car body color change, we’re able to do it with our Paint specialists and Color professionals!

With over 17 years of experience and hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials in SGCarMart. We’re confident you’ll love the outcome.

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Toyota Mark X Damage
Toyota Mark X Damage - Before and After Repair

Toyota Mark X Rear Bumper Heavy Damage (Before and after) – Rear ended by Lorry Damage.

Before and After Bumper Damage

From Tight Carpark Scratch Damage.. to Perfect Reconditioned Surface

Our Spray Painting FEatures

Paint - Before and After

100% Color-Matching Paint Accuracy

No mis-matched colors on different panels – Guaranteed. Our advanced Paint Systems and years of experience from our in-house paint specialists ensures that the color calibration is done perfectly each and every time.

Spraypaint Specialists

Fully Owned and Managed In-House

We own and manage our own car spray painting facilities. We do not sub-contract the work out to others. This means the buck stops with us – complete with a high expectation that everything will be done to our exacting standards.


Our paint specialists have over 20 years of combined paint experience. Expect the highest quality of work from us.

We’re fanatics about perfection and a quality that we’re absolutely proud of.

Spies Hecker Logo

We use only the best car spray paint products in the world. By Spies Hecker.

Founded in Germany – Spies Hecker (Axalta Coating Systems) is one of the largest suppliers of refinish products, and began developing paints in 1882.

Spies Hecker is used by numerous OEM production facilities worldwide and is approved by various vehicle brands such as AudiBMWHondaJaguar, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Tesla and more.

With a large range of colors, our team can mix and match the original shade, tone and depth of your car’s original paint when it comes to an indistinguishable and meticulous repair respray – or a complete color change, including the engine bay.

Spray Painting examples

BMW 3 Series Wagon - Before and After

BMW 3 Series Wagon Door Panel Scrape Damage – From Accidental Reversing into a pillar to Restored Perfection

BMW 7 Series Repair

A careless driver hit this BMW 7 Series from behind… Restoration of Rear Bumper and Original Lights Replacement

Honda Vezel Paint Damage- Before
Honda Vezel Paint Repair - After

Honda Vezel Paint Damage to the front wheel arches – Before and after

Range Rover Color Change

Our Range Rover Customer was bored of white.. Had a front bumper replacement due to a minor accident and wanted British Racing Green. We did the full body paint respray (inclusive of engine bay and interior sections) in 10 days.

Spray Painting Prices

Our respray and damage repair rates provides the best value-for-money for best in class service.

Individual Panel Spray Painting

From 200 onwards

Panel Beating

From 50 onwards

Full Car Spray Painting

From 1300 onwards

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

1st Dent


2nd Dent


Subsequent Dents

10 per dent

Difficult to access or larger dents

Quote upon assessment

Our Service Guarantee

We want you to enjoy the work that’s done on your car.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the detail and quality of work – we will rectify it immediately without any additional costs or conditions.

We want you to be happy at the end of the day, and our team will strive to always do their absolute best to deliver.

Read our 375+ customer reviews on SGCarMart.

Revol Carz Satisfaction Guarantee

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How to Remove Paint Scratches and Spray Paint a Car

The owner of this stunning BMW X4 Sedan has no idea how the scratches got on to her rear door. How to Remove Paint Scratches and Spray Paint a Car

1. Before The ugly scratches that had ruined the good looks of the BMW X4.

2. Preparation Whether it is a big or small job, we have the door handles dismantled for that professional perfection in our spray-painting protocol. Absolutely no short-cuts are allowed.

3. Careful Polishing We do multiple rounds of skillful polishing and buffing until we bring forth the ultimate mirror finish. 

4. Final Touches At each finishing process, our laser-eyed craft-man scrutinizes and touches up the surfaces for any subtle imperfection such as trapped dust particles.

5. Polishing Again Our expertise and extra effort in the final polishing sets us apart from others.

6. Mandatory Car Wash The excellent spray-painting job is incomplete without a good car wash before handing over the car back to the owner.

