Monthly Archives: May 2022

🔥Day 3 Following up on the BMW 5 seriesfor a full spray painting

🔥Day 3 Following up on the BMW 5 series which was in for a full spray painting. Our professional restorers intensively examined the car’s surface for scratches and dents, fixed the necessary areas, then patched them making certain all uneven surface are restored before spray painting💪 Visit ➡️ for more details and information. Revol […]

This hunky Kia Cerato is now protected!

Mr. Winson changed his car to a Kia Cerato and brought it to our workshop for a Premium ZeTough Ceramic paint protection treatment. We are extremely thankful to be able to remain as your No. 1 choice for your paint protection services and we will continue to keep up the good work to ensure your […]

Astonishing look of this Lexus RX200

Mr. Terence came to our workshop with his macho Lexus RX200 after witnessing how ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection have worked for his previous car. Thank you so much Mr. Terence for entrusting Revol Carz Makeover once again with your beloved and rest assured we will be ensuring the showroom shine stays throughout your ownership! 💪 […]

It’s a full house Tuesday!

It’s the 2nd day of the week and a good one too with all these gorgeous cars filling-up our workshop to brighten our day just as ZeTough paint protection brightens your beloved, leaving its paintwork gleaming with long lasting deep gloss and shine! Have your beloved scheduled for some extra shine and protection too! Drop […]

Panel Beating With Spray Painting For Serious Damage Done By Professionals!

Our services range from panel beating, spray painting, collision repairs, car servicing and components repair to car accident insurance claims repair. If you’re unsure about what to do with an accident damage that needs repair and spray painting, our spray painting professionals will be delighted to assist you.You’ll find your visit a happy experience with […]

This Brand New Toyota Corolla Altis Sent In For A Long Lasting For Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

Mr. Kenny has just gotten a brand new Toyota Corolla Altis and decided to arrange an appointment with Us for ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection treatment for long lasting shine and maximum protection that will last for years! We are deeply grateful for choosing Revol Carz Makeover as your preferred paint protection center and congrats on […]

German-Continental car makes lined-up in Revol Carz Garage

It’s a full packed workshop with various German-Continental carmakes all lined-up for car servicing, car repair, and insurance claims services too! And our passionate team of experts are ready to serve you and your beloved for the day. Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz Garage at 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial park 2a […]

It’s a brand new week and we are full!

In our Toh Guan workshop, we have a nice line-up of various car makes looking better and shinier with mirror-like glossy finish and protected paintwork after treatment with ZeTough Paint Protection! Contact us @ 65551181 to achieve a long lasting shine and protection wash after wash after wash! For more information, please visit or […]

A White Monday With A Great Turnout Of Cars For Zetough Paint Protection Coating!

It’s a White Monday with a great turnout of cars and we are grateful for each and every one of you guys for your support and patronage in our company services. Rest assured we will continue to keep up the good work. Have a good day ahead!

This Mercedes Benz C200 Sent In For A Titanium Paint Protection Coating!

This Mercedes Benz C200 is now wearing ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection, ready to hit the road with a WOW showroom shine and a protected paintwork that will last for years to come. Our most grateful thoughts to Mr. KJ for choosing Revol Carz Makeover for your paint protection services! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating […]

This Hyundai Ad Avante Did An Ultimate Grooming With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

At Revol, we’ll bring out your car’s beauty inside-out. This Hyundai Ad Avante just went through an intense polishing, deep interior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, immaculate detailing and a whole lot more! Topped with our renowned ZeTough Ceramic paint protection coating for a showroom finish and feel. Heartfelt thanks to Ms. Norleen for your trust […]

An Astonishing BMW 330I Now Protected With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

Incredible glossy finish and maximum long lasting protection! Astonishing BMW 330I looking its best and being protected from the elements with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection! Our most grateful thoughts to Mr. Dawn for choosing Revol Carz Makeover for your paint protection services!

A Full Packed House At Our Toh Guan Branch For Our Zetough Paint Protection Service!

It’s a busy Sunday with a full packed house at our TG branch! Yes indeed, even on Sundays, our dedicated Team are committed to serve you guys with “Customer first” policy. Because you guys matter, your interest is our utmost priority! Cheers and lovely Sunday to all!