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Audi Case Study 3: Audi A3 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

Patrick was pretty annoyed by unusual noise coming from under his Audi A3. He checked in to our workshop to get it fixed. You can see from the picture that the bonnet is misaligned. Apparently, the bonnet is crying out for a pair of new pneumatic struts. Our Audi experts also diagnosed that the rear […]

Audi Case Study 2: Oil Pressure Switch Replacement And More

Mr Pua’s Audi Q5 checked in at Revol Carz Garage for intermittent warning code indicating that the engine oil was low. There was some unusual noise emitted from the brake system. Our Audi Diagnostic handset scan revealed that oil pressure switch had an issue. We replaced with original oil pressure switch. We also replaced the […]

Audi R8 Case Study: Gorgeous R8 with air-con valve issue

This is Mr. Chua’s super-car, Audi R8 arrives at Revol Carz Garage with two issues to address. The air conditioner blows hot air and the side skirts needs some respray touch ups. The Audi is raised for under-carriage inspection and checking whether the air-conditioner pipe is leaking. With our updated diagnostic handset, we read various […]