7. Cleaning the Interior A super-clean interior compliments the beautifully restored paintwork.

8. After Beautifully restored to eye-catching mint condition.

9. Good as New With the stunning recovery, you can’t tell that the door had had a nasty scratch before.

Spray Painting FAQ

People often ask..

What does the spray painting process look like?

These are the basic steps we do every time we get a car for spray painting.

  1. First we inspect it carefully and mark the flawed areas.
  2. The next step is applying putty to even out the surface.
  3. The area then gets filed with sandpaper – the damage is avoided by choosing the right sandpaper texture.
  4. We apply the undercoat, let it dry, then file again.
  5. At this point, a thorough washing is required so there are no sediments left. This is also when we cover up the parts of the car that don’t require painting in order to protect them.
  6. After repeating all the above steps for each damaged area, we proceed to spray painting. We use a special booth for this to make sure none of the dust or debris particles end up on fresh paint.
  7. Polishing the car after painting makes the surface smoother and shinier and protects it additionally.
  8. As a final step, we wash your car and return it to you clean and ready for use!

How much does it cost to spray paint a car in Singapore?

Our spray painting services start from $200 per panel. This involves front and rear bumpers, side panels and doors. A full car spray painting can cost upwards of $1300, which involves any visible area of a vehicle. For a more accurate quotation, it’s best to call or send a photo so our paint specialists can review the necessary scope that needs to be completed.

When should I respray my car?

If you want to cover a scratch, you can come for a partial repair as soon as you notice it. It’s not necessary to bring your car for spray painting if only the lacquer layer got damaged, but if the scratch is bigger, you can contact us.

Why is it important to fix the scratches?

If you don’t respray the scratches as soon as you can, rust can start appearing at the damaged spot. If this happens, your car will need more work and it will cost more to fix the damage.

Can I paint my car myself?

As long as you’re confident you can do it right, nothing stops you from painting your car alone. However, if you value your time and your car and don’t want to risk anything, bring it to our professional team to handle it for you. Be aware that if you’re only going to do it one time, the tools you need to buy will likely exceed the price of a professional paint job.

Where are you located?

We have two locations:

10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #01-12 AMK Autopoint Singapore 568047 

Blk 42 Toh Guan Road East #01-75 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608583.

How can I get in touch with you?

For any questions, contact us at 6555-1181 for enquiry hotline and 6746-6281 for appointment hotline.

How long does a spray painting a damaged panel take?

Typically we can do it within 1 working days 8.30am to 6.30pm via appointment however depending on the affected surface and damage dented area, it may take longer

Spray painting case studies - partial and full spray painting

Case Study 1 – Mercedes Benz S400 Full Car Spray Painting

Many Mercedes owners developed undeniable emotional relationship with their cars. After all, the German Marque is said to be faithful, strong and reliable and built to last a lifetime.

It is easy to see why many are coddling their Benz with a new lease of life, giving a fresh coat of professional paint job at Revol Carz Spray painting See how we have brought back time with renewing the S400 beyond its showroom glory.

Day 1.
We ushered in the Grand VIP Mercedes S400 to our workshop as our eager team awaits to jump start the spray-painting protocol.

The first step is walking round the car and take note of surface defects that need repair.

The perspective of the S400 from afar may look fine but scuffs and dents are obvious on scrutiny.

The vehicle has to be completely disassembled before any restoration work can commence. After the initial overall inspection, the team leader gives the thumb up to start dismantling body parts.

Experienced mechanics know how to dismantle the parts correctly.

Any component that can be dismantled are skillfully removed.

The exterior wing mirrors are dismantled.

The whole tail-lamps are removed too.

Removing the door handles makes a world of difference in the final result.

Day 2. Professional sanding to remove the existing clearcoat.

Spending many hours in the preparation makes all the difference. The sanding process entails precision pressure and the moving speed on the surfaces.

The first round of sanding process is completed and awaits our Quality Control endorsement to proceed to the next process.

