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We only use original BMW replacement parts, engine oil according to factory specifications. Fully Equipped with BMW Diagnostic Tools and Repair Tools – Original parts with little waiting time.

If you’re still thinking of where to service your BMW in Singapore.. you’ve come to the right place at Revol Carz Garage!

25 Years of Experience

Specialist in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen

How Are We Different?

We’re a BMW Servicing Center and European specialist servicing workshop with a long history and the expertise that allows us to provide accurate diagnosis that saves you money and valuable time.

BMWs under repair


Our team is comprised of seasoned mechanics with more than 25 years of experience. They will check for problems in your BMW using the latest version of Diagnostic tools.

This is our way to make sure that you get an accurate diagnosis without making you pay for parts you don’t need. It also helps us reduce the repair time so you can get your car back in no time.



Our workshop will never surprise you with a shockingly big repair bill when you come to collect your car.

We have a policy that guarantees pricing transparency so you can know how much you’ll pay in advance. We also won’t do the work until we get your consent and all repair jobs in our workshop come with warranty.

BMW Repair Specialist by Revol Carz
BMW Garage and Repair


We know that you love your BMW.

Our team is passionate about cars and our jobs. In case the replaced part doesn’t solve the problem you have, we don’t charge you for it.

We absolutely believe in the utmost integrity and honesty and it’s important to us to be the place where you can solve your car problems.


We always put in extra work and do rigorous quality checks. Plus, all the repair work we do is backed by the warranty. This is the secret behind our growth over the years.

Original BMW Diagnostic Tools

BMW Service Details

BMW 3 Series on Hoist

We provide quality car parts at transparent prices.

You will always know how much you’re paying as our service prices are fixed and transparent.

You can come and get a free diagnostic check for your BMW before you decide if you want to service your car. Our car servicing prices start from just $128.

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At Revol Carz Garage, car servicing is never a quick and simple thing. The vehicle problems are often complex and come from several accumulated problems, so the proper diagnostics is crucial.

Our staff will do rigorous checks to figure out the exact problem with your car.

BMW 5 Series Repair
BMW Servicing


If you notice your car temperature rising, it may be due to a faulty air compressor or simple wiring issue. We will check it out for you and make the needed repairs.

You can also come to us if you notice warning lights on your dashboard.


Prevent engine breakdown and save money by bringing your car to us to detect the transmission problems early as they arise. This will save you from the later headache and inconvenience.

Our experienced team of BMW technicians will give you all the info you need about your gearbox.

Engine Overhaul
Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists


Our professional team of technicians, mechanics, and experts in body restoration will make your car look as good as new. Let us give it back its showroom shine and fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

If you need it, the process of accident repair and insurance claim will go smoothly and without stress.

Come to our BMW Service center to get a free diagnostic check and your quote today!

Car diagnostic is done with a computerized scan, so we’re sure everything is checked thoroughly.

You will get a comprehensive, 36-point safety check for oil leakage and wear and tear on your car. This will tell you if your car is in the best working condition. 

All repairs in our workshop come with a complimentary car wash.

We’re here if you need assistance with motor car insurance claims.

Ticking, knocking sounds or dashboard warning light on your BMW?
We know (and can fix) the most common problems BMW owners face on a daily basis.

BMW Service Testimonial by Mr. Zuraimi

car servicing singapore

I have been to lots of car repair workshops. Before Revol, I often met workshop owners or mechanics who had an attitude. At times, I was not even given advice on what needed to be done immediately, or told which items could be replaced at the next car servicing. I have often been surprised by the high repair bill.

This professional bunch from Revol Carz Garage changed my view of car workshops with their friendly and willing to listen attitude! I was constantly updated about my car repair status and given options, based on the cost of each item, before the repair was done. I would say that the repair bill from Revol Carz Garage is one of the most transparent. The price quoted is what was stated on the final bill. Their impressive service includes arranging a rental car for me at extremely reasonable rates, which I believe is way below market rates!

