Monthly Archives: July 2020

Very nice Lexus IS200T for ZeTough Titanium paint protection

Today, we have this very nice Lexus IS200T for ZeTough Titanium paint protection. Mr. Kelvin wanted his car’s paintwork to be protected and looking its very best. After a premium ZeTough Titanium paint protection treatment, the car’s paintwork achieved a deep glossy finish looking more gorgeous than ever. Guaranteed with long lasting protection too. Thank […]

Titanium Coating Treatment for a Winsome Volkswagen Golf

A winsome Volkswagen Golf just arrived in our Ang Mo Kio workshop and had a regal grooming with treatment of ZeTough Titanium coating now looking more spectacular than ever with its better-than-showroom condition look and feel with an ultra-long lasting protection that will last for years! Thank you Mr. Kennix for entrusting us with your […]

Titanium Paint Protection on Mazda CX-30 looks Smashing!

Mr. Jarrod arranged an appointment with Us to coat his ravishing Mazda CX-30 for a touch of ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating after understanding its long term benefits. Expecting a dust free rims and well cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! Thank you Mr. Jarrod for your trust and support in […]

Thank you for trusting our Spray and Painting Services!

Thankful busy midweek with the overwhelming customer support we receive as more cars are rolling-in for paint protection and spray painting services. We appreciate your guys support and we will continue to keep up the good job! Cheers and have a great day!