Further sanding is recommended. The painstaking process could take several hours.

Day 3. Refining Paintwork to remove existing defects such as stone chip scratches and uneven paintwork.

The level of skill to achieve a completely flat, deep and mirror-like finish must begin from the base of preparations. Our painter must have laser-sharp eye to be able to spot imperfections and correct them at this stage.

It could take many of hours of sand-and-feel process to achieve completely flat finish.

The seven-step colour-sanding human-hand touch process can take up to 8 to 12 hours per body panel.

Day 4. It is Masking Day. Preparation to mask for spray painting.

Masking techniques, tips and tricks that only the best professional know how to eliminate paint overspray and avoid ugly tape lines.

Applying masking tape under the edge to keep ending up in unexpected places.

This technique helps prevent paint blowing into the engine compartment.

Day 5. Full car spray painting inside the dust-free booth.

Our Spray-Painting Craftsman in action inside the spray booth.

Wearing protective apparatus, our mastery craftsman in many action hours inside the spray booth.

The painter is sharp-eyed on every nuance in the repainted surfaces.

Day 6. Touch up and polishing.

The newly painted car goes through intense bright lighting inspections that picks out every subtle blemish reflected on the surface for touch touch-up.

Assembling the door handles.

Assembling the door trims.

Day 7. Cleaning before delivery.

Touted as the Gold Standard in Full Car Respray by Revol.

The show-quality finish – an epitome of the fine craftsmanship of Revol’s professional works.

The polished headlamps are reinstated to perfection.

The super clean engine bay is detailed with finesse.

The refreshingly detailed interior compliments the glorious newly painted bodyworks.

The fiery bright tail-lamps polished and reassembled.

Our guys at Revol are phenomenal when it comes to turning your car to staggering showroom condition.

We never overlook nitty-gritties like polishing the tail-pipes.

The wheels get full restoration for the show finale.

We are passionate about giving your car the Gold Standard in professional Spray-Painting job that blows you away. Look no further than Revol Carz Spray Painting for the long-lasting results with warranty.

Case Study 2 – Volvo XC90 Panel Beating and Spray Painting

Nowadays, our land-scarce Singapore Republic has caused many car park lots to shrink smaller and narrower. Ironically, cars are getting larger in size – no thanks to the fuel efficiency technology that enables cars to grow bigger. 

The Volvo XC90 is an example of cars that come in the form of enormous size SUV. It could be challenging for the ‘giants’ to navigate the maze of tightly squeezed car parks.

A Volvo XC90 SUV had misjudged safe-distancing whilst navigating a narrow car park and got involved in an unwanted love-hate relationship with glazing a wall. It scratched the paint off the side of the car.
On a happy note, the SUV was delightfully restored at Revol Carz Spray Painting in minimal downtime.

The Volvo XC90 has been flawlessly restored to like-new condition with our professional craftsmanship.

The severity of the dents entails extensive effort and skills to reverse them.

Multiple rounds of careful grinding to reach the optimum surface level so that minimal putty is used which leads to the best and lasting results.

Getting back to the original body profile and curves without excessive putty is a challenge that only a skilled restorer could achieve.

Fine wet-sanding process helps to reach an optimal leveled surface that eliminates ripple appearance in the finished work.

Most Spray Painting Workshops skipped the additional PRIMER COATING process. Although it is extremely time consuming and tedious, this important step should never be skipped. Prime coats create more lasting results and against paintwork deformation.

At Revol Car Spray Painting, we strictly forbid compromised shortcut. That’s why we go an extra mile of wet sanding following priming. This is a time-consuming task that requires the professional skills. We earn people’s trust in Revol Carz Spray Painting in consistently delivering professional job.

Besides specializing in spray painting, our team must also acquire in the skill of good masking.

Arduous compound polishing process to bring out mirror-shine follows when the repainted surfaces are set.

The reiteration of close scrutiny for any blemishes for touch-up promises flawless results.