Most importantly, the car repair was extremely well done and my high engine oil consumption problem is finally solved. Now, I really enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving my BMW. Thanks Gavin and the Revol Carz Garage Team!

Mr. Zuraimi / BMW Owner

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Revol Carz BMW Service Center

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Address: 10, #02-18 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, AMK Autopoint, S568047 568047

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BMW Servicing FAQ

People Also Ask

Newer BMW should service every 12,500Km or at least once a year. Aged BMW should service every 10000km or at least once a year to ensure your car is always in its optimum condition.

Engine oils differ from model to model due to the viscosity (thickness) of the oil. Oil formulations are revised by BMW every few years based on new engine designs and emission requirements, fuel types and quality. The best place to look in is actually into the BMW Owner’s manual to see which suits your vehicle.

There’s no one-type-fits-all engine oil, however, we can use the same engine oil specification for your model when you bring it in for servicing. We carry over 15 different grades of BMW engine oil.

In general, a good practice guideline is to replace your engine oil every 10000km or at least once a year before the engine oil viscosity breaks down. There are other factors to also consider for example – a car’s age and the way it was driven.

Some owners who drive their car a bit more aggressively tend to replace their oil every 6,000 to 7,000km.

Brake pads are recommended to be replaced every 20,000 km.

If your BMW is equipped with the latest iDrive System; From the main screen, scroll to ‘Vehicle Information’, then ‘vehicle status’, and then ‘service required’. From this menu, you will be able to scroll through a list of options including things like ‘engine oil’, ‘vehicle check’, and ‘front brake pads’. Simply select the option you’d like to check and the vehicle will give you a status on the selected option.

If not you can check your vehicle’s need for service status by using the instrument cluster located behind your steering wheel to access the menu change, push the button to cycle through your service options and see which ones are green.

If you hear any sounds or squealing noises from your brakes or any difficulty (e.g. less responsive braking) when you’re coming for a stop, it is advisable to bring it to a garage to have a check as well.

Most current BMW car models will be equipped with an engine oil level sensor and you should only top up when the oil level low indication pops up.

Take note that you could be facing an engine oil leak if you need to top up engine oil in between your service interval.

A good practice is to replace your spark plugs at 60,000km interval to prevent misfiring to the engine combustion. The benefits of spark plugs help to regulate and ensure optimal combustion – affecting important factors such as fuel economy, smoother starts and acceleration.

If your fuel economy starts to suffer or your car is misfiring, it could be due to your spark plugs and may be an early sign to replace them. This may also be a sign if you find your car hard to start. The good news is that spark plugs tend to have a long life span of around 100,000 miles so replacing them isn’t a regular affair.

Basic items like Air filter and microfilter will be replaced during your car service if needed

Any other wear and tear item will be informed by our BMW trained specialist during a comprehensive full diagnostic scan using BMW handset and physical check detection

We recommend replacing your BMW air filter at every 20,000km to ensure good constant air-flow to allow better engine combustion with better fuel efficiency.

A microfilter is located within the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) that helps to trap 80% of pollutants in your cabin such as dust, bacteria, allergens, traffic and exhaust fumes, including pollen. BMW recommends changing the cabin filter every 19,000 to 24,000km.

The filter traps harmful contaminants using either electrostatic charge or activated charcoal.

Yes you can always request it during car servicing and it is free with every car servicing session. Just ask us what other features you would like to enable/disable and we can check if it’s possible to do so.

It will be recommended to replace your brake fluid with a complete brake flush at every 40,000lm or 2 years whichever comes first.

A normal engine oil change will take around 2 hours or so if no other wear and tear is needed for urgent attention.

Different BMWs have different engine oil capacity and our rates start from $148 depending on the engine oil capacity and volume needed.

Once your car has arrived into our servicing workshop. It will undergo a comprehensive BMW handset diagnostic scan to detect any error codes within the On-Board Computer (OBC). We will also raise your BMW on a hoist to check that there are no coolant leakages, worn-down hoses or seals.

