Our Comprehensive Suite Of Services:

Revol Carz Garage

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We are pleased to announce our expansion of another new workshop, Revol Carz Garage, to serve you better under one roof and greater convenience.

Our service highlights…

  • Car Preventive Maintenance
  • Car Servicing
  • Car Repair & Diagnostics
  • Car Gearbox Overhaul
  • Car Diagnostics
  • Car Engine Overhaul
  • Car Trouble Shooting
  • Complete Coverage Safety Check
  • Complimentary car wash with interior vacuum upon every servicing or car repair

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Car Servicing with Safety Checks

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Car Servicing at Revol Carz Garage is never simply a quick touch-and-go, oil change and filters affair.

Our standard policy is serving every car arriving at our garage for comprehensive servicing undergoes meticulous and stringent inspection by our certified professional mechanics.

We use updated equipment and technology to ensure your car gets the best possible performance results.

Often, the cause of vehicle breakdowns is the results of accumulated failures of early detection of mechanical problems. Therefore, rigorous and checks by competent personnel is important.

So goes the adage, “A stitch in time saves nine”.

servicing and safety checks

Car Diagnostic Section

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Revol Carz garage is equipped with the latest range of Continental diagnostic equipment that are capable of thorough scanning and diagnose any sign of wear of detected automobile parts. Early detection means savings, better performance, better safety and prolonged lifespan of the car.

In celebration of the opening of our new workshop, we are pleased to extend our invitation specially to you to visit our facilities.

And if your car seems to have any annoying problems, our experienced and friendly team will be delighted to give it a free diagnostic check for you.


Car Repair Section

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We don’t believe in simply replacing automobile parts.

For better safety and reliability, our professional mechanics are always in hand to source for you original parts or compatible parts of higher quality and performance. We always recommend genuine parts or parts only made by reputable manufacturers.

Our commitment to return your car in better condition comes with warranty for your peace of mind.



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We know how crucial safety is reliant on efficient braking systems in your automobile.

So we have set up a Brake Section at our new workshop to focus your brakes.

Squeaks, low pedal, hand-brakes lax, reluctant stopping, excessive brake dusts, thinning brake shoes and oil bleeds are some telling signs that your brakes need urgent attention.

At Revol Carz Garage, we systematically check all your brakes

  • Inspection of brake pad and brake discs
  • Replacement of quality brake pad or brake disc if needed
  • Cleaning and dusting of brake hubs
  • Inspection of brake, replace or refill brake fluid.


Air Condition Servicing and Repair

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The air-conditioner system in automobiles requires good regular service and maintenance especially in our hot and humid climate. Ageing, wear and tear quickly deteriorates its efficiency of keeping your car comfortably cool.

We conduct the following checks for you.

  • Inspection of the air-conditioner compartment for damage or gas leak.
  • Inspect the compressor belt for proper tension and sign of crack or damage.
  • Check for sufficient refrigerant gas.
  • Flush and/or top up of refrigerant gas if required.


Transmission / Gearbox

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Early detection of transmission problem can prevent a total breakdown and saves you thousands of dollars, distress and inconvenience.

Talk to our qualified gearbox team of technician if you feel uneasy about your gearbox.

auto transmissions

Motorcar Accident Insurance Claims

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Revol Carz Makeover is able to assist you in third party motorcar accident insurance claims.

Whats makes Revol Carz Makeover stands out from others is the personal attention assisting you in your motorcar accident insurance claims and repair with lesser down time!

With our own team of skilled spray painters, panel beaters, high technology equipment and stringent QC technician team, we are able to minimize down time and repair time. For common damage repairs, your car can be ready within days…with our uncompromising professional workmanship guaranteed for up to 3 years on paintwork warranty.

We provide courtesy car for third party claims subjected to terms and condition.

Our rigorous Quality Control system assures that your damaged car is returned to you satisfactory, back in showroom condition.

Contact us at 65551181 for professional accident claims assistance and advice.

We know you’ll be glad you did.

Our friendly experienced staff will always be happy to assist you.

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