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Damaged Bumper of Volkswagen Tiguan Restored to Perfection by Revol Experts


Hello Readers, Our deep bow of gratitude to all esteemed customers for your trust and unwavering support that enabled our steady growth throughout the years.   Revol Carz Garage is committed to meeting your expectation in servicing and repairing your vehicle to the highest standard. Revol Carz Garage strives for excellence in comprehensive automobile repairs and […]

VW Case Study 20: Volkswagen Passat is perfectly restored after an accident

According to the motor accident report lodged by our customer, his Volkswagen Passat was on standstill in a heavy traffic jam along the expressway when another car attempted to cut in front of his car.  The side-swiped collision damaged the Volkswagen and of course heavier traffic jam. It was a typical daily evening rush-hour on […]

BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us!

BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us! A motor car accident happens when you are the least expecting it.  A careless split second of distraction on the road could jolt you to a loud bang in a nasty car collision. The same thing happened recently to our customers. He is driving a […]