August 2012

  • BMW X6 with ZeTough Paint Protection

    If you own a car with white paintwork and you feel that it doesn’t really stand out…

    It’s time to visit Revol Carz Makeover for a ZeTough paint protection treatment.

    Besides known for having protection properties for paintwork, ZeTough glass coating paint protection also brings out the full richness glowing effect even on white paintwork

    Imagine how will the Bmw X6 looks like when the sky becomes darker…

    Extremely beautiful.


  • BMW M3 with ZeTough Paint Protection

    ZeTough Paint protection really brings out the full richness of the paintwork colour

    This ultimate beautiful Bmw M3 turns from a normal blue to a SUPER deep wet glossy dark blue.

    We do realize that the curve lines on the bonnet are more obvious after ZeTough compare to before treatment.

    Clean polished exhaust pipe and rims completed its new car feel.


  • Beautiful Blue Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

    A Cayenne Turbo S that guarantee to stand out with its wet glossy shine and unique blue colour rims.