All servicing sessions come with a complimentary car wash and vacuum from the Revol Carz team.

Yes all BMW car model will automatically have their service interval and records updated as part of the car servicing protocol job scope

BMW Service Light can be reset by our BMW original handset however it will be better to do a scan to understand the service light before resetting to ensure no underlying problem is undetected

Common wear and tear items include front and rear brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades. Other items are engine mountings, power steering hoses, water pumps, and top hose.

If your car has crossed 100,000 mileage, pay attention to items such as the expansion tank, radiator system, thermostat, and water pump. Items in the fuelling system consist of the charcoal system, fuel filter, and fuel pump. These items tend to wear after prolonged exposure to heat (from the engine) and overall use.

Yes, we do not start any major repairs or work without your full consent and permission. We will call you to explain and detail all of the work necessary prior to starting any form of work. All necessary repairs will be itemized and detailed accordingly. We guarantee no surprises or nasty bill shock.

BMW Engine Servicing, Overhaul and Repair Case Studies

Bring your BMW in for partial or full servicing –  we can replace common wear and tear items such as Engine oil, Cabin Air Filter, Aircon Filters, Sensors, Oil Sump replacement, Seal replacement, engine Overhaul for all Models and variants.



Case Study 1 – Miss Elizaveta’s BMW 750i Saloon – Rear Air Matic Absorber, Air Matic Pump

Miss Elizaveta’s BMW 750i Arrived at our BMW servicing center and specialist workshop to check on rear suspension sinked.

Our BMW specialist team get it inspected and confirmed the air pressure loss in the worn air matic.

Our BMW specialist get them removed professionally.

Replaced with the original BMW Air matic and Air Pump

Complimentary car wash and vacuum done!

Unlock more success stories below by clicking on each section.

Mr. Lim BMW 520i having air con not cold and many including Mr. Lim might thought it is the air con compressor.

With BMW original handset, our BMW specialist are able to narrow down accurately and nail down the issue.

We replaced the Blower motor resistor and the air con is back to its usual coldness.

Extra tips do check on your air con blower cover during every car servicing to ensure it is not worn else unwanted dirt will trap inside the air con filter.

At Revol Carz Garage, you can be sure we always have your interest in mind!

Car returned to Mr. Lim with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Nick BMW 135i was having an engine check light and needed a car servicing too! 

The engine check light is on.

At times even with a BMW original handset, you still need BMW experience to ensure we nail the issue accurately to prevent unnecessary replacement.

The engine check light is trigger when there is irregular air fuel ratio mixture, hence our experience BMW specialist detected the air leak from one of the turbo air hose.

During our full safety check, we also discover the wiper pump bush is faulty too and we get them replaced as well.

Car returned to Nick with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Dennis BMW X3 come over for car servicing with complain of power loss at times.

After scan, it revealed the air mass sensor is having issue. But we also discover a FRM fault code registered which in normal cases indicate the FRM is faulty.

We replaced the air mass sensor as it is revealed it is having issue.

But for the FRM module, we open it up and do a testing and we discover it did not have any abnormality, hence we cleared the faulty code and placed it back.
Having fault code does not mean it is necessary spoil but could be trigger by other linked action
At Revol Carz Garage, we always have your interest in mind!

Like reminding you to replace your air con filter when it’s badly needed!!!

Mr. Clarence BMW 520i complained vibration during cold start and also while driving.

Our BMW specialist hoisted the car and checked the usual engine mounting and gearbox mounting.

Replaced the sinked engine mounting.

And the worn gearbox mounting.

As Clarence car is reaching a 5 years mark hence battery replacement is done as well to prevent the car not able to start.

Always take note it is a MUST to perform an IBS registration after battery change to ensure the algorithm is being reset back to optimal charging voltage for the specified battery to prevent overcharging.

Eugene BMW x5 was having an engine fault.

Engine fault displayed on the screen.

Our BMW specialist diagnosed an oil pump failure.

