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Shining Audi A4 after the Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Shining Audi A4 after the Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. One of our satisfied customers has just referred Mr. Kenneth to Us for paint protection services. After witnessing the results, Mr. Kenneth then decided to book an appointment with us for a Premium ZeTough Ceramic paint protection treatment for his stylish Audi A4. Now ready to […]

Paint Protection Coating for Hot Red Audi A5 Cabrio

It’s a double delight for Revol Carz Makeover with another Audi model this time at our Toh Guan branch for ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating to enjoy an extremely glossier and protected paintwork plus some pampering for a totally clean interior! Thank you Mr. Lim for choosing Us for your paint protection services for your […]

ZeTough Titanium Coating Treatment for Audi A6; Now glossier

In 2013, Mr. James first brought his Volkswagen Passat to Us for paint protection. Today he just sent his Audi A6 for Zetough Titanium Paint Protection coating leaving a very rich and glossy finish on the paintwork with maximum long lasting protection. A clean and protected ride for Mr. James. Thank you for entrusting us […]

Audi A3 Owner Satisfied with Paint Protection treatment

Another satisfied customer coming back for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection! Mr. Terence recently had his Honda Civic coated with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection. He is very satisfied with the results that today he brought his 2nd car, Audi A3 for a premium ZeTough Ceramic treatment as well! Thank you Mr. Terence for your trust and […]

Eugene’s Audi A5 Engine Overhaul Case Study

“My Audi’s engine now purrs like a kitten, smooth like silk and accelerates like new.” This delightful feedback came from Eugene after his Audi A5 engine was overhauled at Revol Carz Garage. Our dedicated team is passionate about rebuilding your car engine to a pristine condition with dynamic performance, reliability and fuel economy of a […]

Resolved “Missing Coolant Issue” on Audi S5 Case Study

As the old proverb says, “A stitch in time saves nine”, replacing your car’s oil separator on reaching high mileage is a good maintenance practice. See how our Audi specialists resolved the “missing coolant issue” on the Audi S5. At Revol Carz Garage, we are the benchmark when it comes to impeccable services. Speak to […]

Audi A5 CAse Tsudy on Excessive White Smoke Emission

🛠🔧 🚗The exasperated owner of the Audi A5 found his car stalling and emitting excessive exhaust smoke. We arranged for a tow promptly to our Revol Carz Garage workshop. Consulting us as a second opinion had saved him a huge sum of money indeed. In circumstances like this, it is not always an engine overhaul […]

Car Servicing Testimonials: Audi Q5 Engine oil and Gearbox

audi workshop

“I drive an Audi Q5 which recently developed a gearbox issue and high consumption of engine oil of topping up every 500km. I came across Gavin of Revol Carz Garage with whom I had several mobile-text exchanges regarding my car’s problems. Finally an appointment was arranged for my car to be repaired. I was very […]

Car Servicing Testimonials: Audi A7 Gearbox Issue Resolved

audi workshop

Adrian’s accolade of good review for resolving his gearbox issue. Adrian’s Audi A7 testimonial about the gear control unit. “I am writing to thank the Revol Carz Garage team for swiftly resolving my gearbox issue with their accurate diagnosis and professional work. Your added service of arranging a rental car for me during the car […]

Engine Oil Car Servicing – Mr. Li’s Audi

No more frequent engine oil top-up. Mr. Li’s Audi gets a new lease on life. Special thanks to Mr. Li’s testimonial on his Audi. “Here’s an exhilarating shout out for Gavin and his fabulous team! You guys are simply competent. Special thanks for resolving my nightmare of insane high engine oil consumption on my Audi […]

Audi A8 Oil Leak and Air Matic Pump Issue Case Study

The driver of an Audi A8 checked in for an oil leak and air-matic pump issue. Fortunately, our holistic car repair procedure prevented oversight of the bad absorbers also. We have saved the owner the inconvenience of a return trip to the workshop. We believe in doing it right the first time! See our clock-work […]

Pleased Revol Customer: 2nd car for Ceramic paint protection

Mr. Muhamad is a very pleased Revol customer with what ZeTough Paint Protection has delivered. And that today he sends us his 2nd car, the elegant looking gray Audi TT for ZeTough Ceramic paint protection💪 Expecting dust-free rims and a well-cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! Thank you Mr. Muhamad for […]