What sets Revol Carz Spray Painting apart from others is the added effort rendered by our Paint Protection Specialist in creating the mirror finished touch absolutely free of swirl-marks.

With the exquisite Winner’s look, our specialists deserve your accolades for the professional job well done!

The car interior is thoroughly cleaned before delivery.

The customer got goose bumps at the first sight of his blazing Volvo Xc90 car after repainting.
We know you’d feel elated too!

Case Study 3 – Audi A5 Spray Painting and Panel Beating

Awww shoot! The nice-looking Audi A5 doing in a tight dark car park and got itself a massive scratch whilst negotiating a tight corner?

Accident like this happens in a split second but takes days to restore the damage to a flawless perfection. See how we have restored the Audi A5 to even better-than-before condition.

Hold your breath! Be amazed by the flawless restoration performed by the skilful hands of our Masterclass Spray Painter!

Let’s go behind the scene to experience our art of restoration process.

Using dedicated tools of the trade, the damaged panel is painstakingly knocked back to its original shape with no ripple.

The restoration craft-man restoring the original curve to perfection. It takes many years of experience.

Repeated wet sanding with constant ‘feel-of-touch’ is the protocol to achieve the ultimate surface smoothness.

Professional spray painter like at Revol, we use superior quality masking papers for better results.

Our Master Class Spray painter is focused on his skills. You will note that we go an extra mile to spray up to the A pillar. This is to avoid joint line and unequal tone in our painting protocol.

Several costs are layered before our craft-master applies the clear coat finish followed by the oven bake process.

We take repainting the car seriously. No short cuts. Every car door handle is dismantled and repainted separately and vigorously polished for that professional finish.

The newly repainted line is cleverly blended A Standard protocol which is needed to polish to bring out the newly spray shine after oven baked.

You can’t blame our painters for being perfectionists. With laser-like scrutiny, they rework the surfaces with any subtle minute impurities like dust particles until reaching absolute perfection. This sets us apart from others.

Multiple rounds of polishing to reach the unequivocal level of mirror-finish with absolutely zero swirl marks.

The baptism of the refreshed car wash and interior cleaning is Revol service protocol before handing back to the customer. Everyone feels good to drive a refreshing clean car.

Revol Car Spray Painting is not just about repainting your car, we bring it to a new level beyond showroom condition. Awe at the breathtakingly renewed door handles! 

Gaze at our incredible craftsmanship that created the dazzling results beyond show-quality finish.

We can transform your car beyond your expectations too.

Case Study 4 – Mercedes Benz E200 Dented Restoration

Sometimes it just happens. Negotiating a tight corner and in a split of a second, your car kisses the wall.

The driver of the Mercedes Benz E200 had an unwanted kiss with the wall. It was an awkward moment and we too, felt his pain over the scuff stigma. The car was being restored to happiness at Revol Carz Spray Painting.

When it comes to accident damage restoration Revol ticks all the boxes for professional finish.

The first step is to reverse the dented area. This process requires Master-skilled panel beater for professional results.

The actual process is where our experienced panel beater knows where to adjust his techniques appropriately so that minimal putty is required.

Our craft-man with a lot of patience and high level of perfectionism is able to bring the blemish back to its original profile.

With the feel of touch and consistent gentle knocks, the craft-man will relent only when it is perfected.

The soft grit grinder enhances the leveling and hastens the process more efficiently before going to the puttying stage.

The puttying of the worked surfaces requires years of experience to be able to deliver the expected standards.

The Master-class Painter focused on spray-painting the car. Noticed all the door handles have been removed for that ideal finishing?

The next process is hard compounding.

Our laser-eyed scrutinizes the painted surface for any blemish that needs further touch-up sanding.

We go an extra mile to achieve a higher level of finishing that sets us apart from others.

Now, with fine polishing pads and ultra-fine compound, our craft-man adds a visceral punch to the final gleaming finish. 

In wrapping up the respraying process, we spruced up the interior and a car wash before delivery.

