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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Blog

Our collection of ceramic coating paint protection updates and case studies will show you how we can keep your car’s paint surface gleaming over time and prevent damage from bug splatters and stone chips.

Busy on the Weekdays? We Operate on Sundays!

Busy on the weekdays? Fret not as Revol Carz Makeover is one of the very few companies which operate on Sundays for the convenience of our extremely busy car owners! At Revol Carz Makeover, it is always customer interest first! Do make an advance booking as the limited slots are fastly taken up

BMW X1 with Titanium Paint Protection Coating

his hunky BMW X1 was sent in for ZeTough Titanium paint protection now looking more spectacular than it left the showroom lot with its rich -glossy finish and protected paintwork. Shoutout thanks to Mr. Cheng for your trust and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The […]

A Mercedes-Benz S500 send in for Full Car Spray Painting

What takes a Mercedes Benz S500 owner to send his car to Revol Carz Makeover for full car spray painting? 👍 Guaranteed Quality Assurance👍 This elegant Mercedes Benz S500 already has some paint chip off on different panels and the owner requested Us to restore back his👉 once head turning beauty with a full exterior […]

This Savvy Volvo V40 for Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Mr. Chris came across our company to find out more about the superb benefits of ZeTough and then decided to coat his savvy Volvo V40 for a good makeover pampering coated with ZeTough Ceramic paint protection! Thank you Mr. Chris for your trust and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover🙏

Elegant Mercedes-Benz E53 Visited Us for A Titanium Coating

Mr. Vina just changed his car to an elegant Mercedes Benz E53 and decided to engage with Us again this time for ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection, guaranteed to achieve long lasting protection and showroom condition look and feel that lasts for years! We deeply appreciate your trust and support in Us🙏 So how can ZeTough […]

BMW 320I trusted our Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Mr. Han booked an appointment with Us to coat his BMW 320I with ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection to achieve brand new showroom condition look  and  feel! Sincere thanks Mr. Han for choosing Us for your paint protection services and we really appreciate very much! Let’s enjoy these beautiful after treatment photos!

Mercedes Benz GLC300 with Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

One of our valued customers, Mr. Eric changed his car to a Mercedes Benz GLC300 for a premium grooming session that includes the special treatment with our award-winning Premium ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection for a more dazzling showroom gleam and protected ride. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Eric for engaging with Us once […]

A Handsome Volkswagen Passat Brought for Titanium Paint Protection Coating

Another returning customer , Mr. Michael arrived today and brought his handsome Volkswagen Passat for ZeTough Titanium coating, SGS tested and certified and built to be ultra-resistant to watermarks, bird dropping stains and oxidation. Our heartfelt gratitude Mr. Michael for your support once again🙏 So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for your paintwork? The […]

The Arrival of BMW X3 for Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Mr. Adrian has been an utterly satisfied Revol customer since 2014 and recently has just changed car to a BMW X3. Today he arrives at our workshop and brought his pride and joy for a touch of ZeTough Ceramic paint protection with 9H scratch resistance for ultra glossy shine and long lasting maximum protection. Our […]

BMW 330i just applied our Titanium Paint Protection Coating

It’s essential to have your beloved protected against harsh elements, water stains and bird droppings. And that’s what Mr. Melvin did by sending his BMW 330i to Us for ZeTough Titanium paint protection! With ZeTough Titanium, his pride and joy achieves long lasting protection and showroom condition look and feel that lasts for years! Our […]

Our Most Grateful Thoughts for your Support in our Company Services

As we start our usual busy day, we would like to express our most grateful thoughts for your support in our company services and we will continue to keep up the good work! Speak to us if you need any assist on spray painting services or how to maintain showroom condition throughout your ownership ya! […]

A Dashing Toyota RAV4 for Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Your car deserves the very best long-term care and protection be it new or used one and our Team will ensure it stays beautifully charming and in best condition throughout your ownership. Thank you Mr. Ken for entrusting your dashing Toyota RAV4 with Revol Carz Makeover and for choosing ZeTough Ceramic as your preferred paint […]