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Audi S5 Case Study 9 – Sam’s Audi needs new oil separator

Sam’s Audi S5 flashes “engine check” light and experienced loss of power. Luckily he had just made to our workshop in time whilst the check light sign was still illuminated. The Audi is lifted for a thorough inspection by our Audi gurus.Check out this video to view how it looks like when coolant contaminates the engine oil. […]

Audi Case Study 8: Audi A6 gear control unit replacement

Audi Case Study 8: Ricky’s Audi A6 experienced a sudden loss of power and struggle to shift gears. The car is lifted to determine if there is any transmission oil leakage. Our computerized scan reveals code P17D5 Mechanical Failure which is equivalent to the gear control unit failure. Replacement work begins in replacing the Audi […]

Audi Case Study 7: Audi A5 Ignition Coils Replacement

Our customer, Louis’ Audi A5 was rocking with misfiring. The “Check Engine” light which is illuminated is a common symptom for failing ignition coils when they have exceeded high mileage. Ready for the job but first the vehicle must be lifted for inspection to be absolutely sure there is no other cause. The ignition coil […]

Audi Case Study 6 – Norman’s Audi A4

Norman’s Audi A4 got a warning code illuminated. The engine-check light error popped up. Our precision diagnostic scan pointed to a fault in the intake manifold position sensor. Repair works commence immediately. The task of replacing the intake manifold position sensor requires the manifold has to be first removed which is tedious. That’s how the […]

Audi Case Study 5: Audi A4 for a radiator fan replacement

Our loyal customer, Dean’s Audi A4 for perspiring under the collar. He complained that the car’s air con wasn’t cool and requested a check on the air con compressor. The Audi was lifted for visual inspection of the air compressor. Our experienced Audi gurus know what to look for and spotted the jammed radiator fan […]

Audi Case Study 4: Tricia’s Audi A4 coolant pump replacement

Tricia was rather annoyed that her Audi A4 coolant is thirsty and needed frequent top up. The sweet lady was referred to our workshop to have her Audi checked by the experts. Goodness gracious! Our Audi specialists instantly detected the source of the coolant leaks. The prolonged leak had corroded the cylinder head which had […]

Audi Case Study 3: Audi A3 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

Patrick was pretty annoyed by unusual noise coming from under his Audi A3. He checked in to our workshop to get it fixed. You can see from the picture that the bonnet is misaligned. Apparently, the bonnet is crying out for a pair of new pneumatic struts. Our Audi experts also diagnosed that the rear […]

Audi Case Study 2: Oil Pressure Switch Replacement And More

Mr Pua’s Audi Q5 checked in at Revol Carz Garage for intermittent warning code indicating that the engine oil was low. There was some unusual noise emitted from the brake system. Our Audi Diagnostic handset scan revealed that oil pressure switch had an issue. We replaced with original oil pressure switch. We also replaced the […]

Audi Case Study 1: Gorgeous Audi R8 with air-con valve issue

This is Mr. Chua’s super-car, Audi R8 arrives at Revol Carz Garage with two issues to address. The air conditioner blows hot air and the side skirts needs some respray touch ups. The Audi is raised for under-carriage inspection and checking whether the air-conditioner pipe is leaking. With our updated diagnostic handset, we read various […]

VW Case Study 20: Volkswagen Passat is perfectly restored after an accident

According to the motor accident report lodged by our customer, his Volkswagen Passat was on standstill in a heavy traffic jam along the expressway when another car attempted to cut in front of his car.  The side-swiped collision damaged the Volkswagen and of course heavier traffic jam. It was a typical daily evening rush-hour on […]

BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us!

BMW 320i Restored After Road Accident. For Services, Call Us! A motor car accident happens when you are the least expecting it.  A careless split second of distraction on the road could jolt you to a loud bang in a nasty car collision. The same thing happened recently to our customers. He is driving a […]