September 2013

  • Ford Focus ST with ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

    Hi Readers,

    In this post we feature a closer competitor of Renault Megane RS.

    On a cool and breezy morning, a stunning yellow Ford Focus ST brought sunshine into our workshop for her deserving ZeTough glass coating paint protection.

    The New Ford Focus ST is no ordinary car. It is already the most favourite car in America, since the beginning of 2012 even while still on concept design.

    Ford has beefed up the 2013 model with the familiar Ecoboost 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with more power of up from 221bhp to 252bhp and sprinting speed of 0-100kmh of mere 6.5 seconds. The fuel economy and emissions respectively have improved to nearly 40mpg and just 169g/km of CO2.

    The 2013 Ford Focus ST features a 5-door hatchback, HID headlamps, 18” alloy wheels, and unique and centre-mounted tailpipes The front fascia features a large, blacked-out front grille, complete body kit, and a larger, more aggressive rear bumper. It is a unique experience to hear the low engine frequencies of this “signature sound” channeled into the cabin due to what Ford calls it an “active sound amplify aurel”.

    The cabin resembles the cockpit with the instrument cluster smartly laid out. The gauges for turbo boost, temperature and oil pressure are cleverly located atop the center console.

    Having a Tough ZeTough Glass coating paint protection treatment on the Ford Focus ST has given not only complete satisfaction to the proud owner but also our professional team who enjoyed the special privilege of attending to this very special sunshine beauty.

    Enjoy viewing!

    Ford ST 1

    Muscular Sporty 5 Door Sports car

    Ford ST 2

    Close Up Front View

    Ford ST 3

    2013 Ford Focus ST headlamp

    Ford ST 4

    2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 252bhp


    2013 Ford Focus ST engine

    Ford ST 5

    Interior featuring Recaro sports seats and a racing-inspired aluminum shifter and pedals

    Ford ST 7

    Rear seats shown here in partial leather with Tangerine Scream accents sports seats

    Ford ST 6
    2013 Ford Focus ST Sound System


    Instrument cluster features unique ST sport gauges with red needle pointers to monitor turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature levels

    Ford ST 8

    Muscular extended rocker panels

    Ford ST 9

    The muscular high-performance exhaust system

    Ford ST 10

    The 18-inch alloy wheels with unique Y-spoke design



  • Thank you so much for your testimonial Mr Melvin!!!

    Have been with Revol Carz Makeover for the past 3 years. Their service has always been tip top. Recently tried their ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection. Totally no regrets. Car paint work is completely restored to showroom condition and looks very much richer. Their workers are extremely meticulous throughout the whole process cleaning every groove, edge and corner they can find till it is flawless before handover.
    Highly recommended!

    Mr. Melvin

    Ford Focus ST.


    Revol Carz Makeover management would like to express our appreciation and thanks for Mr Melvin’s testimonial.

    We sincerely thank you for your continuous support for the past 3 years and with many years to come.

    Great to have another continuing supportive happy customer!




  • Ford Focus ST with ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

    Hi All,

    As mentioned from our previous post, we will be featuring one of the close competitor of Renault Megane RS and most probably the following model may have already crossed your mind…

    Revol Carz Makeover was privileged to welcome the Ford Focus ST for ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection.

    This Ford Focus ST has a 2522cc engine with 5 cylinbder turbocharged 2.5-litre five-pot producing 222 bhp achieving a top speed of This 241km/h .She goes from 0-100km in 6,8s.

    Despite Ford Focus ST being a five-door compact sports car, its sportiness outlook is still comparable to the 3 door Renault Megane RS.

    With its striking orange paintwork together with ZeTough Glass coating paint protection, this beauty is guaranteed to seek more attention while passing by.

    Stay tuned as we will be having another ST coming up pretty soon.

    Enjoy viewing!

    Ford St 1
    Beautiful orange 5 door compact sport car

    Ford St 2
    Ford Focus St Close up bonnet view 
    Ford St 3
    Ford Focus St headlight

    Ford St 4
    The Infamous Ford Duratec engine

    Ford St 5
    Side mirror with signal light indication

    Ford St 6
    Ford Focus ST interior View

    Ford St 7
    The symbol of ST

    Ford St 8
    Sporty Ford Focus Rear View with twin exhaust

    Ford St 9
    Clean and well polished exhaust

    Ford St 10
    Sparkling well polished rim



  • Renault Mégane RS with ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection

    Revol Carz Makeover was privileged to welcome the hot, all-new version of Renault Mégane RS for ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection.

    The Renault Mégane R.S. was re-styled in 2012 projecting subtler, curvier lines with artfully designed front wing extensions and front aerodynamic bumper with splitter and LED lights.

    The stunning Renault Megane RS, tweaked by Renaultsport comes with1998 cc, 16V turbo-charged petrol engine producing 265hp at 5,500 rpm with torque of 360 Nm.

    With a acceleration from 0-100kmh in 6.1 sec achieving top speed of 245kmh, the Renault RS should not be taken lightly despite its small built.

    Emerging from Revol Carz Makeover workshop after the ZeTough Glass-coating paint protection treatment, the Renault Megane RS was transformed into a gleaming and elegant beauty drawing even more attention as it zipped by.

    Stay tuned as we will be posting one of its close competitor pretty soon…

    Enjoy Viewing!

    Renault RS1
    Dymanic and compact Renault Megane RS front view

    Renault RS2
    F1-style front blade design

    Renault RS3
    Led directional headlights

    Renault RS4
    Simple looking engine cover with powerful engine producing 265bhp

    Renault RS5
    Renault Megane RS Sport Interior

    Renault RS6
    6-speed manual transmission Gear knob

    Renault RS7
    Sexy and sporty rear view

    Renault RS8
    Clean and polished Renault Megane RS Exhaust Pipe

    Renault RS9
    18-inch black wheels rims