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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Blog

Our collection of ceramic coating paint protection updates and case studies will show you how we can keep your car’s paint surface gleaming over time and prevent damage from bug splatters and stone chips.

Great Turnout of Cars for Paint protection and Car Spray Painting Services

Great Turnout of Cars for Paint protection and Car Spray Painting Services @AMK Branch! Entering the 3rd day of the week with great weather and a great turnout of cars driving-in for both ZeTough Paint protection and car spray painting services too! Contact us to achieve a long lasting shine and protection wash after wash […]

Handsome BMW 520I for Ceramic Paint Protection

Another returning customer , Mr. Eric arrived today and brought his handsome BMW 520I this time for ZeTough Ceramic coating, with 9H scratch resistance and built to be ultra-resistant to watermarks, bird dropping stains and oxidation. Our heartfelt gratitude Mr. Eric for your support once again

Elegant BMW 320I pampered with Ceramic Paint Protection

This elegant BMW 320I was brought in for a TLC and good royal pampering with ZeTough Ceramic coating  leaving the paintwork with an ultra-glossy finish. Now looking better-than-brand new with a refreshed “new” interior! Our heartfelt thanks to Mr Kang for engaging with us once again and for choosing ZeTough Ceramic as your preferred paint […]

Make your beloved car look its best at Revol Carz Makeover

Hope you guys are starting off a great Tuesday ahead as we do with all these cars turning up for ZeTough Paint Protection coating for an ultra-rich glossy finish and maximum long lasting protected ride. Make your beloved car look its best at Revol Carz Makeover! Get in- touch with us on how we can […]

Titanium Coating Paint Protection perfect for Mercedes Benz GLA180

Ms. Ng has just changed her car to a Mercedes Benz GLA180 and arranged an appointment with Us again for ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection, guaranteed to achieve long lasting protection and showroom condition look and feel that lasts for years! We deeply appreciate your trust and support in Us. So how can ZeTough Titanium coating […]

Lexus RX350 Full Car Respray and Ceramic Coating

At Revol Carz Makeover, our limelight falls on this Lexus RX350 which rolled in for dent and scratch repair and a full car new coat paint with treatment of ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection Coating for that astonishing showroom finish. Tired of the scratches, dings, and stone chips all over your car’s surface? It is probably […]

Gorgeous BMW 320I had Titanium Paint Protection Coating

A brand new gorgeous BMW 320I scheduled today for ZeTough Titanium, the toughest paint protection, SGS tested and certified with above 9H scratch resistance for long lasting shine and protection💪 Our heartfelt gratitude Mr. Howard for your trust and support and congrats on your brand new car🎉 So how can ZeTough Titanium coating achieve for […]

This Charming Volkswagen Beetle for Zetough Titanium Paint Protection

This charming Volkswagen Beetle has just arrived at Revol Carz Makeover for a premium grooming session that includes the special treatment with our award-winning, ZeTough Titanium Paint Protection Coating for a more dazzling showroom gleam and protected ride. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Adrian for engaging with Us for his paint protection services! […]

Mercedes Benz GLC250 AMG had a Titanium Coating Paint Protection

Our most grateful thoughts to Mr. Christian for sending his brand new Mercedes Benz GLC250 right after collection! Coated with ZeTough Titanium paint protection, his pride and joy will have guaranteed showroom shine and maximum long lasting protection throughout his ownership. 🎉Congrats Mr. Christian on your brand new car! So how can ZeTough Titanium coating […]

Elegant Mercedes Benz C200 loved the Titanium Paint Coating

Mr. Desmond is very satisfied with what ZeTough Paint Protection have delivered that today she sends us her 2nd car, the elegant Mercedes Benz C200 for ZeTough Titanium paint protection💪 Expecting a dust free rims and well cleaned interior is a must for every car visiting us! Thank you Mr. Desmond for your trust and […]

This BMW 335I just did Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Mr. Sean is very satisfied with what ZeTough Ceramic Paint protection have delivered and today he is back again with this BMW 335I 💪 Thank you Mr. Sean for your trust and continuous support since 2009 🙏Why do so many car owners opt for ZeTough Paint Protection and Revol Carz Makeover as their preferred paint […]