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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Blog

Our collection of ceramic coating paint protection updates and case studies will show you how we can keep your car’s paint surface gleaming over time and prevent damage from bug splatters and stone chips.

Spectacular outlook of this Mercedes Benz E200

Make your car’s bodywork pop and come to life with ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection, just like this spectacular looking Mercedes Benz E200! This beauty is boasting of a brighter car shine in better-than-showroom condition👌 Sincerest thanks to Mr. Tan for entrusting his beloved with Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for […]

This beautiful BMW 420I is now protected

Whether your car is new or used, it deserves the very best long-term care and protection. Our Team will ensure it stays beautifully charming and in best condition throughout your ownership. Thank you Mr. Lemuel for entrusting your astounding BMW 4 series with Revol Carz Makeover and for choosing ZeTough Titanium as your preferred paint […]

A Good Turnout Of Cars Queuing For A Zetough Paint Protection Service!

It’s half way through the week and a good weather to start the day as good as the turnout of cars queuing up for a dose of ZeTough Paint Protection for long lasting protection and showroom finish throughout your ownership!

This brand new Mazda 3 with Ultimate Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Getting a new car? Have it protected with our ZeTough – the toughest paint protection with long lasting shine, scientifically engineered for new and used cars. This brand new Mazda 3 just had a dose of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection now looking more stunning than ever with its better-than-showroom condition look and feel! Complete with […]

Superb glossy look of this BMW 5 series!

Mr. Sarab came to our workshop with his handsome BMW 5 series after witnessing how ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection have worked for his previous car. Thank you so much Mr. Sarab for entrusting Revol Carz Makeover once again with your beloved and rest assured we will be ensuring the showroom shine stays throughout your ownership! […]

This Stylish Mercedes Benz C200 Protected With Long Lasting Protection With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

Brighten up and protect your car’s paintwork! This stylish Mercedes Benz C200 came to our AMK Autopoint workshop for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection to achieve showroom finish and long lasting protection. Heartfelt thanks Mr. Daniel for engaging with Us for your paint protection services!

Start The Fresh Week To Pampered Your Car With Zetough Paint Protection Service!

Monday is the fresh start to the week. Let’s set our pace for a productive and meaningful working week for at Revol Carz Makeover, we always think of ways to ensure our Team stays productive and deliver great professional results💪 Have a lovely day ahead!

This Good-Looking Mercedes Benz CLA180 Now Protected With Titanium Paint Protection Coating!

We are very thankful to Mr. Jeremy for making ZeTough Titanium as his preferred choice of paint protection for his car, a good-looking Mercedes Benz CLA180! Not only will he enjoy a totally clean and protected interior but most importantly having a protective Titanium Coating which enable his car to stay clean, glossier, and protected […]

An Arrival Of This Stylish Mazda 3 For An Ultimate Grooming With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

We have the arrival of this stylish Mazda 3 in our Toh Guan branch for an ultimate grooming topped with our award winning ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating for long lasting protection wash after wash after wash! Biggie thanks Mr. Charles for choosing Revol Carz Makeover for your paint protection services!

A Touch Of Titanium Paint Protection Coating For This Mazda 6!

Mr. Chua is very satisfied with what ZeTough Titanium paint protection have delivered that he decided to send again his Mazda 6 Sedan to Us once again! Thank you Mr. Chua for your trust and continuous support in Revol Carz Makeover! Why do so many car owners opt for ZeTough Paint Protection and Revol Carz […]

A Regal Treatment With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating For This Mazda 3!

Want your showroom shine to last for years to come? Have a Premium ZeTough treatment at Revol Carz Makeover! This Mazda 3 boasts of a much brighter shine with a protected paintwork after a regal treatment of ZeTough Ceramic paint protection, backed with 3 years warranty. Many thanks to Mr. Surya for your trust in […]

Have A Clean And Well Protected Ride With Our Renown Zetough Paint Protection Coating!

At Revol Carz Makeover, We highly value our customers’ needs and interests. Your convenience matters to us, hence for our busy car owners, you’ll be delighted to know that we are open on Sundays! Planning to have a clean and well protected ride over the weekend? Give us a call @ 65551181 for a guaranteed […]

A Wonderful Sunday With Various Wonderful Car Makes For Zetough Paint Protection Service!

‘Tis a wonderful Sunday at our Ang Mo Kio workshop filled with various wonderful car makes all set to be armored with our Premium ZeTough Paint Protection for irresistible gloss and maximum protection that lasts for years! Get a complete peace of mind with ZeTough’s robust and long-lasting performance too! Contact us @ 65551181 for […]

Bring out the brilliant shine of fine-looking Audi A6!

Bring out the brilliant shine of your car with long lasting protected paintwork with ZeTough! And that’s what Ms. Victoria did after deciding to engage with Us and send her fine-looking Audi A6 for a Premium ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection treatment. Now ready to hit the road with a “WOW” showroom shine! Deepest gratitude Ms. […]

An Impressive Mercedes Benz E200 Now Protected With Titanium Paint Protection Coating!

An impressive Mercedes Benz E200 now boasting of a remarkable glossy look and enriched protected paintwork after a Premium ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection treatment. Sincerest thanks Mr. Nelson for your support and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating offers you […]