October 2013

  • ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Video

    Hi Readers,

    It is our utmost privilege to have one of the most sexy and powerful beast at Revol Carz Makeover for the ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection.

    We hope you will enjoy viewing the video of the sexy and powerful beast with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection.




  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

    Hi Readers,

    We are extremely privilege to welcome our special guest at Revol Carz Makeover for the ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection.

    Heads turned in awe as the new 2013 Lamborghini Aventador made its grand entrance upon arriving Revol Carz Makeover.

    Lamborghini celebrates its 50th anniversary, timing the launch of its latest creation which has been regarded as the most exciting series production Lamborghini ever manufactured and this car comes with brand new benchmark in the world in the segment of luxury super sports cars.…

    The 2013 Aventador LP700-4 which is the new king of the Lamborghini family tree, overtaking the reign of Lamborghini Murcielago.

    The sharp faceted bodywork and cockpit of the sexy beast evokes the image of sheath fighter jet .

    The ISR gearbox s 7-speed transmission provides three drives control modes.

    Strada Traction on – gearbox provides slow shift.

    Sports Traction control relaxes – faster gear shift.

    Corsa control off – full manual control.

    Under the hood is the outrageous 6.5L V12engine that produces 691 horsepower and 508 pound feet of torque. The ultra aggressive Aventador is capable of 0 to 100km/h sprint at just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 359km/h

    Another innovation is the push rod style suspension common in F1 race cars.

    The profile of the car is very low; measuring only 44 inch tall. However with the trademark iconic Lamborghini scissor doors, access is never daunting and there is plenty of room in the two seater. .

    With ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection, its beautiful paintwork is more enriched with extremely glossier shine which makes this sexy beast even more mesmerizing now!

    Enjoy Viewing!

    Lambo Avantador 1

    Before ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

    Lambo Avantador 2

    After ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection, paint work colour enriches and protected to its fullest

    Lambo Avantador 3

    2013 Lamborghini Aventador Extremely Glossy Front View

    Lambo Avantador 4

    Lamborghini Aventador bi-xenon headlight

    Lambo Avantador 5

    Lamborghini aventador front storage compartment

    Lambo Avantador 6

    The infamous Lamborghini racing bull  logo

    Lambo Avantador 7

    Lamborghini Aventador luxurious spacious cabin.

    Lambo Avantador 9

    Lamborghini Aventador Diamond Shape Oil Tank Cover

    Lambo Avantador 10

    Lamborghini Aventador Uniquely Oil Cover

    Lambo Avantador 11

    The Lamborghini Aventador Rear view

    Lambo Avantador 12

    The Lamborghini Aventador  V12 engine that produces 691 horsepower

    Lambo Avantador 13

    Lamborghini Aventador rear duct

    Lambo Avantador 14

    Lamborghini Aventador rear tail lamp

    Lambo Avantador 15

    Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust

    Lambo Avantador 16

    Lamborghini Aventador Multi spokes Rims



  • Selamat Hari Raya Haji 2013

    Wishing all Selamat Hari Raya Haji!




  • Lexus GS450 hybrid make-over spray-painting with ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

    Hi Readers,

    Often after owning a car for a while, thoughts of doing something to the current car to achieve a different feel and looks may pop up… instead of changing car, changing the existing car colour will be one of the preferred option to fulfill the thoughts…

    Today we feature one of the more luxurious hybrid car. The Lexus Gs450H that had arrived at Revol Carz Makeover for a make-over colour change together with ZeTough Glass coating paint protection.

    The Lexus GS450h is a hybrid car which has a 3.5-liter V6 engine and separate high-output electric motor combine to generate up to 340 hp. The GS 450h delivers the thrill of 340 horsepower along with fuel economy numbers about 30 percent better than a similarly potent V8 engine. That means 0 to 100km/h in a 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 250km/h along with a combined fuel mileage estimate of 23 mpg.

    As with most hybrids, the GS 450h can start off and drive at low speeds solely under electric power, and then engage the V6 automatically when additional motivation is needed.

    We hope you will enjoy viewing the total transformation from the before and after pictures on this beautiful Lexus GS450H.

    The beautiful Lexus GS450H arrives at Revol Carz Makeover Spray Painting workshop.


    Next, we are going to gently dismantle the body parts in order to eradicate any hint of color change that might expose the previous color.

    Highly skilled dismantling process is utmost important to enable our professional spray painter to reach the deeper into internal areas so that the previous color layer is not exposed.

    Firstly bumper is gently dismantled…


    And rear bumper and other parts are gently removed…


    In fact, all the parts that ought to be removed are carefully dismantled to achieve the best result.


    Front Bumper after colour change


    After Colour change front view


    Able to notice the complete colour change even for the inner rear view


    Upon the completion of spray painting and Proper Oven baking and curing, we polish the body parts thoroughly to bring out the ultimate shine before reassembling them.

    At this stage, our QC must give the gleaming polished finish the thumb-up approval before allowing the work to move on to the next stage.

    In normal cases after spray painting, the car can be shiny but at Revol Carz Makeover, we can make it even better with our professional finishing.

    To enhance the shine to a complete showroom condition feeling, additional detailing, fine-polishing (to ensure no swirl marks) and interior detailing and restoration are carried out.

    Now here comes the highlight and one of the most important part of the make-over.
    The coating of ZeTough Glass Coat Painting Protection!

    Did you notice the shine difference after the ZeTough Paint Protection coating?
    The newly sprayed paintwork is more enriched, glossier and protected.

    Close up front bonnet view

    Lexus GS450H Headlamp

    Before engine compartment cleaning

    After engine compartment cleaning

    Lexus GS450H Side Mirror



    At the finishing section, the work includes minute detailing, interior grooming and multiple rounds of polishing and buffing.


    Nice and well polished exhaust

    To Complete the New showroom feel and condition… Rims must be clean and shiny!

    With ZeTough Glass coating paint protection; full exterior detailing; interior cleaning and conditioning, rims restored back to like new condition; this Colour Change make-over Lexus GS450H beauty was happily ever after with her happy owner.

    Pondering giving your car a new lease of life? Change of new color or require partially repair and spray or have the thoughts of whole car re-sprayed?

    Visit us at Revol Carz Makeover for a friendly chat and free assessment with absolutely no obligation.