Revol Carz Makeover: ZeTough Paint Protection on Ford

Have been with Revol Carz Makeover for the past 3 years. Their service has always been tip top. Recently tried their ZeTough Glass Coating paint protection. Totally no regrets. Car paint work is completely restored to showroom condition and looks very much richer. Revol Carz workers are extremely meticulous throughout the whole process cleaning every groove, edge and corner they can find till it is flawless before handover. Highly recommended! “Mr. Melvin Ford Focus ST.

Revol Carz Service Review: ZeTough Paint Protection on Ford

Revol Carz Makeover management would like to express our appreciation and thanks for Mr Melvin’s testimonial. We sincerely thank you for your continuous support for the past 3 years and with many years to come. Great to have another continuing supportive happy customer! Cheers,