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BMW Case Study 14: Replaced Anti-roll Bar and Front Absorber

Jackson’s car came to our workshop with unusual sound coming in the front. We detected front absorber was losing pressure from the oil leakage. And after a careful inspection due to the prolong uneven drive the anti-roll bar also need to be replaced in order to ensure no more sound in the front. The new […]

BMW Case Study 13: BMW 520i Minor Crack on Fan Belt and Coolant Pump

BMW 520i: BMW CS 13-Minor Crack on Fan Belt and Coolant Pump. BMW CS 13 for Kenneth who sends in his BMW 520i for car servicing with slightly high than usual engine temperature. So our team delighted worked on it. Our eagle sharp eyes technician detected the worn fan belt and also the need to […]

BMW Case Study 12: Oil Sump Leakage on BMW 535i. Fixed ASAP

Mr. Kelvin BMW 535i visited our workshop for engine oil leakages issue. We hoisted up the car and discover the engine oil sump is leaking. The engine oil sump leaking traces. The metal oil sump have to be removed before we can replace the oil sump gasket. This is how the BMW 535i oil sump […]

BMW Case Study 11: BMW 318i Flywheel Oil Seal Replacement

Mr. Amit BMW 318i visited our workshop with concern having to see oil stains on the floor after parking. Our experience BMW technician discover the leak from the flywheel oil seal. The gearbox need to be dismantle before the flywheel oil seals replacement. The flywheel connect between the torque convertor and the gearbox. Can see […]

BMW Case Study 10: BMW 316i Fault Code and Abs Pump Replaced

Mr. Chia BMW 316i came to our workshop with a heavy steering wheel. We fixed it through checking of fault code and replacing the abs pump. In normal cases, replacing a wheel speed sensor will be able to resolve the job but for Mr. Chia case will need to replace the abs pump control unit. […]

BMW Case Study 9: BMW 5 Series Parking Brake Fault Code

Mr. Eric BMW 5 series came to us with a parking brake fault code. It shows the parking brake failure. With BMW original handset we diagnosed the left parking actuator that is faulty.  We replaced with a brand new BMW actuator. Car returned to Mr. Eric with a Complimentary car wash and vacuum done.

BMW Case Study 8: BMW 520i engine oil leakage rectification

​Mr. Kenneth came to us for car servicing after his warranty ended from PML with some engine oil leakage rectification. Oil sump leak. Flywheel and torque convertor oil seal leak. Oil sump cover needs to be removed before the replacement of the oil sump gaske That is how a BMW 520i oil sump looked like […]

BMW Case Study 7: Worn Oil Level Sensor & BMW battery Replaced

Mr. Lawrence drop by our workshop with signs prompting to top up engine oil. Our BMW specialist discover the engine oil level sensor have worn and engine oil is leaking which caused it having issue. We replaced the engine oil level sensor and all works fine now. Lawrence car battery is close to 5 years […]

BMW Case Study 6: BMW X5 E70 Engine Fault, Oil Pump failure

BMW CS 6: BMW X5 E70 Engine Fault, Oil Pump failure. Eugene’s BMW x5 was having an engine fault. Engine fault displayed on the screen. BMW CS 6: Our BMW specialist diagnosed an oil pump failure. BMW engine haul will be need to ensure the full performance of the car. The BMW N55 engine is […]

BMW Case Study 5: 520i Engine/Gearbox Mounting, BMW Battery

Mr. Clarence’s BMW 520i had vibration during cold start and also while driving. We performed both Engine and Gearbox mounting Our BMW specialist hoisted the car and checked the usual gear box and engine mounting. Replaced the sinked engine mounting. And the worn gearbox mounting. As Clarence car is reaching a 5 years mark hence […]

BMW Case Study 4: BMW X3 Air Mass Sensor and FRM Fault Code

Mr. Dennis BMW X3 come over for car servicing with a complaint of power loss at times – revealing an issue with the Air Mass Sensor and FRM Fault Code. After scan, it revealed the air mass sensor is having issue. But we also discover a FRM fault code registered which in normal cases indicate […]

BMW Case Study 3: BMW 135i Air leak, faulty wiper pump bush

BMW CS 3 – BMW 135i’sAir Hose (Throttle Body To Turbo Intercooler). Nick’s BMW 135i was having an engine check light and needed a car servicing too! Our professional team worked on it on details. BMW CS 3 – BMW 135i’s engine check light is on. At times even with a BMW original handset, you […]

BMW Case Study 2: BMW 520i aircon issue, blower motor change

Mr. Lim BMW 520i having aircon not cold and many including Mr. Lim might think it is the air-con compressor. With BMW original handset, our BMW specialist are able to narrow down accurately and nail down the issue of the air-con. We replaced the Blower motor resistor and the aircon is back to its usual […]

BMW Case Study 1: BMW 750i Saloon- Rear Air Matic Absorber and Pump

BMW Case Study 1 – BMW 750i Saloon: Rear Air Matic Absorber and Pump. Miss Elizaveta’s BMW 750i Arrived Workshop to check on rear suspension sank. Our BMW specialist team get it inspected and confirmed the air pressure loss in the worn air matic. Our BMW specialist get them removed professionally. Replaced with the original […]

VW Case Study 19: Resolved Pump System Failure and more

Roshen was very pleased that we saved him a tidy sum of money on fixing the ABS pump system and gearbox issues in his new Volkswagen Golf. Roshen came to Revol Carz Garage after he got a shocking quotation amounting over $9,000 for resolving his car’s issues. He sought our garage seeking a second opinion.The […]