An engine haul will be need to ensure the full performance of the car.

The BMW N55 engine is being brought down swiftly by our BMW specialist.

The attached is the BMW x5 gearbox.

The engine overhaul begins.

The N55 timing chain.

More stripping are needed to ensure the engine piston rings are able to removed and replaced.

Now you can see the N55 BMW piston here.

When we say engine overhaul we are serious to ensure all carbon are being cleaned off to ensure a brand new engine feel which we stripped bare to the block.

And we meant it with thoroughly washing.

The main culprit oil pump replacement.

Professional installation with warranty assured.

Car returned back to Eugene with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum.

Mr. Lawrence drop by our workshop with signs prompting to top up engine oil.

Our BMW specialist discover the engine oil level sensor have worn and engine oil is leaking which caused it having issue.

We replaced the engine oil level sensor and all works fine now.

Lawrence car battery is close to 5 years and we get it replaced with BMW original Battery as well before it have issue starting.

Always take note it is a MUST to perform an IBS registration after battery change to ensure the algorithm is being reset back to optimal charging voltage for the specified battery to prevent overcharging.

Car returned to Mr. Lawrence with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Kenneth came to us for car servicing after his warranty ended from PML with some engine oil leakage rectification.

Oil sump leak.

Flywheel and torque convertor oil seal leak.

Oil sump cover needs to be removed before the replacement of the oil sump gaske.

That is how a BMW 520i oil sump looked like if you have not seen it before.

The gearbox must be dropped down in order to replace the flywheel oil seal and torque convertor oil seal.

Torque convertor oil seal replacement.

New flywheel oil seal fitted.

Professional installation with warranty assured.

Mr. Eric BMW 5 series came to us with a parking brake fault code at our BMW servicing center on fine morning.

It shows the parking brake failure.

With BMW original handset we diagnosed the left parking actuator that is faulty.

We replaced with a brand new BMW actuator.

Car returned to Mr. Eric with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Chia BMW 316i came to our workshop with a heavy steering wheel.

In normal cases, replacing a wheel speed sensor will be able to resolve the job but for Mr. Chia case will need to replace the abs pump control unit.

Fault code reveal the non-usual wheel speed sensor fault code but he abs pump control unit.

Replaced the BMW abs pump and did a coding into the ecu system.

Car returned to Mr. Chia with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done

Mr. Amit’s BMW 318i visited our workshop with concern having to see oil stains on the floor after parking.

Our experience BMW technician discover the leak from the flywheel oil seal.

The gearbox need to be dismantle before the flywheel oil seals replacement.

The flywheel connect between the torque convertor and the gearbox.

Can see the badly needed flywheel oil seal replacement.

Car returned to Mr. Amit with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Kelvin’s BMW 535i visited our bmw servicing center workshop for engine oil leakages issue.

We hoisted up the car and discover the engine oil sump is leaking.

The engine oil sump leaking traces.

The metal oil sump have to be removed before we can replace the oil sump gasket.

This is how the BMW 535i oil sump look like after the cover is begin removed.

Our company protocol is to wash every oil sump cover after it have been removed.

Kenneth sent in his BMW 520i for car servicing with slightly high than usual engine temperature.

Our eagle sharp eyes technician detected the worn fan belt and also the need to replace the coolant pump and thermostat which caused the usual high engine temperature.

Replaced the new coolant pump.

And the fan belt and tensioner too as if the fan belt break the car will be in a stalled mode.

Car returned to Kenneth with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Jackson’s car came to our workshop with unusual sound coming in the front.

We detected front absorber was losing pressure from the oil leakage.

And after a careful inspection due to the prolong uneven drive the anti-roll bar also need to be replaced in order to ensure no more sound in the front.

The new and used front absorber set.

New and used anti roll bar replacement.

Car returned to Jackson with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Su visited us for car servicing and also mention see lots of white smoke appearing in the rear.

With years of experience we narrow down and checked the oil separator which indeed is the culprit.

The new oil separator replacement.

