July 2012

  • BMW 1M with ZeTough Paint Protection

    This beautiful Bmw 1M is treated with our latest ZeTough glass coating paint protection.

    Visibly, the orange colour changes to a darker colour together with a thicker look, wetter and glossy shine.

    With a combination of a full grooming and detailing job done inside out…

    Simply Gorgeous!


  • Introducing our latest ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection

    Ze Tough is the latest revolutionary paint protection formulated. Once Ze Tough is applied onto surface, it will turn into a glass like film which bonds and stays permanently onto surface. Ze Tough also creates a strong scratch resistance & strong protection against acidic element. Most importantly, substance like water, dirt and other stains will be easily removed from surface.

    • 36 months warranty
    • Easy to clean surface
    • Extreme high glossy finishing
    • Bonds to create a glass like resistance shield
    • Scratch resistance 6H
    • Super Hydrophobicity (High water repellence)
    • No cracking
    • Resistant to solvents, acid base and chemicals

    The video shows ZeTough effectively transforms the unprotected surface to hydrophobic and hardens the protection shield with strong bonding properties

    The video shows the different effect on the treated and non-treated of painted metal surfaces.