June 2014

  • Jaguar XJL with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

    Hi Readers,

    We had great pleasure of ushering in the dazzling, supercharged Jaguar XJL for the ZeTough Ceramic Coating Paint Protection today.

    The “L” in Jaguar XJL indicates a long wheelbase version of the XJ sedan’s overall length of 206.8 inches.

    The new Jaguar XJL is powered by a 3.0 liter 340 hp V6 Super charged with a range of innovative induction technologies. With the torque of 332 lb/ft, the XJL is ready to pounce from 0-100Km/h in 5.8 seconds with the top speed reaching 250km/h

    The transmission is electronically controlled with 8-speed ZF® Jaguar Drive Selector™ and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

    The Jaguar XJL Supercharged pampers with luxury and comfort along with power and handling for true driving enthusiasts. And ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating pampers your car with long term easy maintenance together with a lasting paint protection too.

    Enjoy viewing!


    The gleaming Jaguar XJL coated with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating


    Jaguar XJL close up front view


    Jaguar XJL 3.0 liter 340 hp V6 Super- charged engine.


    Dual function automatic HID Xenon head lamps with LED signature lights.


    Blind spot monitor rear view mirrors that automatically fold in lock mode


    Luxurious soft grain leather jet set seats and interior with walnut veneer.


    Infortainment System with HD 8 inch color touch screen.


    Jaguar XJL Center stack


    Premium analog clock mounted on the dashboard


    Jaguar XJL rear view


    Unique designed exhaust


    19 inch sports alloy wheels,



  • Lexus GS350 F Sport with ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

    Hi Readers,

    Arriving today for the ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection is the new GS 350 F Sport.

    Lexus has injected some life into GS 350 F Sport.

    Like the Lexus engineered for adrenaline, ZeTough paint protection is engineered for ultimate paint protection of automobiles.

    The new Lexus 350F Sports now looks crisper than the preceding 2013 model. The familiar spindle grille lends a more aggressive appearance with its smoke-like insert and the inclusion of the standard polished grey alloy wheels.

    The 350 F Sport boasts a unique front bumper and rear lower valance and compliment by the duck-tail trunk spoiler. A diffuser-styled rear bumper with aero fins helps to trim underbody airflow.

    Not only is the new Lexus GS range designed to be sporty, but long gone are the days where all you could hear in a Lexus was the sound of coins vibrating in your pocket.

    The GS350 variants have had their exhaust note tuned so that it almost emulates the mechanical barks and growls of the IS-F.

    The Lexus GS350 F sports has a 3.5-litre V6 engine with a 316bhp achieving a top speed of 235km/h. It goes from 0-100km in 6s.

    After ZeTough Glass coating paint protection, the usual sporty beauty seems to appear more wilder-looking.

    Enjoy viewing!

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (1)

    Aggressive styling GS350 F-Sport

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (2)

    Close up bonnet view

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (3)

    The aluminum-alloy V6 engine features D-4S direct injection technology and delivers plenty of power and performance.

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (4)

    Lexus Gs350 Side mirror with signal light indicator

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (5)

    The F Sports interior is perfected with sheer comfort and style of rich Marquis de Sade themed soft leather.

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (6)

    The black leather “F-Sport” badge on the steering wheel,

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (7)

    Lexus GS 350 F sport rear lamp

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (8)

    Well polished shiny exhaust

    Lexus GS350 F Sport (9)

    Well polished clean rims



  • BMW 435CI with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

    Hi Readers,

    Today we have another arrival of another BMW 4 series at Revol Carz Makeover for the ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating and this time it is the brand new BMW 435 convertible that visited us straight from the showroom.

    The new BMW 4 series Convertible have made its world debut at the 2013 los Angeles Auto Show in November, As no surprise, the Convertible version offers no big differences when compared to the coupe version, except the convertible top. ( BMW Blog)

    The BMW 435CI comes with the delightful 3.0-litre TwinPower Turbocharged inline six paired with the eight-speed automatic with a top speed of 250km/h. It goes from 0-100k/h in 5.5s.