Rear brake disc replacement is needed too.

With rear pad replacement too.

Car returned to Mr. Su with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Mr. Boo BMW 520i come to our workshop for car servicing and auto transmission fluid replacement.

The auto transmission oil pan is being replaced as well.

When reaches a higher mileage it is not a bad idea to replace the Engine Oil Cooler as a preventive measure.

Auto transmission Oil cooler is recommended to replace during the 2nd round of auto transmission fluid.

It is the mechatronic aka BMW gear control unit if you have not seen it before.

Mr. Alan’s BMW 640i is having a misfiring visited our workshop.

After checking, our experience BMW specialist confirmed the timing gear screw is having issue and work begin swiftly.

As expected the aluminum screw from the timing gear have broken and hence explain the misfiring due to irregular engine timing.

The new version however have recognized the problem and have been changed to metal screw which will not break so easily.

BMW Special tools is needed to reset back the engine timing variation.

As usual of our company protocol, we will wash clean the valve cover after removing it.

Car returned to Alan with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

Royton sent his BMW 740i to our workshop with a transmission fault code.

Transmission fault code appearing on iDrive.

Our BMW specialist team swiftly proceed to beings works of the Mechatronic replacement.

This is the BMW and the old mechatronic if you have not seen it before.

Can see the difference between the new and used BMW mechatronic.

Car returned to Alan with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

A BMW 520i arrives at Revol Carz Garage with mechatronics failures.

The car is lifted to access the mechatronics in the transmission box.

As the car left not many months to go we are confident to replace the just the mechatronic instead together of the valve body.

Mechatronics overhauling works in progress.

Old and new mechatronics plates lying side by side.

Valve body pistons awaiting replacement.

Mechatronics overhaul is successfully completed.

A BMW 730i arrives at Revol Carz Garage for a total gearbox overhaul.

Extensive cleaning works begins

The car is lifted for 360 degree undercarriage safety inspection.

This is how the ultra-cleaned interior of the gearbox looks after careful cleaning.

The whole gearbox is systematically dismantled from the car.

Here is another section of the gearbox after cleaning.

Components inside the gearbox are professionally dismantled.

The packing and repair kits are on standby for replacement. At Revol Carz Garage.

The old and new Mechatronic components sit side by side waiting for replacement.

The replacement of Mechatronic components in progress.

The Mechatronic components are now successfully installed.

A BMW X3 came to our workshop with air conditioning problems. A faulty car air conditioner can be difficult to diagnose and repair.

We lifted the BMW X3 to carry out a routine undercarriage safety inspection and preventive maintenance also.

Minor leaks of refrigerant in the air conditioning system are normal. However if the leak increases over time, you should consult your mechanic promptly.

Many of the modern models have external filters to keep the dust particles from reaching inside the car. But with time, these filters can get clogged and reduce the air flow. Good maintenance is making sure the filters are cleaned or replaced at regular intervals, especially if we live in a dusty place.

In the case of this BMW X3, we had to dismantle the dash board and steering wheel to replace the damaged parts.

The car air-conditioner gets a lot of usage but we may not think much about the compressor working overtime to bring us cool comfort.

The compressor does exactly what the name implies. It compresses refrigerant and sends it to your car’s air condenser.

A new original cooling coil at the right is ready for replacement. We don’t compromise on the quality of replacement parts.

All the parts are sensibly assembled back to its original positions with precision. It is also important that having a profession to fix back the parts carefully to prevent any unwanted loose noise.

After all the repair works are completed, we also provide a complimentary car wash and vacuuming of the interior.

A BMW X5 arrived at Revol Carz Garage.

The vehicle is lifted for repair works followed by thorough safety inspection.

The inexperienced technician from other workshop failed to place back the protective cover properly. The carelessness caused rain water to seep in and damaged vital electronic components.

Rain water flooded the battery compartment causing severe damages.

A rusted and damaged HKL Circuit Board model was damaged by water seepage.

The DME circuit board module was also damaged by water contamination.

