Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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BMW 750i for Rear suspension replacement

BMW 750i sent in our workshop for Rear suspension checking. And replaced with the original BMW Air matic and Air Pump.

Another BMW car has been restored back the beauty from a road accident.. Call us anytime for assistance!

Motor car accident happens when you are the least expecting it.  A careless split second of distraction on the road could jolt you to...

Another BMW 320i came for car battery replacement

At Revol Carz Garage, we assure our customers that every car battery replaced by us is properly installed with the important battery registration coding...

It’s a full house Monday again!

Hello Monday! We see more cars checking-in and our professional team are ready to serve you guys😊. Have a...

A BMW 318I arrived for alternator replacement

The alternator (which is bolted to the engine block) is a belt-driven electrical generator that maintains the battery in the state of charge.

A BMW 740Li shows up for faulty air-conditioner diagnosis.

The owner of the BMW 740Li perspired profusely when he drove up to Revol Carz Garage complaining that his car air-conditioning was blowing torturing...

A Mercedes Benz 350L arrived for diagnosis of misfiring and engine stalling issues.

If your car is misfiring, jerking or engine keeps stalling, these symptoms are pointing to a faulty ECU (Engine Control Unit).

A BMW740Li arrives with problems of water-corrosion in the mechatronic module and battery tray.

Make it a habit to check your car boot rubber if worn to prevent water from seeping into the battery compartment.

AUDI A5 Engine Overhaul

Your car is probably ageing and the old engine needs an overhaul when it excessively consumes lubrication oil and white smoke bellowing in the...

BMW 520i -EKPM Fuel Pump Control Module issue

Early this morning, a beautiful looking BMW 520i showed up discharging from a tow truck as we rolled up our garage shutters for the...

A BMW 520i arrived with mechatronics failures.

MECHATRONICS” derives from a combination of the words, “mechanical” and “electronics”. In the BMW’s design of the Automatic Transmission, for example, it...

A Volkswagen Golf A7 arrived for engine misfiring issue

Hi Everyone, If your car’s engine stalls or misfires, it may be symptoms pointing to a faulty or failing ECM. An illuminated Check Engine...
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🔥Day 4 : Our Specialists Meticulously Removing any Imperfections

🔥Day 4 Following up on the Honda Civic which was in for a full spray painting. In order to remove any imperfections...

A Chic and Savvy Yellow Honda Jazz arrived today for ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

A chic and savvy yellow Honda Jazz arrived today for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating, SGS tested and certified with 9H scratch...

Presenting the OPEL GRANDLAND X after ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating

A new Opel Grandland X arrives at Revol Carz Makeover to experience an ultimate makeover with value-for-money ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating...

In just one day the scratches of your car can be removed depends on the damages. Please call us anytime for assistance!

Our services range from panel beating, spray painting, collision repairs, car servicing and components repair to car accident insurance claims repair.