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Video Case Studies – Audi A8 Oil Leak and Air Matic Pump Issue

We believe in doing it right the first time! The driver of an Audi A8 checked in for an...

Video Case Studies – We Are Air Con Specialists Too!

If you are topping up Freon (air-conditioner refrigerant gas) too frequently, chances are your cooling coils are failing and leakage has occurred.

Car Servicing Testimonials – Mr. Zul’s BMW Engine Oil Loss

We don’t do guesswork. Whether it is an oil or coolant leak, we nail it fast and accurate. Thank you Mr. Zul...

Car Servicing Testimonials – Kenny’s BMW

Mystery solved. Kenny’s BMW mysterious oil leakage is fixed at only a fraction of the cost. "I had been...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 19 – Mercedes-Benz with front cross shaft replacement

The owner of this Mercedes complained of a disturbing knocking sound recurring from the front of the car despite having replaced various...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 18 – Mercedes-Benz with a start up delay issue​

The Mercedes Benz arrives at Revol Carz Garage for troubleshooting with delay in starting the car.

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 17 – Ms Samina’s Mercedes-Benz E250 CGI – Alternator replacement

The alternator (which is bolted to the engine block) is a belt-driven electrical generator that maintains the battery in the state of...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 16 – Mr. Dave’s Mercedes-Benz E250 – Oil filter housing replacement

A failing oil seal will cause engine oil to leak and you will see a warning light flashing on your instrument dial. ...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 15 – Francis’ Mercedes S350 – Air-matic issue

Francis’ Mercedes S350 lit up a distress warning to the air suspensions warning and was recommended to replace the air-matic and pump...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 14 – SJT2525R – Wilson’s Mercedes-Benz E200 is misfiring​

This Mercedes Benz E200 owned by one of our regular customers Wilson, had an engine combustion issue.

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 13 – Mr. Vernon’s Mercedes-Benz C189 – Checked in for coolant low issue​

Another regular customer, Vernon sent in his Mercedes C180 for oil change servicing. He also complained that the air conditioner was blowing...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 12 – Anthony’s Mercedes CLA180 – Not able to start car issue​

Anthony’s Mercedes CLA180 was unable to start possibly due to battery issue. Scanning process...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 11 – Mr. Amos’ Mercedes-Benz GLA180 – Servicing and battery change​

An oil change servicing schedule is due for our customer, Amos’ Mercedes GLA 180.

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 10 – Mr. Dom’s Mercedes-Benz E200K with knocking sound in the front​

Dom has just renewed the COE for his beautiful Mercedes E200K and was looking for a reputable workshop that specializes in Mercedes...

Mercedes-Benz Case Study 9 – Mr. Delson’s Mercedes-Benz E200

Congratulations to Delson, who is one of our loyal customer and wonderful friend. You are jubilated have just switched from a BMW...


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Video Case Studies – BMW F13 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Do you know the BMW engine usually runs around 110 to 120 degrees Celsius, while other normal car engines run between 80...

Video Case Studies – BMW 7 Series Gearbox Overhaul

While BMW stated lifetime auto transmission fluid, it is stated to limit up to 100miles for replacement. The gearbox...

Video Case Studies – Car Battery Replacement

Modern cars are generally computerized and replacing the battery is no longer a straight forward procedure. BMW electronic system...

Video Case Studies – Cleaning VW Gearbox

Take a peek at the Volkswagen gearbox overhaul process as our team take pride in cleaning the whole gearbox too.