The BMW had to be towed to our workshop as its automatic gears were failed to engage.

The transmission fault code is displayed.

Replacement of the auto transmission sensor includes replacing the auto transmission fluid and filter.

Resolving the gearbox issue promptly within the same day is as exhilarating for us as for the customer.

This feature ensures the vehicle offers a consistent height and maximum comfort ride.
Air suspensions however, are subjected to wear and tear over the years.

Some car owners may experience tilting or uneven level when the car is parked.

Some totally worn out air suspension will have error message displaying.

Can you see the difference between the new and used air suspension?

After replacement of the air suspension, we are glad the beautiful 7 series had revived its original comfort driving.

Car wash done and it’s ready for collection.

A BMW 520i showed up being towed to Revol Carz Garage for not able to start.

We take holistic diagnosis of the issue and confirm it is the EKPM (Fuel Control Pump Module) failure.The valve cover gasket is being checked for leaks.Some leakage occurred on the valve cover gasket.The new set of valve cover gasket (ready in the package) whilst the worn gasket set had been removed.

Which one is the new EKPM module? Answer: Yes the one at the right is original and brand new.The old and new fuel pumps are ready for exchange too.

With after all the failed components are professionally replaced and reprogrammed, the engine is cleaned and awaits our QC endorsement.

The BMW520i is ready for collection at Revol Carz Garage. The repair is completed in the fastest turnaround time and the BMW goes home with an after-repair guarantee.

The main culprit oil pump replacement.

Professional installation with warranty assured.

Car returned back to Eugene with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum.

Mr. Kenny’s BMW E90 arrived at Revol Carz Garage.

The starting process of the valve seal replacement.

Valve seals replacement in progress.

Revol Carz Garage has special tools and we use them for special project.

Let’s take a look at the new and used valve seal.

Engine Parts professionally fixed back and we are glad to be able to resolve the car owner issue at a small fraction rate as compare to an engine top overhaul!

Mr. Zuraimi’s BMW E60 arrived our workshop, he was also facing high engine oil top up issue.

Replacement of the valve seal begin swiftly.

Valve cover has to be removed before we could perform the valve seal replacement.

Replacing of the value seals require special tools and the correct expertise.

One of the many valve seals that is badly needed worn out.
The next issue that Mr. Zuraimi have is his gear oil leakage too. This is a bit tricky as the leakage after inspection tells a more complex issue more than just a worn out seal..

With our experience team technician, we make sure we get to the root of the problem and solve the problem once and for all.

Problem detected, a leaking transmission Oil pump.

Replacement of transmission oil pump O ring.

Using a professional caliper torque wrench will ensure better tightening results.

Our professional and friendly car washers ensuring all cars after repair are being washed clean before your collection!

BMW E60 Arrives at our Revol Carz Garage.

Replacement procedures of value seals in progress.

Exposing the internal part of the E60 engine.

Like in a surgery theatre, precision, skills and focus are required to extract the valve seals carefully.

Special tools are required to set the correct timing at the final steps.

The value seals are extracted.

At Revol Carz Garage, we ensure that reassembling the cover and every corresponding fastener is of paramount importance.

The replacement of valve seals job done.

It is our standard that the BMW E60 is washed, refreshed before collection!

The End results? – Another happy Customer problem resolved!

I had been stressed by the high engine oil consumption for a long time. My previous workshop advised that engine top overhaul was the only solution to the issue.

I called Gavin of Revol Carz Garage to seek his advice and quotation. He advised me to send in my car to confirm the issue first. I met up with Gavin and he promptly directed his team to check the engine. I was delighted and relieved that his team could resolve the issue easily at a fraction of the cost quoted by other workshop without having to top overhaul the engine.

Without hesitation, I asked Gavin to proceed with the proposed repair. I was happy that he also kept me updated during the period of repair. I was amazed that the repair was spot-on! To my relief, my problem was resolved. No more frustrations. I don’t have to top up the engine oil after the repair. My ride is now smoother and I didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.

