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Read about the latest cars that went through reparing and/or grooming process at Revol Carz Makeover on our blog.

This Fine-looking Volkswagen Golf had a Regal Grooming with Treatment of ZeTough Titanium Coating

A fine-looking Volkswagen Golf just arrived in our Ang Mo Kio workshop and had a regal grooming with treatment of ZeTough Titanium coating now looking more spectacular than ever with its better-than-showroom condition look and feel with an ultra-long lasting protection that will last for years! Thank you Mr. Kennix for entrusting us with your […]

Ravishing Mazda CX-30 for a touch of ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating

Mr. Jarrod arranged an appointment with Us to coat his ravishing Mazda CX-30 for a touch of ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating after understanding its long term benefits. Expecting a dust free rims and well cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! Thank you Mr. Jarrod for your trust and support in […]

Thankful Busy Midweek as more Cars are Rolling-in for Paint Protection and Spray Painting Services

Thankful busy midweek with the overwhelming customer support we receive as more cars are rolling-in for paint protection and spray painting services. We appreciate your guys support and we will continue to keep up the good job! Cheers and have a great day!

Stunning Maserati Quattroporte with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

We are privileged to have the arrival of this stunning Maserati Quattroporte in our AMK workshop.  And our detailing gurus were so eager to have their hands on this regal beauty for a royal ZeTough Ceramic treatment and ensure it stays protected and shiny wash after wash after wash! Heartfelt thanks Mr. Quek for entrusting […]

🔥Day 6 Following up on the BMW 7 series for Full car spray painting

🔥Day 6 Following up on the BMW 7 series which was in for a full spray painting. Our Spray Painting Masters just finished a Masterclass spraying job and did another round of wet sanding and buffing to ensure that the car surface is well smoothened out. Then they installed back the car parts that were […]

Beautiful BMW 118I with ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection

Mr. Lee first came to us in 2013 and today he is back with his beautiful BMW 118I for a touch of ZeTough Titanium paint protection coating and we really appreciate very much! With  ZeTough Titanium paint protection, his gorgeous pride and joy achieves long lasting protection and showroom condition look and feel that lasts […]

It’s the 2nd day of the week

It’s the 2nd day of the week and a good one too with all these gorgeous cars filling-up our workshop to brighten our day just as ZeTough paint protection brightens your beloved, leaving its paintwork gleaming with long lasting deep gloss and shine! Have your beloved scheduled for some extra shine and protection too! Drop […]

Volvo XC40 owned by a comeback customer protected with ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection

Back in 2013, Mr. Adrian brought his car to Us for paint protection to maintain its amazing showroom condition. Today he is back and brought his Volvo XC40 to us for ZeTough Titanium paint protection.  Thank you Mr. Adrian for your trust and support in Revol Carz Makeover! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve […]

Dashing Lexus NX300 with ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection

Shoutout BIGGIE thanks to  Mr. Richard for his trust and confidence in Revol Carz Makeover and for making   ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection as his preferred choice for his dashing Lexus NX300! Why do so many car owners choose ZeTough Paint Protection and Revol Carz Makeover as their preferred paint protection services? Well ensuring showroom […]

A brand new week to be grateful with your overwhelming support to Us.

It’s a brand new week and we are sincerely grateful for all the overwhelming customer support given in choosing US as your preferred car servicing centre! Have a lovely day ahead! Do feel free to drop by Revol Carz Garage at 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial park 2a # 02-18 Ang Mo Kio Autopoint or […]

Our Spray Painting Professionals are Ready to Restore those Damages on your Car

Our services range from panel beating, spray painting, collision repairs, car servicing and components repair to car accident insurance claims repair. If you’re unsure about what to do with an accident damage that needs repair and spray painting, our spray painting professionals will be delighted to assist you. You’ll find your visit a happy experience […]

It’s a German packed Monday at our Toh Guan branch for ZeTough Paint protection

It’s a German packed Monday at our Toh Guan branch as more cars are turning up for ZeTough Paint protection and our detailing gurus will ensure your ride stays clean and protected with guaranteed long lasting shine for that head turning appeal ! Do give us an advance booking to ensure a guaranteed slot at […]