Monthly Archives: October 2021

A Groovy Seat Leon Now Protected With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

A groovy Seat Leon showing off its superb glossy finish, protected with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection. Complete with a refreshingly detailed interior for a showroom condition look and feel inside and out! Our deepest appreciation to Mr. Darryl for engaging with Us again for your paint protection services!

This Stylish BMW 528I Sent In For Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

We are delighted to have this stylish BMW 528I in our Toh Guan workshop for ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection to enjoy an extremely glossier and protected paintwork plus some pampering for a totally clean interior! Thank you Mr. Ron for choosing Revol Carz Makeover for your paint protection services!

This Lovely Nissan Sylphy Now Looking Fresh And Glossy With Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

This lovely Nissan Sylphy looking fresh and glossy with a showroom condition look and feel after a regal ZeTough Ceramic paint protection treatment. Complete with a clean and refreshed interior, well-polished engine bay and rims. Biggie thanks Mr. Wei for your support and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover!

The Beauty Of This Mercedes Benz C180 Now Protected With Titanium Protection Coating!

The beauty of this Mercedes Benz C180 is now protected for years with ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection. With ZeTough, you get showroom pride in your every ride. Warmest thanks to Mr. James for your trust and support in Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The ZeTough Titanium Paint […]

Our Toh Guan Workshop Is Open For Zetough Paint Protection Coating!

Meanwhile in our Toh Guan workshop, we’re winding down from a busy week and preparing for another busy week ahead! As always, our dedicated team are working extra hard to ensure all cars are being well done and returned to you in minimal turnaround time. Have a great weekend ahead!

Schedule A Good Makeover For Zetough Paint Protection Coating!

Pondering on scheduling a good makeover on the weekend? Revol Carz Makeover is one of the very few companies which operate on Sundays for the convenience of our extremely busy car owners! For a clean and well protected ride, give us a call @ 65551181 for a guaranteed slot at your preferred timing!

Spray Painting Services For Scratches Or Dents Done By Professionals!

Our services range from panel beating, spray painting, collision repairs, car servicing and components repair to car accident insurance claims repair. If you’re unsure about what to do with an accident damage that needs repair and spray painting, our spray painting professionals will be delighted to assist you.You’ll find your visit a happy experience with […]

This Handsome BMW 3 Series Sent In For A Ceramic Paint Protection Coating!

Since 2018, we are always the No 1 choice of Mr. Lim for his car’s paint protection services! Today he is back again with his handsome BMW 3 series for ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection coating. Thank you Mr. Lim for trusting us again which we appreciate very much! See you soon on your next visit! […]

An Elegant Mercedes Benz E200 Now Protected With Premium Titanium Paint Protection Coating!

An elegant Mercedes Benz E200 looking amazing with immersed gloss and enriched protected paintwork after a Premium ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection treatment. A shiny and protected ride for Mr. Jared. Thank you Mr. Jared for entrusting your beloved car with Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The ZeTough […]

An Official Full House In Our AMK Workshop For A Long Lasting Protection With Zetough Paint Protection Coating!

Saturday is here! It’s an official full house at our AMK Autopoint workshop with a crowd of German and Continental car mix lined up for ZeTough Paint protection and Our paint protection specialists will ensure your ride stays clean and protected with guaranteed long lasting shine for that head turning appeal ! Cheers and have […]

Day 3 Following up on the Full Car Spray Painting For Volkswagen Scirocco!

🔥Day 3 Following up on the Volkswagen Scirocco which was in for a full spray painting. Our specialist thoroughly examined the car’s paintwork for all scratches and paint chip off, repaired them and then applied putty making certain all uneven surface are touched up before spray painting💪

Amazing outlook of this hunky Hyundai LX2 Palisade!

We are very thankful to Mr. Joel for once again making ZeTough Ceramic as his preferred choice of paint protection for his 2nd car, a good-looking Hyundai LX2 Palisade! Not only will he enjoy a totally clean and protected interior but most importantly having a protective Ceramic Coating which enable his car to stay clean, […]

Mercedes Benz Case Study 36: C180 Normal servicing

Miss Mandy’s Mercedes Benz C180 have arrived for a normal engine oil change services. Our company’s strict protocol is to ensure every car to be scanned using original Mercedes Benz handset to detect any fault.