    The new BMW 4 Series Convertible offer the same dimensions of aesthetic design and sportiness introduced by the coupe version. Up front the model will get the signature BMW design features, like the double-kidney grille and four round headlights offered with optional full-LED headlights. There is also a large air intake in the front apron and additional small vertical apertures for the Air Curtains that both ensure an improved cooling for the front wheels and cutting fuel consumption at higher speeds.

    Once again, beside enriching out the true colour of the new paintwork, the Dynamism that moves –even when standing still is now more prominently after the ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection coating.

    Enjoy Viewing!


    Two day old BMW 435ci before ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating


    After ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating the paintwork is enriched to fullest with clearer gloss clarity


    The Sexy topless BMW 435Ci view


    Close up bonnet view

    BMW435CI (4)

    BMW 435Ci Adaptive LED Headlight


    BMW 435Ci Engine compartment view


    BMW 435CI side mirror with signal light


    BMW 435Ci interior view

    BMW435CI (8)

    BMW 435Ci eight-speed automatic gearbox shift


    BMW 435Ci speedometer

    BMW435CI (10)

    BMW 435CI rear view


    the Dynamism that moves –even when standing still rear view


    Clean and shiny BMW 435CI exhaust pipe


    Beautiful multi spokes M sport Rims



  • Bentley Flying Spurs Full Car Spray Painting With ZeTough Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

    Hi Readers,

    We are extremely privileged to have one of the most fastest four-door luxury sedan- The Bentley Continental Flying Spur arriving at Revol Carz Makeover for a car colour change spray painting together with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating.

    The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is more than just one of the fastest four-door sedan, It is also one of the most sought-after 12-cylinder luxury saloon in the world achieving 0-100km in 5.5s and a top speed of 312km/h with a 6.0-liter W12 engine producing 552 horsepower and 479 pounds-feet of torque.

    It is matched with a ZF 6-speed automatic transmission with steering column mounted gearshift paddles.

    We hope you will enjoy viewing the total transformation from the before and after pictures of on this beautiful Bentley Continental Flying Spur !


    When this beauty arrived at our Revol Carz Makeover workshop, we first took some “before” photos of her.


    Condition wise is not too bad but the owner felt its time for a new fresh look


    Thus we begin to start on the process.


    The luxury beauty arrived at our Revol Carz Makeover spray painting workshop and we proceed to gently dismantle the body parts in order to eradicate any hint of color change that might expose the previous color.


    Highly skilled dismantling process is utmost important to enable our professional spray painter to reach the deeper into internal areas so that the previous color layer is not exposed.


    And rear bumper and other parts are gently removed…


    Door Handle removed


    Upon the completion of spray painting and Proper Oven baking and curing, we polish the body parts thoroughly to bring out the ultimate shine before reassembling them.

    At this stage, our QC must give the gleaming polished finish the thumb-up approval before allowing the work to move on to the next stage.

    In normal cases after spray painting, the car can be shiny but at Revol Carz Makeover, we can make it even better with our professional finishing.

    At the finishing section, the work includes minute detailing, interior grooming and multiple rounds of polishing and buffing.

    To enhance the shine to a complete showroom condition feeling, additional detailing, fine-polishing (to ensure no swirl marks) and interior detailing and restoration are carried out.


    Now here comes the highlight and one of the most important part of the make-over.
    The coating of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

    Did you notice the shine difference after the ZeTough Paint Protection coating?


    The newly sprayed paintwork is more enriched, glossier and protected.


    One of the most Desirable Logo


    Inner bonnet View


    The most sought W-12 Bentley engine compartment view


    Bentley Continental Flying Spur Head Lamp


    Bentley Continental Flying Spur side mirror with singal light indicator


    Unparalleled interior craftsmanship and refinement


    ZF 6-speed automatic transmission


    Nice and well polished exhaust


    To Complete the New showroom feel and condition… Rims must be new and shiny!

    With ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating; full exterior detailing; interior cleaning and conditioning, rims restored back to like new condition; this Colour Change make-over Bentley Continental Flying Spur beauty was happily ever after with her happy owner.

    Pondering giving your car a new lease of life? Change of new color or require partially repair and spray or have the thoughts of whole car re-sprayed?

    Visit us at Revol Carz Makeover for a friendly chat and free assessment with absolutely no obligation.