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Audi Case Study 17: Eugene’s Audi A5 Engine Overhaul

“My Audi’s engine now purrs like a kitten, smooth like silk and accelerates like new.” This delightful feedback came from Eugene after his Audi A5 engine was overhauled at Revol Carz Garage. Our dedicated team is passionate about rebuilding your car engine to a pristine condition with dynamic performance, reliability and fuel economy of a […]

Audi Case Study 15: Resolved “Missing Coolant Issue” on Audi S5

As the old proverb says, “A stitch in time saves nine”, replacing your car’s oil separator on reaching high mileage is a good maintenance practice. See how our Audi specialists resolved the “missing coolant issue” on the Audi S5. At Revol Carz Garage, we are the benchmark when it comes to impeccable services. Speak to […]

Audi Case Study 14: A5 on Excessive White Smoke Emission

🛠🔧 🚗The exasperated owner of the Audi A5 found his car stalling and emitting excessive exhaust smoke. We arranged for a tow promptly to our Revol Carz Garage workshop. Consulting us as a second opinion had saved him a huge sum of money indeed. In circumstances like this, it is not always an engine overhaul […]

Audi Case Study 12 – Mr. Sung and his off Audi Q5 headlights

It was getting dark but Mr Sung was unable to turn on the headlights on his Audi Q5. Driving at night without the head and tail-lights lit is not only dangerous, but it is also a traffic offence. The computerized scan revealed a faulty headlamp module. With the new original part number J519 module replaced, […]

Audi Case Study 11: Mr. Loh’s Audi A6 seemed thirsty for oil

Mr. Loh had switched from his Authorised Dealer to our workshop to resolve his engine oil top up issue.In consideration of his Audi A6’s engine had multiple sources of oil leaks, it was essential to lift out the whole engine to ensure a 100% rectifications.Check out the video to view what it looks like after the […]

Audi Case Study 10: Audi A5 Excessively thirsty of oil top up

Mr. Lim’s was referred to us to tow his Audi A5 to our workshop. The vehicle has been emitting excessive white smoke and engine had stalled.This video shows the emission of bellowing white smoke when we started the car. The Audi is lifted for 360 degree checks for any other possible causes. The faulty oil […]

Audi S5 Case Study 9 – Sam’s Audi needs new oil separator

Sam’s Audi S5 flashes “engine check” light and experienced loss of power. Luckily he had just made to our workshop in time whilst the check light sign was still illuminated. The Audi is lifted for a thorough inspection by our Audi gurus.Check out this video to view how it looks like when coolant contaminates the engine oil. […]

Audi Case Study 8: Audi A6 gear control unit replacement

Audi Case Study 8: Ricky’s Audi A6 experienced a sudden loss of power and struggle to shift gears. The car is lifted to determine if there is any transmission oil leakage. Our computerized scan reveals code P17D5 Mechanical Failure which is equivalent to the gear control unit failure. Replacement work begins in replacing the Audi […]