Volvo S80 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating

Today we are tasked to glam up the Volvo S80 to shine throughout 2016 with the astounding ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection. The second-generation Volvo S80 is the embodiment of sophisticated elegance, featuring a new 3.2-liter, straight-six-cylinder direct injection turbo petrol engine that generates 320 Nm torque at a maximum of 6400 rpm. The premium Swedish Volvo S80 adds a new level of quality craftsmanship with new bumpers, grille, and new rectangular running lights embedded in a new, full width lower intake. The interior is packaged with quality craftsmanship with rich grained walnut paneling and genuine soft cowhide leather. Hope you will enjoy viewing the following photos!


The Volvo S80 face-lifts with new bumpers, grille and new rectangular running lights embedded in a new, full width lower intake


The S80 is imbued with new bumpers, grille and intakes. The new lower front fascia is packed with more horizontal lines. There also are new rectangular running lights embedded in a full-width lower front intake


The Active Bending headlights could swivel like eyes with motorized lamps that can turn 15 degree in either direction.  The extra bright Dual Xenon lights boost the vision up to 90%


Under the hood, the Volvo S80 features a new 3.2-litre, straight-six cylinder direct injection turbo engine that mate an 8-speed automatic transmission


Volvo LED turn signals are integrated into the doors mirrors.  The doors mirrors can tilt automatically when reversing

Volvo - Interior

The premium Swedish signature package adds a next level quality craftsmanship to the luxury interior including rich grained walnut paneling and genuine cowhide leather


Volvo instrument cluster consists of an analog speed meter flanked by 4 digital gauges


The Volvo serves 14.9 cubic feet of trunk space (with rear seats lifted up).  The chromed trim between the tail-lights completes the low-key design


Fuel tank capacity 70-litres

Volvo exhaust pipe

Chromed twin exhaust pipes of Volvo

Volvo - Wheels

Volvo standard 17-inch alloy wheels The effect of the Revol’s ZeTough  Ceramic Paint Protection coating, as you can see the result, is astounding and exceeding expectations.  The sparkling Volvo S80 will, without doubt, shines throughout  the whole New Year 2016. Cheers everyone! Thank you for reading!