Being Revol’s customer for already a decade, I have witnessed their steady growth through the years.
Their good business principles and integrity have been constant since the day I first met them. They always put customers’ interest first. I have no hesitation to recommend more customers to Revol Carz Garage for their professional expertise and honest pricing.

Keep up the excellence. I shall certainly be back for my car servicing.

Mr. Kenny Lee / BMW E90 3 Series Owner

I have been a car owner for many years and have been to lots of car repair workshops. After visiting Revol Carz Garage for my car repair needs, they simply changed my typical view of a car workshop.

Normally I would be faced by workshop owners or manager or even mechanic with an attitude and highly charged rates.
At times I was not even given the option of what needs to be done immediately or items that can actually hold till the next car servicing for replacement.

As a car owner, I was often caught by surprise by the high repair bill when I collected back my car after the car servicing.
At Revol Carz Garage, this professional bunch of team simply changed my mind with their friendly and willing to listen attitude! I was constantly updated about my car repair status and also was given the options on the items rate and cost before the repair is being proceeded.

I would say Revol Carz Garage repair bill is one of the most transparent from my many years of visiting car workshop experience. Price quoted is what the final bill stated.

Their impressive services include knowing that I would need in a car to travel daily, they actually arranged a rental car for me at an extremely reasonable rates which I believe it is way below the market rates!

Of course, the most importantly – the car repair carried out is extremely well done and my high engine oil consumption problem is finally solved. Now I really enjoy the REAL sheer pleasure driving experience for my BMW.
Thanks Gavin and all of Revol Carz Garage Team!

Mr. Zuraimi / BMW E60 5 Series Owner

Revol Carz Garage is by far the best car garage that I have encounter for car repair. They have solved my engine oil disappearing issue with most reasonable rates.

Having the frustration of topping up frequently engine and not wanting to do an engine overhaul, I visited Revol for a car servicing session and decided to go with a valve seal replacement as advised.

My engine oil disappearing issue was solved immediately and I could feel a very big difference of a smoother ride after the repair.

Revol Carz Garage really impress me with their experience team of mechanic together with the team of mechanic and manger who is will to listen my concern to work things out with me.

The normal engine oil change servicing rates are very reasonable as well. Coupled with the grooming services at the first level saves me lots of time and worries as a one stop solution for all my needs.

I strongly recommend all car owner to try out their services as they are indeed different from others with their dedicated services and technical expertise.
Two thumbs Up!

Mr. Chong / BMW E60 5-Series Owner

BMW Repair and Overhauling


Engine Overhaul

Detecting transmission problems early can prevent total engine breakdown and save you from spending thousands of dollars on repair. Let alone the additional distress and inconvenience you might face. Talk to our qualified team of technicians if you feel uneasy about your gearbox.


Revol Carz Garage - BMW Workshop Specialists

You can trust our professional car repair technicians, mechanics and body restoration experts to restore your car back to the way it looked; just like those swoon-worthy showroom pieces you fell in love with, without the stress and time-consuming process for your accident repair and insurance claims.

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BMW Case Study 144: 520i Fan Belt Set Replacement

As your vehicle crosses the 100,000 km mark, it’s crucial to consider changing the Fan Belt to prevent unexpected issues. Over time, wear and tear on the Belt can lead to deterioration, increasing the risk of it snapping. A snapped Fan Belt not [...]

BMW Case Study 143: 528i Front Shock Absorber Replacement

Are you hearing a light rubbing or knocking sound while crossing humps or uneven roads? If your BMW car is experiencing annoying knocking sounds, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Common symptoms include: Visit Revol Carz Garage for swift and expert solutions. [...]

BMW Case Study 143: 520i Coolant leak resolved!

If you find yourself needing to replenish Coolant between regular service intervals, it signals a potential Coolant leak. It’s imperative to promptly schedule a visit to the workshop to address this issue, preventing any risk of Engine overheating. Taking swift action ensures the [...]