Monthly Archives: June 2016

BMW X6M50d with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Hi Everyone, Grooming the extravagant BMW X6M50d to a high-quality gloss exterior transition at our Revol’s Carz Makeover workshop was delightful. Thanks to the lasting ceramic coating of ZeTough Paint Protection. The muscular BMW X impresses with breath-taking dynamics and efficiency. The Design Pure Extravagance exterior package includes the sporty double kidney grilles with the […]

Volvo S80 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Today we are tasked to glam up the Volvo S80 to shine throughout 2016 with the astounding ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection. The second-generation Volvo S80 is the embodiment of sophisticated elegance, featuring a new 3.2-liter, straight-six-cylinder direct injection turbo petrol engine that generates 320 Nm torque at a maximum of 6400 rpm. The premium Swedish […]