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VW Case Study 27: For Car servicing with gradual loss of power

Miss Tan was recommended at Revol for her car servicing. She also brought to our attention that she have been experiencing a gradual loss of power. Replacing the fuel filter can help recover your engine lost power.

Audi Case Study 28: Audi A3 for maintenance servicing at 30K

Mr. Kim’s Audi A3 is due for maintenance servicing at 30,000 km. Upon inspection it was revealed that the car is in excellent condition however the dirty engine’s air filter and the air-conditioner filter are due for replacement. Don’t overlook importance of your Engine Air Filter and Air-conditioner Filter.

VW Case Study 26: For Oil change servicing withe spotted failing drive shaft

Anna’s Volkswagen Golf was sent in our workshop for an oil change servicing when our meticulous mechanic spotted a failing drive shaft. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority as always.