The Mercedes E200 is the embodiment of a flawlessly restored masterpiece with which we celebrate with blessing of a refreshing shower.

Case Study 5 – Rear Car Boot Dented Restoration and Spray Painting

The Porsche Cayenne S accidently reversed into a pillar resulting a dent in the bumper.

The driver was oblivious of an obscured pillar hidden in the blind spot when backing his Porsche Cayenne S into a parking lot.

Our specialist sets to work promptly with repairing the dent.

Then, for a professional finish and ensuring a lasting result, minimal putty is applied.

The process is repeated until the surface is perfectly smoothened and leveled.

After the primer is set and sanded, masking begins to ensure paint particles do not get to unwanted area.

The vehicle is moved to our dust-free spray-painting oven booth where our master-class painter shows off his skills.

With steady, skillful hands, our expert gives perfect and even layers of lacquer finish.

When the paint is fully cured, we moved to the next stage of compound polishing for that mirror-shine finish. 

Our dedicated team giving a flawless, professional finishing touch.

The vehicle receives a thorough cleaning before delivery to the owner.

Revol Carz Spray Painting is committed to deliver the highest quality finish that looks like showroom new!

Customer Testimonials

Anthony Honda Civic

Mr. Anthony’s Review

“.. I have decided to entrust my car to Revol Carz Makeover for a full car spray painting and paint protection services after meeting Marcus as I could sense a high quality service commitment when Marcus immediately agree to my request of helping me to arrange a rental car usage during the spray painting job.

Collection date was on time as promised and I could really see a huge difference when the paintwork is properly groomed up by Revol after spray painting.

It is just like collecting a brand new car with the paintwork giving out a deep wet glowing shine and the interior seats, door panel, engine bay dashboard were cleaned thoroughly. Especially the rims were back to its new shiny look with all brake dust removed completely spotless!

I would not hesitate to recommend Revol Carz Makeover to anyone who wishes to do their spray painting and paint protection for their car.

Well done Marcus and Revol Carz Makeover Team!”

John Ng Review

Mr. John Ng’s Review

“..Revol Carz Makeover had done a marvelous job in restoring my car back to its showroom condition.Was very impressed with their respraying services too as I cannot notice any difference in colour between spray panel and original panel. Prefect interior detailing and cleaning completed my “New Car” feel.

Thanks guys for your excellent effort and will definitely recommend your services to all my friends.

Revol Carz Makeover had done a marvelous job in restoring my car back to its showroom condition.Was very impressed with their respraying services too as I cannot notice any difference in colour between spray panel and original panel. Prefect interior detailing and cleaning completed my “New Car” feel.

Thanks guys for your excellent effort and will definitely recommend your services to all my friends!”

Ms Umi Ainman’s Review

“..I am a new car owner and had my car bonnet dented by unknown party.

The fact that my car is just a few months old, I was angry, dishearten and at a total loss.

While I was searching the Internet to find a solution for my car I came across your website Revol, then I decided to send my car in. I am very impressed for the professional advises provided to me during assessment. (Panel beating; re spraying; dents removal; scratches removal; paint protection)

Personally I feel them as a whole; a business founded upon integrity, diligence, reliable to deliver quality workmanship as promised.

From my experience, the professionalism services and impeccable car grooming finishing shown by Revol is guaranteed and it is definitely something which you cannot experience from most car grooming businesses.

Thanks to Revol for providing a professional advice and personal guidance attention with a reasonable rate offered to return my car back to its showroom condition.

I am one of the satisfied customers and will definitely stick to your company services onwards.”

About Revol Carz

Revol Carz - Entrance - Audi workshop - BMW workshop - Mercedes-benz workshop - Volkswagen workshop

Founded since 2003, Revol Carz has grown from a 2 men setup as mobile car groomers to a multi-disciplinary service leader in Professional Car Care. 

Revol Carz has won multiple awards such as ‘SGCarMart Star Merchant‘ awards for 8 consecutive years, and numerous accolades for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

For more details, read about Revol Carz’s History.